Almost There!

“He who finds  a wife finds  a good thing and obtains favor  from the Lord.” (Proverbs 18:22, ESV)

Well, three flower girl dresses are almost done, and the wedding is this Saturday! Little Katie, one of my granddaughters, who along with her cousin Ruby, is a flower girl, says a fairy godmother is making her a princess dress to wear at the wedding. 🙂 I’ve never been a fairy godmother before.

Busy, happy, insane week! While I iron out the last details of the rehearsal dinner, and sew purple sashes for my princesses, I thought you might enjoy reading Susannah’s account of her brother’s engagement night. What a joy to be part of that night! While Benjamin was taking Rebekah out for dinner and maneuvering her into the proper place for the proposal, our family joined her family at their home, and excitedly waited for their return. Now we’ve almost reached the day that will make them man and wife.

What an amazing mystery — how God brings husbands and wives together! I thank God for His grace, His love, and His answers to our prayers as He leads each of our children into marriage. He deserves all the glory!

I hope you enjoy Susannah’s joy-filled story!


As of last Friday (the night before my graduation) (this was back in May), my brother and his girl are engaged. 

They’re gonna get married. They’re gonna have a wedding. Crazy stuff like that.

Rebekah has been an awesome friend for a long time, and Benjamin, well, he’s been an amazing brother forever. Being the snoopy matchmaker that I am, I decided they should get together long before it actually happened… but maybe not before Benjamin himself was getting ideas. : ) Not only are they both beautiful, intelligent people, they are both interested in weird math and science things, they got a long really well, plus they look adorable together.

They are alike in a lot of ways, but their personalities are way different. Rebekah is outgoing, bubbly, and definitely a talker. Benjamin is one of the most dependable and rock-solid people I know. He’s more reserved, but he loves socializing, and he is a world-class listener. Their differences complement each other perfectly.

And she makes him smile.

When it actually happened, when Benjamin told us he’d talked to her dad, it was one of those “Oh my word, I’ve wanted this and planned for this so long… and it’s actually going to happen! INSANE!” moments. I’ve had a lot of those.

I so admire them for the way they went about their relationship. He proved himself to her dad and had his complete approval before he set about wooing her and stealing her heart. But when he did, oh, how he did.

Basically, I LOVE THEM. I love the way he looks at her when she’s being crazy. I love the way he listens to sappy love songs now. I love the way he points to her face framed on his wall and says “I like her.” I love the way his driving terrifies her sometimes. I love the way she talks about him to me.

I love that they love each other.

Together, they are going to do amazing things. And their kids are going to be CRAZY CUTE. And their hair is going to be awesome.

So on Friday night, relatives gathered at her family’s house, and we waited and waited for them to get back from their dinner, which we all knew would be followed by THE QUESTION.

Benjamin texted us some updates…

And finally they arrived, engaged and holding hands and beaming, amidst the screams and cheers of the room full of people. : )

So, so happy. As soon as she got into the room she screamed “WE’RE GONNA GET MARRIED!”

Oh, he was so smug.


After the hugs and the shrieking abated, they sat down to tell us The Story.


He took her to that same park in Portland that I took pictures of them at a few weeks ago, and he got down on one knee…and he told he loved her, and he needed her… and asked her to marry him. She cried.

Benjamin custom-designed the ring for her, so it would be the perfect ring. Which it is.

The wedding is planned for November, and YES, I get to be a bridesmaid!

I had to include this picture of them–right after he put the ring on her finger. Taken on Ben’s camera phone. But probably my favorite picture of them, ever.

— Susannah

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