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Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials

Family Circles

"Making" Time for the Ones You Love
Author: Pam Forster
Age: Whole family
Comb Bound
ISBN: 978-1-891206-13-9
Pages: 13
Price: $7.00
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This is such a simple idea, but it has had a profound effect on our family! Do you ever wonder if you are spending enough time with each of your children individually? Do you ever feel like you should set aside your work sooner in order to spend more time with your children or spouse? Do you ever feel like you really don’t know the people you live with?

This little kit, combined with your resolve, could change the whole atmosphere of your home. It is designed to help you set aside time each day for each of your children and for your spouse.

It is simply two circles mounted on a piece of paper. The large circle is divided into sections for each child in your family. The smaller circle is divided into sections listing activities to share with your spouse.

Around the outside of the large circle different activities are written. As you turn the circle each day, it will tell you what special thing to do with each person that day.

We can’t tell you how much this has affected our family! We are getting to know each other in a way we never have before. It has helped us to spend time with each child each day. And it has renewed our marriage. (Really! This isn’t just sales hype!)

We know you could do this yourself--we’re just trying to make it easier for you! This kit gives you:

  • A more detailed description of the idea and its results
  • Circles already drawn and marked for dividing into the desired number of sections
  • Suggestions for profitable activities to rotate
  • Drawings to paste onto each section so that eager non-readers will know what they "get to do with Daddy today"
  • Instructions for assembly

All you need is scissors, ruler, pen, paste, and a brad fastener!

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  Cute Idea
Amy of Molalla, OR, 6/27/2014
I saw this in the catalog at the OCEAN conference and ordered it once I was home. It looks like a great idea but haven't had a chance to use it just yet. I did put it together today but I would love to see a video tutorial on how this is put together, used and the different variations. I had a hard time understanding how this should look and work even with the thorough directions - mom brain! We have only 3 children that this would work for right now so I'd love to see that option :)