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All Things Are Ready

A Bride's Complete Christian Wedding Planner
Author: Amy Hayes
Age: Adult
3-Ring Binder
ISBN: 978-1-891206-33-7
Pages: 340
Price: $45.00
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All Things Are Ready is a new wedding planner book that will help you organize a beautiful wedding. Unlike most wedding planners available today, this planner looks at weddings from a distinctly Christian, Bible-based viewpoint.

We were excited when Amy Hayes (who has coordinated at four of our children's weddings), asked us to help publish her book. Amy is a pastor's wife in our church, and she has considerable experience as a wedding coordinator and organizer.

Amy wrote this planner with two basic questions in mind: “What do you need in order to plan a wedding efficiently and joyfully?” and “What does the Bible say about weddings?”

Answering those two questions led to three basic assumptions on which this planner is based:

  • Planning your wedding doesn’t have to take very long (unless you want it to).
  • The cost of your wedding should not exceed what your family can afford.
  • A Christian wedding is all about rejoicing in what the Lord has done in the lives of 2 people and their families.

All Things Are Ready is full of to-do lists, planning resources, tips, budgeting and timeline tools, options for personalizing your wedding, ideas for portraying biblical themes, and devotions to keep your focus on the Lord and the work He is doing in your life through marriage.

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Note: You can now choose either a ring-bound notebook with tabbed dividers and storage pockets, or a PDF downloadable version of the wedding planner.

Here are a few other topics you’ll find in Amy’s planner:

  • How you can use your time as “bride” to be a blessing to others
  • Things to consider when choosing the best date and time for your wedding
  • Thinking creatively about a location for your wedding (with sixteen different location ideas)
  • How to be considerate when choosing your wedding attendants
  • How to identify your wedding priorities and spend your money where it counts most
  • How to save money by being flexible and thinking creatively
  • How to weave a consistent style and feel through all the elements of your wedding
  • Creative ideas for making your wedding uniquely yours
  • How to choose the right stores for your wedding gift registry
  • Why premarital counseling is one of the most important steps towards creating a glorious marriage.
  • How to prioritize and delegate wedding preparation tasks
  • A one-page master checklist of the important stuff (those things you don’t want to forget about)
  • Reasons for a longer or shorter engagement
  • How to plan a wedding in twelve weeks (or less)
  • How to incorporate biblical themes and imagery into your wedding.

Sixteen chapters include:

  • Engagement
  • Setting Your Date
  • Finding a Location
  • Wedding Budget
  • Wedding Style
  • The Wedding Party
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Wedding Apparel
  • Wedding Photography
  • The Wedding Ceremony
  • The Wedding Reception
  • Flowers and Decor
  • The Week of the Wedding
  • Wedding Help
  • Wedding Themes from Scripture
  • After the Wedding

"This wedding planner walks the bride through all the preparations and keeps her focused on the important things, like staying in fellowship with her groom and her parents. It's full of suggestions and ideas, with a strict time-line to keep the bride on task. I know I will recommend this helpful guide to all those planning weddings, and I think we'll keep one in the church office for check out."

From the foreword by Nancy Wilson

See more details and wedding planning tips at the Christian Wedding Planner website!

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Customer Reviews

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  Great Guidance
Susan of Kansas, 1/5/2015
When I first saw this book, I purchased it to have on my shelves in order to have it ready to hand to any of my children who get engaged! That first copy went to a friend whose daughter was about to be engaged and she ordered one to replace it. That copy was used by my oldest daughter for her September 2014 wedding. I replaced it and that one is now in the hands of my second daughter who is planning her May 2015 nuptials. I just ordered 2 more copies, one for a friend who is engaged and I know will love this book and one to keep on my shelves.

I love the way it takes the focus off oneself as well as guiding the bride through planning her wedding. Note that the book encourages you to make it your own and only use the pages which pertain to you!

  All Things Are Ready
Vicki of Missouri, 7/27/2012
One of my daughters just got engaged and a friend suggested this book to us. What a treasure! I thought at first that I didn't want to spend the money for it, but decided to "splurge" and go for it. I'm very glad we did, it is going to be a huge help over the next few months. I wish I had had it 10 years ago when my first daughter got married! Thanks for all the hard work, Amy. :)