Thirty Days in Psalm 91 for Busy Mamas, Day 19: Catch Up and Optional Lesson


How can it be Sunday again already!? Here’s your chance to do a bit of catch-up!

Optional assignment:

You’ve been learning new skills over the past month (if this is your first Busy Mamas Bible study).

Look at verse 3 today and decide how you want to study it.

Will you use the interlinear to study words?

Will you look at cross-references?

Will you get adventuresome and try out something new on Blue Letter Bible? It’s not hard to click a different option in the “Tools” menu and do some of your own exploring.

How about drawing some illustrations for verse 3? A quick search in Google Images for “snare of the fowler” will give you all sorts of ideas for what to draw!

  • Share what you’ve learned with the rest of the ladies on the Facebook group page!

For your children:

  • Read Psalm 91:3 and discuss how Satan seeks to trap us in sin.

He conceals his temptations so we don’t realize the seriousness of what we are about to do, just as a hunter hides himself and his traps.

He tailors his temptations to strike the unique weaknesses each of us has, like a hunter who studies his prey and targets its unique traits and appetites.

How does a duck hunter operate? What does he wear? Where does he hide himself? How does he attract ducks?

Would he use different tactics and weapons to hunt a wild turkey or a pheasant? (You may need to do some research or talk to some hunters.)

  • The children might enjoy illustrating Satan’s techniques with an afternoon of setting playful traps to catch each other — setting out candy to lure those with a sweet tooth, creating a “trap” that drops down when someone opens a door, etc.



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  1. Did the sermon Snare of the Fowler. Excellent, thank you so much for posting!