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A Christian Passover Seder

Author: John Pontier
Age: All ages
ISBN: 9781891206351
Pages: 44
Price: $6.00
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For thousands of years, the Jewish people have celebrated the Passover Seder, remembering how God redeemed them from a life of slavery in Egypt. In the New Testament, we find that God designed this Passover meal (and even many of the Jewish traditions that surround it) to point His people to the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ.

John Pontier spent two and a half years living in Israel with his family, where they were privileged to participate in both Orthodox Jewish and Messianic Passover celebrations. They returned to the United States determined to remember God's provision as revealed in the Seder meal. Since then, John has led Seders for many different churches, including Household of Faith Community Church in Hillsboro, Oregon, where he serves as an elder.

This booklet will help you celebrate a Christ-centered Seder meal - a celebration of God's abundant grace and provision for His people.

This Christian version of the Passover Haggadah ("the telling" or Seder liturgy) includes:

  • Traditional blessings in both English and Hebrew
  • Relevant Scripture readings from Old and New Testaments
  • Preparation notes, checklists, and recipes to help you plan a Seder dinner for your own family or church group


Scripture quotations are from the NKJV translation.

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Customer Reviews

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  Very Clear and Concise
ByGrace of Idaho, 2/22/2015
We have used this tool for our family at home and for a larger celebration at our church. I have loaned out my copy so I am purchasing another. It's complete but also very doable. We have enjoyed using this and are eagerly planning this year's Passover Seder.

  Wonderful Tool!
ABuck of Texas, 4/22/2013
Very happy with this resource! I have celebrated passover growing up and wanted to repeat it. This is a great messianic seder! Thank you!

Cheryl of Texas, 3/22/2012
Thank you for another awesome tool to make our Holy Day more meaningful! Your resources have made our family better and we could never thank you enough :) God Bless your family!! The Watkins in Texas