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Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials

Because You Are Strong

A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men
Author: Daniel Forster
Age: 10-12 to Adult
ISBN: 9781891206443
Pages: 104
Price: $14.00
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Learn how to study the Bible while you discover what God says about true strength! This new Bible study will help young men gain a biblical view of strength and use that strength wisely, for God’s glory.

This book also teaches practical Bible study skills. Learn how to:

  • Use a concordance.
  • Study the original Greek & Hebrew words used in a passage.
  • Perform a character study.
  • Study a specific topic in the Bible.
  • Understand and use marginal notes in your Bible.
  • Study a verse, passage, chapter, or entire book of the Bible.
  • Use free Bible study tools on computers and mobile devices.

Ten in-depth studies focus on biblical heroes like David, Samson and the “mighty men of valor”. You’ll also study the power of God, the service of Jesus, and wisdom from Proverbs regarding strength.

Each study teaches a different study method and is divided into daily assignments (5 to 20 minutes each day). Because You Are Strong contains 74 days of study, plus 40 more suggested studies—enough to fuel serious Bible study for more than a year.

View Sample Pages (Table of Contents and Study 1: Strength for the Race)
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Ten studies include:

  1. Strength for the Race: Meditating on Hebrews 11-12
  2. Strength with no Limits A Topical Study on the Omnipotence of God
  3. Strength and Wisdom: A Topical Study in Proverbs
  4. Strength and Temptation: A Character Study of Samson
  5. Strength to be Valiant: A Word Study on "Valor"
  6. Strength in Our Weakness: A Verse Study on 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
  7. Strength in the Battle: A Chapter Study of 1 Samuel 17
  8. Strength Serving Others: A Study of Jesus' Actions in the Gospel of Mark
  9. Strength and Gray Heads: A Verse Study of Proverbs 20:29
  10. Strength in the Faith: A Book Study of 1 John

Scripture quotations are from the KJV and ESV translations of the Bible.

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Customer Reviews

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  Great Devotional!
Taejmom of Illinois, 1/15/2022
I have started to use "Because you are strong" with my 16-year-old son and wanted to express what a great resource this is. Each chapter teaches a different type of Bible study, all around the theme of strength, which is such an appropriate one for teenage boys. Anyone who is technology savvy can easily make the studies even more accessible for the digital generation by looking for online resources. Already we have downloaded and learned how to use a Bible memory app and figured out how to use Nave's online version of the topic dictionary. There is a lot of writing for my dysgraphic boy, but since we are working through it together, I can easily modify the assignments. Working through this book is helping me disciple my son in ways that I hadn't considered. Well done!

  Not Just for Boys
Joyfulmomof6 of Pacific Northwest, 7/2/2013
This study is fantastic!

I am doing it along with boys AND girls. The applications are for anyone. For the girls and myself, I just printed a more "girlish" photo, but otherwise it is perfect for girls as well.

I love learning how to do the different types of bible studies, and all the suggestions for repeating it in other ways. That makes the study so versatile, that it can be done over and over with different scriptures and topics.

Another homerun from Doorposts!

  Truly I Loved This Book!
Andi of Wyoming, 4/22/2013
When used along side the Scriptures, Because You Are Strong aims to teach a better biblical understanding of strength, where it comes from and how best to use it. I really think it would be a great addition to any homeschooling morning or simply to share with your young man for some topical direction in the Word. Great Job Doorposts!