Thirty Days in Psalm 91 for Busy Mamas, Day 3: God’s Actions

30DaysPs91Day3ListNo2We’ve marked references to God in Psalm 91, and we’ve marked God’s actions. Today we’ll look at those actions a bit more closely.

Assignment: Pray for the Holy Spirit to teach you as you study the Word today.

  • Then return to your marked text of Psalm 91 (either in your Bible or on your printout).
  • Read all of Psalm 91, paying attention to all the verbs you circled in orange yesterday. When do these actions take place?

Does the psalmist describe them as having already happened (past tense)?

Does he say they are happening as he writes (present tense)?

Or does he describe them as happening in the future (future tense)? One little word that precedes almost every verb should make it easy to answer this question.

  • What do you find? God will do all these things that are described. We’re going to look at this idea more in another lesson. For now, it’s good to note this fact.
  • In your notebook, or in the margin of your Bible or printout, write the heading God will. Under this heading list all the things the psalmist says God will do. Look for the verbs you have circled with orange in the text, and list each verb phrase.

For example, in verse 4 you should have circled the word cover. Write the phrase, “cover you with his pinions” in your list.

List the verb phrases for the entire psalm.

  • Then look over your list. This is the God who has always been and always will be, the God who created the entire universe and sustains it with the power of His word. Look what He says He will do for us!  Let’s humble ourselves in worship before our God who chooses to stoop down from heaven to hear and answer when we call, to protect and deliver us in our troubles, to honor and truly satisfy us.

For your children:

Let’s make a list of all the things God says He will do in this psalm.

  • Read Psalm 91 aloud, asking the children to listen for the words, “I will,” and “he will,” as you read. Have them stand up every time they hear one of these phrases. Then decide together whether the phrase is referring to God. (Some won’t.)
  • On a white board or large piece of paper, write down every “will” phrase that speaks of God. For example, your first phrase will be, “He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler.”
  • Do this for the entire psalm.
  • If your children are young, you might want to focus on just verses 14-16 where God is clearly the one speaking.
  • If your children are older, consider printing a copy of the text and having them look for and mark all the “will” phrases. Then have them compile their own lists.
  • Discuss their list. This is what God does for those who “dwell in Him!” This is what the great Almighty, Most High God promises to those who cling to Him in love!
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  1. It’s only been three days, but I’m so thankful to have a bible study that is doable in a short amount of time!

  2. Such comforting, encouraging words. So thankful to be joining you all on this journey thru Ps 91 together.

  3. I love these steps. It can be so easy to rush through a reading “just to get it done”. This is much better. Focused. I’m really enjoying it. Thank you for doing this for us.

  4. I’m so glad you’re all here and enjoying the study! It’s easier to stay focused, isn’t it, when you have something specific to look for or do? That’s what I found for myself when I was struggling to stay in the Word during the 6-kids-10-and-under days! <3

  5. This is beautiful and I love that I can include my kiddies in the study. God will…
    It is so refreshing to focus in on God and see how much he loves His children. He is just as protective of us as us mama bears are of our children. I am so, so grateful.

  6. I want to buy this cup. Where do I get it?

  7. They sell that pottery in a local hardware store here in Central Wisconsin. Predominanty Polish community. It’s beautiful.

  8. Inspired. God provides a home, a place of comfort for us. He shields me from trouble. I am finding so much comfort. Thank you x