Thirty Days in John 15, Day 11: Abide and Fruit

When we moved onto seven acres of land with our six children, we went crazy with all that space. Along with fruit trees and raspberries and blueberries and a big garden, (and an assortment of animals), we also ended up with a couple long rows of table grapes. Unfortunately, with six kids and no internet, we never really got around to learning how to properly care for the vines. We knew enough to prune them way back each year before spring warmed up, and we had some fence posts and wires up to support them. But we didn’t really learn how to train them or nurture them to their full potential.

So we always had lots and lots of branches and leaves, with a few clusters of grapes hidden inside them. Now that I’ve watched a dozen or more videos on how to prune grapes, I wish I could go back and do it the right way! We would know not to water them so much, and to prune away much of the growth during the summer so the sun could reach the grape clusters. We’d know how to have a good harvest of grapes instead of the tangle of vines and leaves we always had.

God knows what He is doing with the branches on His Vine. He is the ultimate Master Gardener. He prunes us, making each cut count, so that we will bear more fruit. Through trials, afflictions, and His Word, He trims away all that would block sunlight and air, the Word and the Spirit, at work in our lives. He considers each of us and our unique needs and weaknesses. He cuts away suckers that rob energy and He prunes in order to stimulate new growth. And as He prunes, the fruit becomes visible — Christ’s love, His peace, His joy — bursting from the branches that are simply abiding in the Vine.

Can we trust Him? Can we remember what He is seeking to accomplish when illness strikes us or those we love? Can we thank God for the fruit He is maturing in our own lives when our children’s immaturity and sin stretch us to our limits? Can we keep the harvest in mind when we’re slandered, when we’re misunderstood, when we suffer?

“…Every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” God’s pruning is a for an eternal purpose.

So what is this fruit God wants to produce in us? That’s what we’re going to start looking at today!

Assignment: Pray, thanking God for this passage of Scripture and the privilege of being one with Christ, the Vine.

  • Then grab a red colored pencil and a purple colored pencil. It’s time to do some more marking.
  • Using your Bible or printed text, read John 15. Draw a purple circle around the words bear fruit every time you find them. Draw a simple red house shape (a box with a triangle on top) over the words abide, abiding, and any synonyms for abide. (You will find that some of the appearances of bear fruit may include the words much or more. Circle the entire phrase in those instances.)
  • When you have finished, read back through your markings and summarize in your notebook what you learn about bearing fruit. Have you gained any new insights from this simple exercise? Share them with the rest of us! 🙂

We’ll continue tomorrow!

For your children:

  • Older children should be able to mark both abide and bear fruit in their marked text.
  • Discuss together each appearance of the phrase bear fruit. Make a list together of everything that you can learn about bearing fruit from this passage.
  • Get the younger children moving again with this lesson!
  • Set a plate of fruit (grapes if you have them) on a table or chair in front of the children. (You’ll need small fruits like berries, grapes, or cherries and at least eight pieces for each child participating.)
  • Give each child a plastic bowl or bag.
  • Read John 15:1-8, directing the children to stand up and hold out their bowl or bag every time they hear the phrase bear fruit, bear much fruit, etc.
  • Place a piece of fruit in each child’s container every time they stand up, and talk about the verse.
  • Then continue reading and responding to each hearing of bear fruit.
  • Finally, read verse 16 which also contains the phrase.
  • Discuss this verse while everyone eats their fruit. For what purpose has God chosen us?
  • Tell the children that you will be talking more tomorrow about this fruit.


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  1. From verse 16: It’s not just the branches that abide, but also the fruit abides. The fruit and the glory/credit of it all belongs to the Father/Vinedresser, not to us.

  2. We cannot bear good fruit without abiding in Him and His words abiding in us!

  3. So I went to the Greek text to find original word for abide/remain/stay, so glad I did. The word is Meno (or a conjugated form of it) and it appears 9 times!!
    Verses: 4, 5 (twice), 6, 7, 9, 10 (twice), 11, & 16. It’s amazing how much can get lost in translation.

    • There is definitely an emphasis on abiding in this chapter of John, isn’t there? I’m not sure which method you used to hunt down all the uses of the word, Vee, but if you are using Blue Letter Bible, you can click on Interlinear in the Tools menu for verse 4 and then click the Strong’s number for “abide”. This will open the lexicon for the original Greek word, and you can scroll down to the section labeled “Concordance Results Using KJV” to see everywhere else in the Bible that the word “meno” is used. Looking at the verses listed for Chapter 15, you’ll see that there are actually even more times that the word is used — twelve altogether. It shows up in verses 11 and 15 as well. This would be a really interesting word study, looking beyond just John 15. 🙂

  4. God doesn’t allow us to stay as we are-we are either cut off or pruned. We will always be moving in a direction-either towards the Lord or away from him. Interesting that it is mentioned twice that he will give us what we ask for when we are abiding in him. We are also to let Jesus’ WORDS abide in us. It’s not enough to just say we love and abide in Jesus but have no desire to know what he says. We are to abide in Jesus’ LOVE. I can be tempted to forget and be anxious about the future, but if I can remember that Jesus loves me, and remember all the examples in my own life when he has cared for me, I can more easily rest and abide in Him. I had never seen before that the FRUIT should also abide (v. 16). Once we are pruned and bear more fruit, we should continue bearing that fruit! Really enjoyed this study…looking forward to doing the grape bowl with the kids for our Bible Study after breakfast today!