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Plants Grown Up

Projects for Sons on the Road to Manhood
Author: Pam Forster
Age: 5-Adult
Spiral Bound, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 9781891206283
Pages: 491
Price: $48.00
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One day we noticed that our boys were growing up on us. There was still lots more to teach them about becoming godly men!

We realized that we needed goals to aim for and a plan to help us reach those goals. Plants Grown Up is the result.

This 490-page, spiral-bound book offers hundreds of ideas for Bible study projects, reading material, and practical, everyday activities to help train your sons for godly manhood. (Polished Cornerstones contains similar material to use with your daughters.)

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  • One copy of this book can be used with all your sons from the time they can memorize simple Bible verses until the day they each get married. (And then they can save it to use with your grandsons!)
  • Each chapter offers a variety of reading, writing, Bible study, and active projects for you to choose from for each of your unique sons.
  • Each chapter includes 3 levels of projects: beginning (age 4-9), intermediate (age 10-14), and advanced (age 15+). Start work in each area with young boys, and continue to disciple your sons with increasingly more difficult assignments.
  • Each project is labeled with the school subject it relates to, enabling homeschoolers to easily incorporate projects into their regular school plans.
  • Evaluation questions at the end of each chapter help parents and sons pinpoint weaknesses, discuss areas of improvement, and pray specifically for spiritual growth.
  • Many reproducible charts and forms encourage serious Bible study and self-examination. A CD of printable PDF forms is included for free with the print book!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Plants Grown Up can help you raise your boys for God’s glory! It is also a great resource for boys’ club ministries, grandparents who want to be more involved with their grandchildren, and counselors seeking practical learning projects for boys.

Bible verses are quoted from the King James Version.

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Customer Reviews

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  EBook Version of Plants Grown Up
Tauna M of Oregon, 3/24/2014
We use both the ebook and print versions of Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up. I use the print versions when I need to sit down and do planning, but the ebook could easily be used on a laptop instead. My main use of the ebook is for when I need to look up project details, scriptures, or teaching points on the fly and don't have time to run to my bookshelves. I love that the links in the ebook help me get around quickly as I can jump to related topics. The scriptures are linked out to an online Bible resource as well. We love print, but the ebook has been a really great addition to our parenting and homeschool tool set. If you don't feel like you need a print edition, the ebook could be used in it's place since it could be available on your laptop, iPhone, and iPad. So convenient!

  Can't Recommend Highly Enough!
Scott of Pennsylvania, 1/16/2014
I recommend this book, as well as Doorposts' other resources to every struggling parent that I have a chance to speak with. As a pastor, I work with a lot of families who have only a vague idea of what a godly family might look like. This book comes about as close as possible to embodying a godly family in a book. It's like having an experienced, godly parent come alongside you and walk you through the day-to-day of how to train your children in habits of righteousness.

  You Can't Afford NOT to Have This Book.
Mrs. Mike of Rogue Valley, SW Oregon, 8/19/2013
I am a grandma-age lady who wishes she could afford to purchase a copy of this book and the POLISHED CORNERSTONES for every church library that would accept one. What a wonderful resource! Grandmas can use this book, too. There are SO MANY ideas!

  Very Thorough!
Shannon Wallace of Texas, 5/16/2013
Though we haven't used this book on a consistent basis yet, I do want to write my thoughts on what we've done. This book is SO thorough! My goal is to have my son finish most project sections in this book before we will graduate him from homeschool. Of course, that's years from now, but I can see where we will use this more consistently in the near years to come! I could not have come up with a resource this great on my own! What a wonderful, Godly book of projects for our son!

  LOVE This Book!
Bethany, 8/7/2012
We have two boys (so far :-)) and LOVE that this book breaks down ideas and projects to use to teach and train beginning at very young ages. This has been so helpful to truly train them up since the days of their youth... :-) THANK YOU for all the work you put in to create such a wonderful resource for young mothers! May the Lord bless us all in our endeavors!

  Wonderful Tool!
Tracy @ of Ohio, 7/20/2010
I received a copy of Plants Grown Up to review on my blog. My boys are 4 & 6 yrs of age right now and I am a first time homeschooling mom. I wanted to have this to use in my homeschooling. Homeschooling or not, this is an exciting practical tool in the Christian parent's arsenal!

We haven't officially started using this book with the boys yet. I am still reading through the book now, taking my time getting familiar with it and applying it to where my oldest is in life right now. I can see so much potential I'm really excited to have this tool to help us be responsible in teaching our boys the things God wants for them!

I also just purchased The Checklist for Parent's today. I'm looking forward to having that too.

  A Resource For A Lifetime
Cara Bergeron of Klamath Falls, Oregon, 4/15/2010
Although we've owned Plants Grown Up for a long time, our boys are just now at an age where they are able to do many of the projects in a self-directed fashion. This spring and summer, my husband and I are creating a curriculum around this resource. We hope to continuing using Plants Grown Up in subsequent years so that when they come to the point in their lives to consider marriage, they will be able to present a fat notebook to their future father-in-law, filled with wise thoughts and considerations, evidence of bible study, entrepreneurial plans, and organizational skills. Our three boys will be doing some of the (myriad!) projects and completing a few of the plans suggested this summer, but they will also be studying some of the suggested verses using the diagramming and parsing skills they've learned through their local Classical Conversations community. What they learn during the day, they will share with us at night during family worship. We're already excited to see them combining their skills and observations for God's glory!

  Excellent Resource
Andrea of South Carolina, 8/1/2008
My family and I are forever indebted to the Doorposts folks for being a tool of God's sanctification in our lives. He has primarily used the material in this book to help our sons grow up in Christ. Our culture gives us ideas completely opposite of those of God's holy word, so we love the way the Forsters focus us back to inerrant Scripture and give so many ideas for applying it practically. My husband and I have been so blessed to see the results of this book--and THE book--in our children's lives, and we look forward to using it all our days, first with children and then with grandchildren.