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Bible-Based Toys and Doll Kits

We wanted our children to have toys that were better than the ones on the department store shelves! Our doll kits and toy patterns will provide your family with hours of simple, wholesome, inexpensive fun together! Revolving around the stories and truths of Scripture, each product seeks to encourage creative playtime. Doll kits include complete Bible studies, offer fellowship times of sewing and fun, and inspire play that prepares our children for godly living.

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The Ruby Doll
A doll that encourages your daughters to act out godly themes in their play! Study the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 while also learning basic sewing, cooking, and craft skills.
Ruby Doll Extra Materials Kit
For making additional Ruby dolls (contains a set of materials without instructions or study books).
Ruby Doll Patterns and Instructions
In case you prefer to make our Ruby doll with your own materials, the patterns and instructions are available separately.
The Goldie Doll
A doll-and-Bible-study kit that teaches young ladies about true, godly beauty. In the style of the traditional "topsy-turvy" doll, 12-inch-tall Goldie has two personalities!
Goldie Doll Extra Materials
For making additional Goldie dolls (contains a set of materials without instructions or study book).
How to Make the Goldie Doll
If you prefer to make our Goldie doll with your own materials, the patterns and instructions are available separately.
Armor of God Patterns
Patterns for cloth armor, a wooden sword, and a shield for young boys. The perfect companion to your study of Ephesians 6, middle ages unit study, or Reformation celebration.
The Put On Chart
Based on Colossians 3, this chart-and-Bible-study will help your children learn to "put on" Godly character qualities like patience, forgiveness, and humility.
Toys for the King's Children Set
Patterns for some simple homespun toys that will bring the Bible into your child's playtime.
Bible Times Paper Dolls
Your children will love to color and cut out these Bible characters, including a man and woman with several costumes, and a separate "Armor of God" figure.
Jonah and the Big Fish Pattern
A fun little 6" Jonah doll along with his own drawstrign-bag-fish to swallow him!
Moses Baby Doll Pattern
Very easy-to-make felt doll and flannel blanket to tuck into a basket. Our girls love him! Make in less than an hour!
Days of Creation Puzzle
A simple homemade puzzle that helps your child remember what God made on each of the 6 days of creation.
A Young Lady of Valor Illustrated Book
Cartoon illustrations for each verse from Proverbs 31:10-31 show young girls how they can be a virtuous woman even as a young girl. Makes a great coloring book!