Thirty Days in John 15, Day 9: Catch Up and Optional Lesson

Another catch-up day has arrived! Use it as needed!

As an optional lesson, study the significance of the vine in more detail, as described below.

  • Search for John 15:1 on Blue Letter Bible .
  • Go to the dictionaries again by hovering over the “Tools” button and selecting “Dictionaries” in the drop-down menu. (App users, click the verse and then select “Dictionaries.”)
  • Then scroll down to the heading “Torrey’s New Topical Textbook.” (App users, scroll down the list under “Torrey’s New Topical Bible” until you see “Vine, The – Often Found Wild.” Click on that entry, which will then open all the listings for “Vine.”
  • Read the verses listed, taking notes as you read. On the computer, you can simply hover over a reference link and the text will open for you. (App users, click the reference link to read the verse. When you have finished, click “Close” in the upper right-hand corner of the verse box, and then click the next verse reference for reading.)
  • When you have finished reading, look over your notes. Why do you think Jesus calls Himself the true vine? Who besides Christ is called a vine?
  • If you would like to read more about the significance of the vine, return to John 15:1, hover over the “Tools” button, and then click on “Commentaries.” (App users, do you remember what to do? Click the verse, and then click “Commentaries.)
  • Find Matthew Henry and click “Commentary on John 15.” Read as much as you would like under the heading, “Jhn 15:1-8,” taking notes as you read.

For your children:

  • For older children, watch and discuss this video together.
  • For younger children, watch this video.
  • If you happen to have a grapevine, go outside and explain its care to the children. Let them take turns pruning out dead wood.
  • With all the children, talk about why you discipline them. What do you, by God’s grace, hope to accomplish through your discipline and correction? How is this similar to what God is seeking to accomplish through His pruning in our lives?
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1 Comment

  1. Notes on the wild Vine:

    2 Kings 4:39 describes that when the wild gourds were gathered, they “knew them not”. We can’t tell the difference, so we aren’t given the job of separating the wheat from the tares. The angels are given that job.They have a bird’s eye view of all our choices that we don’t have of one another, though it may be obvious when one chooses to blatantly rebel! We cannot read the heart as God does and tell whether they might come to repentance at some point in their experience or not, so we should pray for them without ceasing, and minister to them (but not join in their sin) as we may only do successfully if we are vitally connected to the True Vine, Christ Jesus.

    In Hosea 9:10 we are told that the grapes in the wilderness (Israel) separated themselves by their going after other gods. We choose who’s we are.