Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials
Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials Doorposts - Bible-based parenting and character training materials

Set of 4 Small Charts

Simple Tools for Bible-Based Parenting
Author: Pam Forster
Age: 2-Adult
8.5"x11" color, laminated chart
Price: $30.50 $27.00
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Order these four charts together and save! These charts would cost $30.50 if bought individually, but you can get them all together for only $27.00.

If you want to be more consistent and Scripture-focused in your parenting, these Bible-based parenting charts will help you. Charts in this set will help you with consistent discipline, rewarding good behavior, encouraging diligence, and teaching your children to resolve disagreements in a godly manner.

Set of four laminated, color, 8.5"x11" charts and one book includes the If-Then Chart (new edition), the Blessing Chart, the Brother Offended Checklist, (with 28-page booklet) and the Go-to-the-Ant Chart. These smaller charts are especially handy if you're tight on wall space, or if you want to keep the charts in a binder, on your fridge, etc.

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  Highly Recommend These Charts
Praying parents of Rochester, NY, 12/14/2014
We ordered these charts a couple of years ago and displayed them in our kitchen, referring to them occasionally with the kids. What REALLY made an impact, however, was when we studied these charts one by one, with our kids as part of our evening devotions. We took our time going through each chart over a period of several weeks. Now our kids say things like, "Am I being like an ant, Mama?" and "Am I rushing to obey?" They have learned the biblical commands of trying to work things out themselves, then going to a witness, and THEN coming to mom and dad if things cannot be resolved. Things are not perfect, but they are certainly getting better, much in part to Doorposts' charts!

  Charts Are So Helpful
Aimee of CA, 12/11/2014
Thank you for creating these charts. It's helpful to direct my children to what God says about good and bad behavior. It reminds them it's not just what we are saying and that God is the One whom we are striving to please and obey. I love all the helpful suggestions for disciplining and rewards. I'm so thankful for this wonderful parenting resource. It's a great blessing and is helping us to parent in a gospel centered way!

  Character Charts
Tiffin Perkins of Colorado, 11/30/2012
These charts changed my parenting 20 years ago by helping me get my emotions out of parenting. They have helped me train 6 children and I have give them as a baby gift to almost every new parent I know. Thanks for a great resource.

  Love These Charts
Dawn of Utah, 6/25/2012
I homeschool 2 children, with 2 close behind, and we always start our day with a lesson from these charts. You'd think you couldn't spend a whole school year on one set of charts but we really do. My children are learning how to treat each other, and how to talk to one another when they are angry or frustrated. It's great. My only tiny issue is that the King James translations are kind of tricky to understand for my little ones. I'd prefer a NLT or NIV version for all the scriptures. I often pull my NIV Bible out and translate the KJ scripture so they hear it a different way. It's not a huge deal, and it is good for them to hear the verses over again! :)

  The Material Is Wonderful.
Resa of SC, 8/24/2011
Really like the material and scripture on these charts. I am also very grateful they were packaged well, in a plastic sleeve and then in an envelop. I guess my postman had a mishap that day, because the cardboard type envelop was soaked through. I was concerned about the charts being ruined, but they were dry and just beautiful. Thank you.

  Great Guidance and Visual
AAmico of Washington, 8/17/2011
Our kids have memorized many of the verses on these charts just because we use them constantly. They are on the wall for all to see and have become a great tool for us to teach our kids what God's Word says about behaviors and blessings.

  Great Material
Jesucrazy2 of Oklahoma, 6/29/2011
I absolutely LOVE this set! It is very detailed, Colorful, Biblical and I could not be more happy. My children even love it.

SA of San Angelo, 12/29/2010
I met a friend who was utilizing these charts and she gave me a quick overview of how it worked. I was sold! What I wasn't prepared for was just how well it would work and how it worked on my children's hearts. It maintains consistency in discipline once the kids know the chart (YAY! thats a victory right there). They know what to expect and it reinforces that they know that they are not just being disciplined because mommy thinks it was wrong or because I am mad. We have all four charts taped up for easy use and view. The kids can go to the chart whenever they need to and it is a constant reminder of what behaviors are acceptable (blessings chart) and which ones are not (If-Then chart). We have the brother offended checklist memorized but it is there as well to reference and as a reminder of how to solve conflict. It has increased the love and respect between my children and they are even closer now. I also see how my children resolve conflict with other children and their forbearance is incredible sometimes which seems to be an indirect result of these charts.

  Excellent Resource
Dara McDowell - Judge-Executive Kenton County of Kenton County - KY, 4/5/2010
These are excellent resources for any parent that seeks to train good character and wisdom into their child. They are also easy to use. We just keep our charts in one place and they serve to back up (and remind) what Mom or Dad is endeavoring to train. I highly recomend these products. They are definately worth the investment, many times over. -Dara