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Where to start?

If you're new to Doorposts, and you want to try our parenting materials, these are the best books and charts to start with.

Biblical parenting package

Save $13* on the "Parenting Essentials" Package - This discounted package includes three books and four charts to help you with Bible-based child-training.

For Instruction in Righteousness - A 366-page topical reference guide for biblical child-training (newly revised in 2011)

The If-Then Chart - For Bible-based, consistent discipline in your home.

The Blessing Chart - Recognize and encourage your child's godly behavior.

The Go-to-the-Ant Chart - What the Bible says about diligence and laziness.

The Brother-Offended Checklist - Teach your children to resolve disagreements in a godly manner (lesson book included).

A Checklist for Parents - Questions and Scripture for self-examination.

* Reg. price $72 Package price $59 (save $13)