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Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials

Meet the Forster Family

The Forster Family, March 2013

The Forster family - 1994 and 2014

John and Pam met at a Bible study. John noticed that Pam’s bookshelves contained many of the same books as his did. He also noticed the jar of alfalfa sprouts in the window, and well… thus it began.

With four kids (two more to come) and a deep love for books, they started Doorposts in 1990 in the attic of their small house in Clackamas, Oregon. Eventually the growing kids, business, and animal collection spurred a move to the country, where God provided the perfect house and warehouse/office facility for Doorposts.

Pam homeschooled six kids while writing Doorposts’ first books and charts, and today she continues to share her passion for helping families apply God’s Word. John now fixes people’s computer problems at a tech support company and tries to keep the beautiful property under control. Both enjoy being Grandpa and Nana to numerous grandchildren of varying shapes and sizes.

Daniel is now Doorposts’ general manager and president. He is a natural organizer and planner type with unending patience (probably nurtured under duress by having five less than patient younger siblings). He married Katelyn in 2008 and they now stay busy with four humorous kiddos, writing, giving occasional violin lessons, and serving in family, church, and business.

After making it his goal at age 13, Joseph married Hannah in 2010. They now live on the property previously owned by our grandparents with their two (plus one on the way) children. Joseph’s passion has always been music, and after graduating from George Fox University with honors in 2009 and working a variety of jobs, he is now established as an independent piano tuner in the Portland area, a music teacher on a variety of instruments, and the music director for our church.

Benjamin graduated with an engineering degree and does work that most of us don’t understand. He married Rebekah in 2011 and they enjoy being brainy, making goals, working hard, climbing mountains, running marathons, and doing nutty things like spur-of-the-moment road trips or a two week mission in India together.

Johanna was the first to leave the nest when she married John in 2007. She has always been a relaxed and cheerful nurturing sort, and now puts such gifts to work supporting her husband and his crazy job, raising three smart little girls, and keeping their house in town. She lives the farthest away and so must receive longer visits from “Nana” and other family members. :-)

I (Bethany) work at Doorposts with Daniel (best boss ever), struggle to realize my 6-year-old mind’s commitment to the writing life, teach and tutor on and off, and gad about the globe whenever possible. I love Ukraine.

The baby of our family, Susannah, married the ever-amusing Peter in 2013 and they now live in the upstairs of little historic house. Susannah was already pursuing photography work when she and Peter, a professional wedding photographer, started being more than acquaintances, and they now spend most weekends shooting weddings together. They bring much enthusiasm to our lives.

We’re extremely grateful for all that our parents, John and Pam, sacrificed for our Christian education, nurturing, and discipline in God’s Word. The patience, time, and energy they lavished on us in both our training and in our pursuits of various, sometimes bizarre, interests is exemplary and humbling. They continue to support, counsel, and encourage us in our adult lives.

We’re also very thankful for influential and godly grandparents who illustrated God’s faithfulness by allowing us to see their imperfections and how the Gospel changes everything while loving us with a love that only comes from Jesus. They are dearly missed. We look forward to being together again one day.

We’re grateful for God’s faithfulness shown to us through the Body of Christ, especially our dear church family of 25+ years. And of course, we’re grateful for the work God has done through Doorposts, the challenges and blessings it has brought us, and the relationships it has fostered. Thank you for being part of that blessing to us!

We are in awe of God’s faithfulness and mercy in how He works in His people and advances His Kingdom even (especially) in our weaknesses. His care is continually humbling.

In Christ,


for the Forster family.


“How deep the Father’s love for us,
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give His only Son

To make a wretch His treasure.”

(See 1 John 3:1)