Thirty-Some Days in John 15, Day 30: Catch Up and Optional Lesson

This is our last official catch-up day for this study, but that doesn’t mean most of us won’t keep working to finish the study on our own timetable. All the lessons for the study will be posted for at least another month, and can be easily accessed by clicking “John 15 Study” in the upper menu bar on your computer screen, or clicking the lines in upper left-hand corner of your smartphone screen, and then clicking “John 15 Study.”

For an optional lesson, I suggest reading (or listening to) John 13-17 again, as we did at the beginning of our study. See if these chapters sound different to you after digging deeply into chapter 15.

Do you see Jesus in a different way now?

What recurring themes do you notice?

Do certain words stand out to you more now?

Do you have a better picture of what was happening during this period of time?

For your children:

  • Review memory work. Can you encourage progress with a reward of some sort?
  • Then consider watching The Gospel of John together as a family. This is a 3-hour movie, with the text of the Gospel of John quoted throughout. Make some popcorn and make an evening of it, or watch an hour or so for several nights.
  • Take a break once in a while to discuss what you are watching.



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