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Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials

A Tribute to Vickie Lynn Mohr

Grandy with the Forster childrenOur grandma, Vickie Mohr passed into Jesus' presence on June 12, 2010 after a year-long battle with lung cancer. This tribute was read at her memorial on June 26, 2010.

From your daughter, Pam

Grandy, seven weeks ago we sat together in the front row of this sanctuary and watched one of your grandsons get married. It was a wedding you and I had eagerly anticipated. A week before that we sat together and watched another one of your grandsons graduate from college. We rejoiced together at that milestone, as well. Now we gather to acknowledge yet another turning point in life – this time your advancement, and I am at a loss for words.

For the last two weeks I have struggled to find the words that would even begin to express my love and thankfulness for you. I thank my loving heavenly Father for bringing you into my life and for the profound influence you have had on me and my family. God has used you to show us the love of Jesus.

Vickie caring for her husband CalYour loving and constant care of Daddy, especially during his last years, was an inspiration to anyone who watched you and a living testimony of your devotion to our God. Your sacrifice and labor were a gift to us all.

Your love for me and my family was lavished on us with hugs and gifts and adventures and prayers. Our joys were greater when we shared them with you, and you were always there to welcome each new addition to the family, to rejoice in the latest family news or accomplishment, and to encourage us in any new project or adventure. Recitals, graduations, births, courtships, engagements, baby showers, farmer’s markets, fiddle contests – you wanted to share them all with us, and each was richer because you were there.

Life’s challenges were lighter because we knew you were praying for us. You cheered us on and pointed us to a faithful God. We watched you laugh at yourself, and we learned to take ourselves less seriously. And as we witnessed you bravely face your own trials in the strength that only God could give, you showed us that His grace is sufficient for all that He brings into our lives.


One of our reenactment gatherings at Grandpa and Grandy's propertyYou opened your home to our friends and they became your friends, too. You reveled in the noise and dance and music of Civil War reenactments on your property, and I enjoyed those events even more as I appreciated them through your eyes.

You took us on adventures and opened new worlds to us through travel. You let our boys go into your woods to cut down trees and prayed along with me for their safety.

You served us gallons and gallons of ice cream, sent us dozens of cards with loving messages, cleaned up our dirty footprints and food spills, told us hundreds of hilarious stories, and smiled every time we saw you. And it wasn’t just our family you blessed! Your life was a life of joy, and that joy spilled out on everyone around you. What an empty space there will be in our lives without you here.

Thank you. I praise God for your example and your love, and look forward to the day when we will meet again.

Pam and Vickie