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Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials

When You Rise Up

A Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling
Author: R. C. Sproul, Jr.
Age: Adult

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We have been so strengthened and encouraged by this book that we just had to offer it here! R. C. Jr. makes a straightforward, biblical case for choosing and persevering in homeschooling, with a focus on leading your children's hearts to God. Read this book once or twice a year to keep your efforts in focus! Also makes a great gift for Christian friends who homeschool or are considering homeschooling.

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Customer Reviews

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  Wonderful Book - Godly Author
GiftsfromGod of Michigan, 5/16/2013
I rarely ever write reviews but felt compelled to correct the misinformation given by a previous review who left a negative remark about the author. The author is a godly man, church planter, and pastor up until a year ago (his wife and daughter have both recently died so he has backed off some ministries but not because of bad behavior on his part) Please do your own research on this man and do not take the word of this reviewer.

As far as the book goes it is an excellent challenge to Christian parents. It is our God given duty to train our children in righteousness. He challenges parents to be more concerned with raising Godly children than making sure they are academically superior. This is one of my favorite books on homeschooling and recommend it to anyone who is at all considering homeschooling.

  Okay Book, Bad-boy Author
Schoolingathome, 10/23/2007
I used to think this was a good book. Then I loaned my copy of When You Rise Up to a friend. She did a web search on R.C. Sproul Jr's name and what a surprise that turned out to be! I didn't know that he'd been defrocked, and he was defrocked over some really bad things too. I won't recommend this book ever again to anyone else. Too much risk of causing confusion with my friends that I'm trying to talk in to homeschooling. There are better books by people who haven't been in so much trouble.