Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials
Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials

Customer Testimonials

Your materials have been a blessing to our family for years! Thank you for your diligent service to Christian families!

I really can't say how much your ministry has blessed our family. I think we have *almost* everything you sell! And we use it!! Thanks so much for your email stories about your grown children and their courtships/marriages. Such encouragement! God bless you all. Thank you for your ministry

...I love your products more then any we've ever used.

We appreciate your Biblical resources!!

I love knowing that your materials are based on God's Word, not opinions. Thanks for being faithful to that.

I have used your book "Instructions for Righteousness" extensively as my children have been growing up (now 11 and 15). I give it as a baby gift as well. It has been a cornerstone of my parenting tools.

We are so thankful for your resources, especially For Instruction in Righteousness. This has helped with discipline in our home tremendously...especially since I (the wife) wasn't raised in a Christian household.

We LOVE your products and thank God for you!

Your materials are a breath of fresh air. In the midst of christian materials that are beginning to see signs of catering to self, entertainment and lack of personal responsiblity. It is so refreshing that your materials are strictly Biblical! I want to be transformed by the renewing of my mind and teach my children to do the same. Thank you for such wonderful BIBLICAL materials.

I love your devotion to serving the Lord in truth. Your books are great!

The materials that I have used are fantastic! Keep up this very important ministry....many of us homeschool families thank you!

The materials I've gotten from Doorposts have been wonderful. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

Your resources are very helpful! thank you!

We enjoy all your products! Thank you :-)

We have been pleased with every item ever purchased from Doorposts. Thank You!!

We appreciate your materials, Bible~Focus and thoughtfulness! You have helped our family so much. Thank you.

You've done a great job and offered some wonderful resources. Thank you! We really love your material, praise GOd for the good work. Keep up the good work!

We are very pleased with Doorposts! You are doing a great job and you are a blessing!

Thank you for simply focusing on what the Bible says in your materials. We appreciate them.

You are doing a great job. We reference your materials daily and weekly. THANKS!

Thank you for your materials. They are some of the best on the market.

We are thankful to Doorposts for everything that you have given to our family through your many products.

You have done a great job. WE have enjoyed everything from your company. Thank you.
Keep up the good work on all your Bible-based tools!!

I am very pleased with Doorposts. I have recommended it to many others. I love that you draw every principle directly from God's Word. Thankyou for all of your hard work, and for sharing it with us!

I found you guys at a homeschool convention here in Jacksonville, Fl last year. Your book Instructions for Rightousness has completly changed my family.

You all are doing a wonderful job of helping families raise their children up to love the Lord our God.

Ya'll are wonderful & have excellent products!

We have throughly enjoyed all the products we have bought from you!

Thank you so much for providing scriptural resources in which parents can teach and train their children. I have used many of your products over and over with my 8 children and love all of your resources. I encourage young families to check out your products so they can teach and train their children. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Keep up the awesome work!

My girls and I just finished our first Goldie doll! Now all the girls want their own! Thank you again for your wonderful ideas. They are really bringing us together as a family in the Lord. We are doing the study and I am finding areas where *I* can improve as we dig into God's Word. What a wonderful difference you helped create!

I have become such a Doorposts-head that I simply must write and tell you how much my family has benefitted from your writings and resources! 
Thank you so much for sharing your talent for developing resources to assist in applying God's Word with all of us.  I particularly appreciate your ability to organize God's Word to make it applicable, without necessarily expounding upon it.  God's Word is sufficient, and while I do benefit from great Bible teachers, I so appreciate the cleanness of your approach.  I trust your resources so much that if I see one of your resources I don't yet have, I buy it because I know I'll eventually need it and use it.  I am currently working through "As Unto the Lord" and was so excited about it, that I invited four friends to commit with me to pray for our husbands faithfully for 30 days using your book.  As a result, I am making noticeably better decisions daily.  Surprisingly, this is the first time I have visited, and I was thrilled to find your generous treasury of free resources!  I downloaded every one, and I look forward to using them.  I can't thank you enough for all you have so generously provided, and at a scandalously reasonable price! 
May God continue to bless your family and your ministry.

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