Thirty (Two) Days in Psalm 91 for Busy Mamas, Day 32: What Next?

IMG_1066Our next live online study will begin on July 1! It sounds like a long time from now, but I’m always amazed how fast that time goes by! Until then, here’s a few things to think about!

  • If you haven’t finished all the lessons from Psalm 91 yet, please know that you are not alone! Many other women have been working at their own pace, or started the study later in the month. Don’t give up! God has lots to teach you!
  • Remember, too, if you’re part of the Facebook group, you can still post insights and questions whenever you want, and you can look at the comments of others on specific lessons by search on the hashtag #psalm91Day__” and filling in the blank with the day number of the lesson.
  • And if you haven’t finished memorizing Psalm 91, I encourage you to keep working! You will be so glad to have this psalm memorized when you have finished!
  • Stay tuned for our end-of-study giveaway plus a very special coupon offer in the next couple day! Besides having an opportunity to win some free Bible study books and materials, you also have the chance to provide me with valuable feedback about the study — what worked and what didn’t work for you, what you would like to see changed, what you learned, what other chapters you would like to study, etc.

There is still plenty to study in Psalm 91! If you want to do some study on your own, here are a few ideas to get you started:

For continued study of Psalm 91:

  • Use the interlinear tool to study the two names mentioned for God in Psalm 91:1 — Most High and Almighty. Look at other verses where these names are used. What do you learn about these names?
  • Use the interlinear tool to study the word refuge as it is used in verses 2 and 9. How is it used in other passages of Scripture? Does it always refer to God?
  • Search on the words dwelling place in Blue Letter Bible and study all that this phrase encompasses.
  • Use the interlinear tool to study the use of the word fortress in Scripture. What do you learn from your study that helps you better understand God being our fortress?
  • Search on the word angels in Blue Letter Bible . Study the narratives that record the appearance of angels. What were their roles? To whom did they appear? To whom did they minister? What sort of messages did they deliver?
  • Go back through the children’s assignments, looking for the ones that referred to specific Bible stories. Study these accounts in the same way we have studied Psalm 91. Mark words, makes lists, do words studies, consult commentaries, read cross-references.
  • Use the interlinear tool to study the word answer as used in verse 15. Limit your study to its usage in the psalms and proverbs.
  • Use the interlinear tool to study the word satisfy as it is used in verse 16. What does the word mean? How is it used in other passages? Who and /or what gives satisfaction?
  • Study the rest of Jesus’s temptation in the wilderness in Matthew 4 and Luke 4. In what other ways was Jesus tempted? What were His weapons against Satan? Look at the cross-references related to these two passages. What can you learn from Jesus’ example?
  • Study the phrase fear not as it is used in Scripture. When is it used and why? What promises are associated with this command? Study narratives that describe the results of trusting God instead of giving in to fear.
  • Do a topical study of trust. Search on the word, take notes on all the passages that speak of trust, and summarize your findings.
  • Do the children’s studies with your children, if you didn’t use them while you went through the study yourself. You’ll learn even more as your teach your children!
  • Read and take notes from commentaries on all of Psalm 91 — Matthew Henry on Blue Letter Bible, and Treasury of David and John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible on Bible Study Tools.

For studying other passages:

  • Use the same tools and marking methods to study another passage of your choice. What can you observe about God in the passage? What words or ideas are repeated that should be marked and examined? What words can you study with the interlinear to further your understanding? What portions of the passage would benefit from you consulting a commentary?
  • Complete another Busy Mamas Bible study on your own, or gather a few friends online or at your home, and do the study at the same time. Twelve more studies are available free in the archives of this blog. (See the archives in the right-hand sidebar.) Eight of these studies are also available for purchase in print and eBook forms at
  • Purchase Because You Are Strong and learn some more basic Bible study methods while also studying different passages with your sons.
  • Purchase Beauty in the Heart and learn more basic Bible study methods while studying the topic of godly beauty with your daughters.
  • Study the book of Proverbs alone or with your children, using the book Hidden Treasures to guide you.



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  1. Thanks for all of the suggestions of things to use and study while I wait for the next study. I appreciate all you do, Pam! Blessings!