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A Day of Delight

Making Sunday the Best Day of the Week
Author: Pam Forster
Age: Whole family
eBook (PDF)
ISBN: 978-1-891206-42-9
Pages: 31
Price: $4.50
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"Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy."

Do you ever wonder why your Sunday isn’t a "day of rest"? We did. We knew things had to change!

This book offers dozens of creative ideas to help make the Lord’s Day a unique and joyous day of celebration for the whole family (even Mom!)

It includes suggestions for:

  • Preparing for Sunday throughout the week
  • Making meal times special (while the cook still enjoys a day of rest!)
  • Creating a treasure chest of special toys and books for Sundays only.
  • Lots of ideas for toys, games, activities, and projects that focus on Scripture, worship, reflection, fellowship, remembering God’s creation, and exercising our God-given creativity. (Good ideas for daily family worship times, too!)

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These ideas can help draw your family closer together, and make Sunday the best day of the week. As we have reformed our thinking about the day of rest God has given us, we have noticed that Sunday has become the focal point of our week. And the rest of the week has become more peaceful, as well.

Our children (and we) look forward to Sunday now!

(Kindle edition also available.)

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Customer Reviews

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  Little Book, Big Ideas!
Jessica of Idaho, 8/19/2016
I was so excited to get this book in the mail. Our family has been striving toward making the Sabbath more... "Sabbath-y". Our children are ages 6, 2, and 1, and we have another coming in a few months. Finding things to do that are appropriate for Sundays, keep them all busy and happy, while also getting some rest myself has been pretty hard. Usually just a couple hours after getting home from church, they're back to their usual shenanigans. "Day of Delight" is packed with tons of great ideas for all sorts of activities that I can't wait to try out! As I was reading it I kept thinking "I should go get a marker to highlight all the good ideas"... then I realized--wait, then I'd highlight the entire book! :)

Mrs.W of IA, 1/30/2011
I was so excited to recieve this book. There are so many wonderful ideas that my husband and I are going to implement, we don't have children yet but are going to be foster parents so we are looking forward to implementing even more once there are some littles around. Even just changing a few things has already made this Sabbath a lot more restful than they have been in the past. Thank you so much! I can't wait to order more of your wonderful materials!

  Incredible Resource
Andraya Price of Boise ID, 1/1/2010
Wow - I just had to come on and write a review for this wonderful resource. I am amazed that there aren't a multitude of reviews and can only guess that it is because people that use this resource are so busy in their lives enjoying the fruit of the wisdom offered here!

Thank you for this resource Mrs Forster and Family.

It is a small guide but SO full of such wonderful ideas, ways to implement them, fun suggestions, and it can truly bless a family by helping them (like it does us) to draw nearer to the Lord and honor the Sabbath (which in today's busy complacent multi-cultural world ... can be quite difficult indeed - even when you purpose to do it). SO what a great resource to have.

There are wonderful creative suggestions, traditions, even recipes. We like to cook with whole-grains and somewhat healthy, so some ingredients can be subsituted to suit your likes or allergy needs. But the recipes are just a bonus to all the other wonderful little ways this book can help a family honor the Sabbath. Hallelujah!

  A Day of Delight
Rocio of Wood Village, OR, 11/21/2009
What a helpful booklet full of ideas for creating a Day of Delight. Bit by bit we are implementing your suggestions for our 4 young children and ourselves. Thank you for sharing such a wide variety of thoughts without any legalism or guilt.