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Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials

Christmas Coupons

During the Christmas season, our family has many well-loved traditions that we look forward to. We’d like to share with you one of our favorite gift traditions, "Christmas Coupons." These coupons are gifts of time spent together.

These are gifts that encourage you and your loved ones to spend time together, and you don’t even have to shop for them!

All it takes is some brainstorming to decide what your children would enjoy doing together with you (see some ideas below), and then following up on your commitments in the weeks or months after Christmas.

You can make up your own coupons with cards or scrapbooking paper. We've also created some full-color, fill-in-the blank coupons that you can give as gifts. This year, we are giving away sets of six "Christmas coupons" with every order we ship out until Christmas. Just place an order on on this site before December 25th! You can also save an extra 10% with our Christmas sale coupon CHRISTMAS11*

Here is a list of coupon ideas to get you inspired!

    • Go out for breakfast together at your favorite restaurant
    • Go out for ice cream, a milk shake, or some other treat together
    • Go to a special tea party at a tea room, or have your own at home
    • Take an outing to the park or another favorite place
    • Go for a just-the-two-of-you shopping trip at a store that your child likes (a pet store, music store, fabric store, art store, mall, etc.)
    • Go out for an evening together to watch a movie, hear a concert, or watch a game
    • Go out for bowling, batting, miniature golf, or another favorite game together
    • Give a coupon for ten times doing something special together, like reading stories, playing games, playing catch or basketball
    • Work on a special project together, like drawing, painting, sewing, carpentry, or leatherwork
    • Take a class together and learn to do something the child enjoys like cooking, art, singing, dancing, woodworking, etc.
    • Go for walks together in the morning or evening


We love these kinds of gifts because they help us picture God's love to our children. Jesus humbled Himself and came to the earth as a child, becoming Immanuel, or "God with us". The best gifts God gives are not more things or possessions, but Himself, His love, and the promise that He is with us. This is what we celebrate at Christmas!

"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us" (John 1:14).

Thank you for the beautiful coupons.  Not only did our family use them (the children gave them to each other and to us, and we, mom and dad, gave them to each of them also) but we also passed them on to our homeschooling support group and just about everyone in my address book I thought would like them.  Fabulous idea that greatly blessed our Christmas together. V. H.

We have printed a bunch of these for our family for Christmas presents ....they are beautiful and so appreciated! D. B.

*Christmas sale "fine print:" You must enter the coupon code CHRISTMAS11 in your shopping cart to receive the discount (please make sure the discount is reflected in your total before you submit your order). Christmas sale discount is not applicable to previously placed orders, or combinable with other coupon codes. Coupon expires at midnight (PST) on December 31st, 2011. Christmas coupons will be sent free with all orders; no action is required.