Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials
Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials

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"Your heart for home educating, family, ministry, and mostly for our Lord shone in all you said. We were blessed to have you with us." - Kim G. at TCHEN 2013

"Pam – words cannot express our thanks for all the time & energy that went into preparing and presenting the passing on the faith workshop – you really poured yourself into those ladies and they were blessed. Thanks for being willing to travel to minister to our women." - Women's ministry team, Rockaway Community Church

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Pam Forster, a student of the Bible and the author of Doorposts' materials, speaks from experience as a mother who raised and home educated six children while writing Doorposts' parenting and Bible study materials.

Daniel Forster is a father of four, speaking from "in the trenches" with a Bible-based perspective on parenting, young men preparing for marriage, and second-generation homeschooling.

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Pam Forster's Speaking Topics:Pam Forster

“Fill ‘Er Up”

You can’t go anywhere in a car that doesn’t have gas in its tank. You could get out and push the car wherever you need it to go, but that’s not how the car is designed to run. It needs fuel.

How many of us moms (and dads) are wearily pushing ourselves down the road, too busy to stop and fill our tanks with the fuel we so desperately need in order to serve God and those around us? Let Pam send you home with easy, practical, and exciting ways to fill your soul with the power and energy you need from God’s Word. You can study the Bible and be a parent at the same time!

Does God Really Call Us to be SuperMoms?

Do you know one of those “perfect” homeschool mothers – a mom with a clean house, clean children, a thriving home business, and her lesson plans outlined for the entire year? You know -- the one who makes you feel like a failure while you try to simply find two shoes that match before you head out the door?

Many of us look at the beautiful woman described in Proverbs 31 and see her in the same way. She’s just one more supermom to avoid – or compete with. But she’s in the Bible to encourage and inspire us – not to discourage us. Join Pam as she takes a fresh look at God’s ideal woman. You just might go home with a whole new – and more joyful -- attitude about being a wife and mother!

Raising Children Who Love God and His Word

Our goal as Christian parents is to make disciples of our sons and daughters. God’s Word is a key tool in our discipleship efforts, but we sometimes struggle with how to apply it, how to make it central in our homes, and how to make it relevant to our children. If we merely use Scripture to control, but not to disciple, our children, we risk driving them away from the faith. This workshop explains several key practices that help make the Bible attractive and relevant to your children. Here are simple, practical things you can do to raise up children who love God and His Word!

What I Would Do Differently as a Homeschool Mom

Pam Forster, a veteran writer and homeschool mom, shares some perspective now that her six children are all grown up, graduated, and getting married. You can do a better job of raising your children for the Lord by learning from these lessons God has taught her after thirty years of parenting. This session will broaden your perspective, help you discover blind spots, and see how God works even to redeem our mistakes.

Caution: Courtship Ahead

Eventually most of our children will marry, and before they marry, they will meet the right – or wrong – person. What can we do – and not do – to make that process effective, peaceful, God-honoring, and joyful? Drawing from the Forsters’ experience with five very different – and successful -- courtships, Pam discusses the blessings and potential pitfalls of parental involvement in our children’s love lives.

How to Find Answers for Our Parenting Challenges

Parenting is a lot more challenging than most of us thought it would be, isn’t it? About the time we think we have one problem solved, another two or three pop up, and we find ourselves looking for answers again. Praise God, He hasn’t left us to do this job on our own. He’s given us His Holy Spirit, He’s given us the body of believers, and He’s given us His Word. Let’s take a few minutes to look at how to find the answers we’re looking for, and how to put them into practice in our homes. We’ll look specifically at how to deal with tattletales and how to help our children truly love each other.

Following Our Father’s Example

God is incredibly patient and loving with us, even as He deals with our failures and sins. How many of us can honestly say we relate to our children in the same way? Unfortunately, we’re sinners dealing with sinners! But God knew that when He gave us children. He’s sanctifying us at the same time He’s sanctifying our children! Let’s look at how God relates to us, and what we can learn from Him that will help us love, discipline, and help our children grow. Take home practical, biblical strategies for helping your children overcome sin!

Teaching Your Children to Love and Study the Bible

How can you give your children a love for God’s Word? Can young children really study the Bible? Why is it important that they study Scripture, not just read it? You can inspire your children with a love for God’s Word, from preschool to high school age, and from story time to in-depth, inductive Bible study. Pam Forster has loved Bible study since she was a girl, and she’s written several Bible studies for children. Her ideas will inspire you!

Daniel ForsterDaniel Forster's Speaking Topics:

Prerequisites for Homeschooling: Five Critical Areas of Child-Training

The early years of child-rearing are very important. As parents of preschoolers, we have many opportunities to build a strong foundation for homeschooling. Come to this workshop, presented by a second-generation homeschooler and father of four, and learn about five practical, important things you can focus on now that will get your preschoolers (and you!) off to a strong start.

Parenting in the Strength God Supplies

Parenting is a tough job. It requires constant devotion and effort, even when we’re weary. But God promises us the strength necessary for this good work! If you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed with the day-to-day busyness of parenting, come and be encouraged to persevere as we discuss biblical ways to find renewed energy in the Lord, the source of all strength.

Eight Reasons Your Children Will Thank You for Homeschooling Them

We have proof that homeschooling works, and it works well. But just because we’re homeschooling doesn’t mean success is guaranteed, or that our children will come out of it with happy memories. If you’re considering homeschooling (or already in the thick of it), here are eight specific ways you can give your children an overwhelmingly positive experience, told from the perspective of a homeschool graduate and committed second-generation homeschool dad.

Finding God’s Will After Graduation

Homeschool graduates all hear the question -- "So what are you doing next?" Maybe you have a clear answer, or maybe you're still wondering yourself. Should you go to college? Get a job? Stay at home? Prepare for marriage? (Or do them all at once?) As Christians, we know God has a plan for our life, but it's not always clear, even at this important stage. In this workshop, we'll consider several questions that can help young people (especially the guys) discover God's will for their post-graduation life.

When is a Young Man Ready to Get Married?

What can young men do to prepare for marriage? While no one is ever perfectly ready for marriage, God's Word does tell us what we can do now, as young men, to prepare for a lasting, God-honoring marriage. These five questions will give young men direction and give parents a framework for encouraging growing sons.

Supporting Your Wife When You Have Little Children

Chances are, your wife is pouring herself out every day in service to you and your children. Being a mom of littles is often tiresome, thankless work, and our wives desperately need our support and encouragement (some adult conversation, at the very least!) during these years. There is much we can do, as fathers and husbands, to lighten their load. Come be inspired to lead, love, and serve your family.


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