Raising Real Men – Review and Giveaway

Raising Real Men I’m glad to have discovered Raising Real Men by Hal and Melanie Young, especially now that Katelyn and I have our own little man to raise.

This book is a treasure-trove of biblical wisdom, seasoned advice, and good-natured humor. The Youngs (parents of six boys) aren’t sharing theories; this is advice from the trenches.

The best thing about Raising Real Men is that it helps clarify the difference between outright misbehavior and masculinity-in-the-rough that just needs some shaping. Biblical manhood often involves taking risks, getting dirty, fighting, and the like. Rather than squashing these impulses in our sons, we need to channel and direct them for God’s glory.

We can’t really do this unless we know what Scripture says about being a man, and Hal and Melanie consistently point to Scripture as the standard.

I love these words from their introduction:

“This book does not outline a Five Stage Program for Building Godly Men. It does not feature a Master Checklist to Chart Your Way to Family Harmony. There are programs like that which some families find very effective, while others find them less than helpful.

What this book offers is a biblical perspective – note “a”, not “the” – on understanding how boys think, and why that is, and what can and should be done about it. As we’ve raised our sons, we’ve found that many of the troubles and concerns we had were clarified when we looked to what God intended them to be. The situation looked different when we truly valued manly virtues and masculinity and when we understood that we had to rebuke sin but should not change our boys into something they were not.” (from page 18)

The topics they cover include:

  • Giving your sons godly heroes to look up to
  • A Biblical view of competition
  • Teaching boys to be bold and take risks (with wisdom!)
  • Manners and social interaction
  • Homeschooling boys
  • Preparing sons to handle money
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial activities and preparing for a job
  • Teaching sons to take on man-sized responsibilities
  • Teaching sons to respect authority
  • Preparing sons to be strong leaders

They even had a whole chapter on “taking up arms” (not something you find in today’s average parenting book!), along with a discussion of violence in Scripture. This was very good, though I was surprised by some of their house rules (i.e. never pointing toy guns at anyone, even when playing war). Their point is that we should discourage our sons from playing at sin or mocking it like fools (Prov. 14:9), and so caution is required. I like how they sum up the chapter by saying, “Based on our standing principles, toys that encourage the imagination toward nobility and honorable service to others are probably acceptable; those which glorify brutality, evil spirituality, or ugliness in general, aren’t.”

As one who was a boy not too long ago, and who grew up with two brothers, I resonated with this book and enjoyed it a lot. I will definitely be re-reading it multiple times over the next twenty-plus years. I’m sure that anyone who has sons will enjoy and benefit from Raising Real Men.

We’d like to give away one free copy of Raising Real Men! To enter the giveaway, just comment on this post. If you have sons, please share something that you love about them!

(Only one entry per person. Giveaway ends at midnight PDT on Thursday, August 9. A random winner will be picked on August 10 and notified by email.)

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  1. This sounds AWESOME… Just what we need! I’m so excited about hearing of this book! I love that my sons are rough around the edges, but are real softies who love their mamma on the inside! Thanks!

  2. I love that our boys have a bit of oomph!! They have spunk yet gentleness. It is an honour to be their mother 🙂 thanks for the opportunity to win this book. It sounds really great!

  3. I have two boys and I love them more and more each day. They are both teenagers and while I feared this part of the journey more than any other part, I am trusting God that they will turn into fine Godly men!

  4. Sounds like a great book for a husband and wife to read together, especially since we have two boys, 9 and 7, that we don’t always know what to do with! Boys are so different than girls, and sometimes moms have a hard time understanding them (and I think dad does, too!)

  5. I love that my son is ‘all boy’, but he has such a sweet, giving heart! Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win this book!

  6. Five sons here. Four to eighteen. Energy. I love their movement and power and know how!

  7. We have four boys ranging from 1 to 6 year old. I love having boys. I love the non stop energy, I love the courage and I love how each of them are so different from one another. Thank you for offering this giveaway!!!

  8. We have 2 sons here: 8 years old and 6 years old. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  9. My boys are little arrows-in-the-making. I can already see God’s work in their lives and pray that they will be strong in the Lord.

  10. This sounds like a great book!! As a mom who totally doesn’t know what she’s doing raising her son I would live to win a copy!

  11. I have wanted to read this book for awhile now and would love the opportunity to win a copy!!

  12. We have three sons and now two grandsons! Godly advice is essential to us! We would love to win this copy and hope it will help us to continue on going deeper in raising up men for His glory! Thank you for the chance to win Raising Real Men!

  13. We have 3 boys so far; 2, 4, & 8 with lots of energy. Our oldest is a girl and boys are so different. I’m excited to hear about this book.

  14. I love how my boys can go play and get muddy in the creek catching craw dads enjoying their boy ness then come seek me, their momma, out to tell me they love me before going back out to play. Melts my heart!

  15. I love that my boys teach me to appreciate the gross things in life!

  16. I’m currently in the trenches raising 3 boys and being the only female in this house is sometimes quite frustrating and yet at others is wonderful. I’d love a chance to win.

  17. We heard the Youngs speak at a homeschool conference in Ohio a couple of years ago and appreciated what they had to say about raising boys/men. This book sounds like it would be a welcomed addition to our home; we have 2 boys and 1 girl with another girl on the way! Thank you for this post and offer!

  18. Enjoyed the review and looking forward to seeing the book. My husband has a favorite saying: Boys are NOT just defective girls. Would love to win this resource — thanks for the chance!

  19. This book looks like a wealth of information. An only child, daughter being raised without a father or any other men in my life, I am sometimes clueless about my sons…actually most of the time 😉

  20. My husband and I are blessed with 5 girls and 5 boys. This book sounds like an excellent resource to help steer those boys! Thanks for the review!

  21. How I would love to read this book! My boy is eight. I love how much he loves being a Cub Scout! Time with other fellas and their dads doing boy stuff–priceless.

  22. Forgot to share! 😀 I love their boldness and honesty best of all!!!

  23. This post is right on time for me! I have 4 children , 3 are boys and yesterday I totally lost my cool with these fellows! Sometimes all the energy drives me over the top!! I would love this book . I believe I will purchase it even if I don’t win it. 🙂

  24. I have a son named Jonah (and 2 daughters). I love watching Jonah explore, figure things out, and climb just about every piece of furniture in our house. He plays rough and tumble like a boy but is also so loving and thoughtful to me and his sisters. I’d love to read this!

  25. My husband and I have 3 girls and are expecting our first son any day now. We are excited about having our first boy and I’m sure this book would provide much insite and help in raising him!

  26. I love my boys sense of adventure. This book sounds so helpful in raising them to become men of God.

  27. What a great review. Thanks for sharing. Would be so happy to have a copy!

  28. Our son is SO different from his sister and yet she adores her older brother. The confidence that oozes out of him is so amazing at his young age of nine. What I love it that he has the same confidence that God can do anything. He will not ever wonder if God is limited in strength or knowledge. Now one of our focuses in training is that he, as a person, IS limited! The book sounds like a real winner–something that we pray our son will turn into because of his position in Christ.

  29. I think this book sounds amazing! I love that no matter where ever my son, Jonas goes he automatically starts a full out wrestling match! He doesn’t care who it is, his older cousin, or his younger ones…either way its on!

  30. My two sons (ages 2.5 adopted & 10 months birth) are the only two males in my family for 4 generations! Having them and raising them is a huge deal for our family. Neither my husband nor I have any experience with sons and desire to do our very best to raise Godly men. This books sounds just like want we need. 🙂

  31. I have two boys. I love their uniqueness. my boys are just out there. They haven ‘t been sneaky. They both are compassionate. In a world where real manhood is hard to find I want to teach them how to be God’s man, so they will be respected by men and adored by their wives. The book sounds wonderful!

  32. After 3 girls our son came along and WOW how different he is to our girls! I love his fearlessness and energy. I long to raise him to be a Godly man and not squash his excitement for learning and life. It’s a challenge but I’m so blessed to have him!

  33. It’s before 8am and our son is outside with double breasted suit jacket, full shirt, tie, dress shoes and riding a bike because he’s GOING TO WORK. 🙂 I just love that he wants to be so much like daddy! Now to learn how to teach this 4 year old to read. So different than our 7 year old daughter, but such a blessing. Would love to win the book–saw Hal and Melonie at the TTD convention in March but did not have ability to buy book. It looks AWESOME!

  34. This book sounds great! I have three sons and wonder what to do with their competitiveness already at such a young age.

  35. This book has been on my wish list for a bit now. I would love a copy! May just have to break down and purchase it after this review :).

  36. I love that my boys want to wrestle me one minute and snuggle in my lap the next. Hoping to win the book!!

  37. Wow! What a great book! I will definitely enjoy digging into this one to help me see into the heart of my 9 year old little man!

  38. I love that my little boy is so tender hearted. His heart overflows with compassion for others, precious!

  39. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway! I love my boys’ sense of humor and tender heart all while being rough and tough! 🙂

  40. Jessica Hatzopoulos

    This looks great. I love that my boys are so tender towards me showering me with hugs and kisses and that they are also turning that towards their little sister.

  41. We have 3 boys and 3 girls and possibly another boy on the way. I would LOVE to read this book! I love how our boys love boy stuff (and girls love girl stuff) but would still like guidance. Thanks for the entry!

    Julie Brown

  42. Sounds like a great tool! Balancing between gentleness of Jesus and wanting to wrestle someone to the ground on occasion is difficult for a 7 year old with an older sister, even one who wants to obey the Lord. This may be just what the Great Physician ordered!

  43. Thank you so much for your Door Post blog.Our first grandson has arrived (after 4 miscarriages) and we pray that he will grow to be a godly man like his daddy!Thank you for the opportunity for the giveaway too!

    God Bless,

  44. I love my little man! He may play a little rougher than he should with the girls, but he really steps up to the plate when he has to rescue them from mysterious creatures (aka bugs)! Would love to win this book!

  45. Hi there!! We have 4 boys, 10, 7, 4, and 3. They are little men in the making, though, at times, I am completely baffled by them. We are always looking for insight on how they “work” and wisdom on how to raise them. Thanks for the review.

  46. I have a son who is two and I pray daily for wisdom in teaching him to be a godly man. This book looks like an excellent resource and I appreciate the opportunity to win a copy.

  47. Our little boy is a gift from heaven. I love that he asks me to sing him before he goes to sleep. It is usually “Amazing Grace” or “Hold onto Jesus”. I am sure these times will pass too soon.

  48. We have three boys, “almost” 12, 8, and 5 1/2. I never pictured myself as a mom of boys, but I’m sure glad that God’s plan was different than my own. My boys have stretched me and grown me in ways I never thought possible. They have given me so much joy, laughter, love, frustration and even tears. BUT, I wouldn’t change a thing…they are priceless treasures!

  49. This is post is so very timely & funny (just as our God works sometimes :-)…I’ve had this book bookmarked in my “wishlist” folder since last year and just last week I said “it’s time to get it!” lol I have a 17 month old son and he is ALL boy! He is very active, inquisitive, fearless, he Loves sports (like his daddy :-). I wish I could attach a video so that you could see it for yourself b/c you may not believe me lol. I’m often challenged with raising a boy, but I often have to remind myself not to “stereotype” him or crush is developing “manhood,” instead I try to look at it as raising a future soldier for Christ and leader of his household (Lord willing). I try not to focus on how exhausted he keeps me (lol) or fear him getting hurt, and I get excited at watching how his “manly” personality is already developing and marvel at how God, in His infinite wisdom, made men and women so different (but together a complete picture of Him). Although I do plan on getting this book soon…I really did just enjoy the opportunity to talk about my [not-so-anymore] Baby: Elias! 😀 Thank you for your blog and materials..they have already made a difference in our home.

  50. Thank you for this opportunity! We have five sons that are full of adventure and spirit. I would love to see the Young’s perspective on nuturing their masculinity while training them to be Godly 🙂

  51. I love that my son can be so active and physical, but also has such a tender side. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. We have 3 girls and a precious little man. He is rough and tough, silly and sweet, all at the same time. We are so blessed by our little boy!

  53. We have 2 boys (9 and 6) and 3 girls. I love how my boys are loving to their mommy and sisters, but rough and tough and ready to defend in a split second. Love their raw energy!

  54. Any book that can help to raise sons (bible first of course) in the manner of the Lord will, should be any parent’s desire.

  55. I have 3 boys (11, 9, 4). I love how different each on is. I also love how protective they are already over their 2 year old sister even against each other.

  56. I currently have 3 stepsons (ages 32-26), a 19 month old daughter, and our little boy is due Sept 11! I would love to get my hands on this book! I cannot wait to meet our little man!

  57. Wow! I’d love to read this book. I’m expecting another boy, the second in 2 years. Before these guys, I’ve been busy raising daughters and I’m searching for advice on raising godly men. Boy oh Boy! Are they different from girls! My heart is overflowing with love for my little guy and I can’t wait!!!! to meet the next one!

  58. As the mom of three (almost 4) boys – I NEED this book!! Would love to win it – if I don’t, it will go on my Christmas List!!!

  59. I have a two year old son and would love to win this to help me in raising him!

  60. Thank you for sharing this book! By the sounds of your review it seems like a great resource for parents of boys. Being the mother of a energetic almost 5 year old boy, it’s sometimes a struggle to keep his full attention long enough and keeping the message short enough! Looking forward to reading this book myself

  61. This post came yesterday in the midst of a hectic day. I love my 5 year old with all my heart, but I was at my wits end when he had pestered his sister for the hundredth time. I NEED this book

  62. After three girls we found ourselves with our first boy, and BOY is he different! He’s four now, and I would love to read this and gain knowledge and insight into helping him become a wise and godly young man.

  63. Though raising my 5 boys are nearly gone by, I still could use some helpful tips to help me finish the “race” with integrity. I would love a copy!

  64. I love being a mom to a boy – there is something about when he wakes me up in the morning with a kiss and a warm hug as he grabs my cheeks. If I win I’d pass this on to my brother and sister in law as I already have a copy and my nephew is just under 2 years old and it’d be a great help to them.

    SeekingHim at gmail dot com

  65. Would love to win a copy!!!

  66. As a mother of four boys, I would love to add this book to our repertoire of books about Godly manhood. Thank you for the give away and the chance to win.

  67. Our only son,9, is the the brother to 4 sisters. He is sweet and a complete joy to our family!

  68. I love that I can see little men inside my little boys – the way they want to protect the innocent and meek, how they proudly squish bugs, how they gently rub my arm and say, “don’t worry, Mom.” I see the men they will become reflected in the eyes of little boys – complete with pbj smudges on their adorable faces. Love it!

  69. This sounds like a treasure trove. What I like about our six sons is they are not afraid to face a manly challenge and also willingly apply themselves to domestic chores. They take good care of me, the only female in the house, which is inspired by their father.

  70. Well, I just added this book to my must-read list.

    I have two boys, ages 15 and 14. They are the light of my life. The journey hasn’t been easy for us, as I’m a single mom trying to juggle home-schooling and a full-time job outside the home. (Thank God for my very involved and supportive family!) But they know I love them. They know I treasure them for themselves. And I learned a long time ago to channel the “taking up of arms.” Because if I tried to forbid it, they just made “arms” out of any random thing that came along. Forks, fingers, sticks, Legos, Tinkertoys, dead cicadas …

    My boys are a delight. I wouldn’t change them for all the money in the world. And while I’m not perfect, I think they feel the same way about me. (Although they might like me to ease up on the television and video-game limits.) 😀

  71. Well, I haven’t any boys (yet), just 3 girls, but I’m praying one of these times God will give us a boy and this would be a wonderful resource to have! Because, really, we won’t know what to do with a boy after 3 or more girls! Blessings to you!

  72. I enjoy your blog so much! I would love to read this book on raising boys. My little guy is 4 mos. old and I feel so priviledged to raise a man for God.

  73. I would love to win or be gifted this material!!! I am a single parent raising a 10 yr old boy and need all of the Christen knowledge I can get!!! Hoever I have no money to buy this.. please consider giving/scholorships to disburse this material to parents who desperately seek it!

  74. I love what this book is about! My son is such a rough boy around his dad, but is so sweet and compassionate with me. I would love to win this book to know how to correctly teach and direct my son’s behaviors! Thanks!

  75. My son, Jared, has a sense of humor and always finds the best in any situation. We are trying to “cultivate” his love of God with a mission trip this next year to Africa. I think this book would be beneficial for us. Thanks for the opportunity!

  76. What a wonderful book! We have two boys, and sometimes I struggle with the hows and whys of them, since I’m most definitely not a boy. Sometimes I doubt my ability to raise them, then I remember that God trusted them to me, and that gives me courage. I love to hear my boys laughing. It usually happens when they’re playing wildly and I’ll have to go in soon to calm things down. Sometimes I just let them go though, because I just love the sound.

  77. Would love to win this book! Have heard so many wonderful things about it! I love so much about my son, but lately, even at 3 years old, he’s been protective of his two sisters, older and younger. Makes a Mama proud!

  78. This book sounds great and I would love to win it. My son loves playing heroes and I love pointing him toward godly men of character for him to emulate.

  79. I have two boys and have yet to get this book! Would LOVE to win! Something I love about my boys…is that they have shown me that not all men are bad.

  80. My only son, surrounded by 2 sisters and a mom all day, loves bugs, numbers, superheros, and creation science. I love his passion for the truth and justice. I pray that I seize every opportunity to empower him to live life for the glory of God.

  81. I love that my three boys are adventurous, adventurous and love to help their daddy with the tough jobs! They will often come in for dinner, after working outside with their dad, with a big bouquet of wildflowers for their sister and I! I love them dearly! Thanks for offering this book!

  82. I would love this book! I love my little man so!

  83. I’ve been wanting to read this book.

  84. I have 6 boys, ages 2-10. I love having boys! I love their energy and their imagination. I can’t wait to read this book! Great review!

  85. I have been saying lately that my 2 boys have strong personality traits and I don’t want to change them but help them shape them. Would love this book!

  86. This sounds like a neat resource! With 1 son and 4 daughters, sometimes I need to be reminded to embrace what makes him a boy and focus on him. One of the things I love about my son is his curiosity about bugs and animals!

  87. I have two boys 12 and 9 whom I both homeschool. My desire is to raise my boys into Godly young men.

  88. This book is on my “must get” list. I raised 2 wonderful sons (23 years, and a 19 year old who is now with the Lord). What a blessing to raise sons 🙂 We started all over again by raising our 2 year old grandson from birth. I was thankful for my husband’s perspective as our boys were growing up. He and his brother were close as they grew up. When our boys started wrestling as little guys, I was ready to stop them. My husband guided me through that, and our guys stayed close through the years. My boys turned into admirable young men. My desire is to be an even better mom for our “little man”.

  89. Sounds like a great book! We have three girls and 2 boys. Boys are 2 and 2 months. I think what I love most is just how differently my little guy does everything than his sisters. He is particular and loves to be outdoors!

  90. I have heard this is a great book. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  91. Having twin boys this month, adding to the two we already have! Definetly need this book!

  92. My husband and I have two boys, 2 and 4, with an older daughter who is 8. The difference between the boys and our daughter amazes us daily 🙂 Our boys are so active, so much so we just got out of a 4 day stay at the hospital for our 4 year old’s broken femur, last year it was his collar bone! They are non stop and constantly so much fun! They definitely keep us on our toes and yet have so much love inside them. I love raising boys and would love to read this book. Just excited to hear about it because I didn’t even know it was out there! Thank you!

  93. Have 4 boys and they are the greatest! I love that my boys love me unconditionally, even when I make mistakes.

  94. This sounds great! I grew up as an only child in a godless home and often feel very lost in raising our two boys. It’s my heart’s desire to train the boys for godliness but so often I feel like I’m squashing their manhood!

  95. I have one boy and have delighted in how he leads (or other times could be seen as bossy;) He is a joy to raise.

  96. How exciting! I look forward to hearing more about this book.

  97. I have one son who’s 9 (and a daughter, 12), and I love that this book has a chapter called “Taking up Arms”! Jesus is a WARRIOR, and He made our sons in His image to be warriors for His kingdom! Would love to win!

  98. I understand my daughter, but I sure could use some insight into my son!

  99. I have two toddler boys and am expecting a third. I enjoy how they hang, jump, and climb on just about everything imaginable.

  100. I Love seeing each of my two boys develop their own unique relationship with God. This book would be an Amazing addition to our family’s journey.

  101. We definitely could use some advice on these issues! Thanks for the chance to win.

  102. I would love to win this book. My boys are 9 and 6 and surrounded by 4 sisters! 🙂 They are great and I love to watch them interact with one another. My oldest boy is more quiet and laid back while my younger boy is rough and tumble. They are amazing little guys. This morning I heard my oldest reading Bible stories to his little brother while they had quiet time in their room. It really blessed my heart, regardless of the fact that about 15m later I had to intervene in a wrestling match. I just love my little boys. 🙂

  103. Sounds like a wonderful book! I would absolutely love to read it. We have 10 children – 6 boys & 4 girls. With each child, there’s a whole different personality. God uses each arrow in such a mighty way, and we learn something new about our children and their character qualities everyday. This book would give great insight in many areas we could really benefit from! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest, to receive such godly wisdom from a family who uses the scriptures to guide them through each journey they take in raising His arrows! Blessings 😉

  104. I LOVE this book! I have recommended it to every mother I know who has boys! My oldest is 10 & he is constantly building something. The baby is 1 & he is so curious already!

  105. I have been blessed with two sons. Very humble and sweet guys.. 14 and 10

  106. I have always wanted to get this book-we have one Little Man, and 2 girls, and a new Baby due any day now (Aug. 2 was actual due date!). This book looks like a great addition to any family, and we could certainly use it!

  107. This would be such an encouraging resource. I love my son’s enthusiasm, and would love to know how to channel that into being bold for Christ! 🙂

  108. This book sounds awesome! We currently have a 3 year old and a lil guy due in November. There are so many things I love about our lil
    guy, but I love his sweet heart the most. We pray for friends at night and he will constantly remind us to pray for friends we mentioned months ago. Love those glimpses into his heart. Thanks!

  109. Oh I so could have used this about 10 years ago, but it is not to late b/c I am still teaching and instructing my 4 boys! Praise God we still have an influence in their lives.

  110. I heard them speak last year! It was so encouraging! I have 3 boys (and 3 girls!) and all are SO different! Its a challenge to understand their brains since I am a woman, male brains are wired differently! But I love they do not fear bugs… that comes in so handy! 🙂

  111. This book sounds amazing! My “little man” is now 16 and will be getting his driver’s license in a week! Where does time go? I love his sense of humor!

  112. As a mom to 5 boys it would be great to read a book written by a family who has raised boys too and see what insight the Lord has given them in this precious area. I know I need to raise them differently than my 5 girls:).

  113. Rebecca Williamson

    Can’t wait to read this. Thanks for sharing it!

  114. I’d love to have this book 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway. Love your articles and products 😀

  115. I would love to read this book!

  116. This seems like a book I would like to read! 🙂

  117. I have four boys. I love my little and not so little men.

  118. This book looks wonderful! I already forwarded the link to my husband 🙂 We have a boy in between two girls, and it is so apparent how different he is from them. I love his boundless energy, his need to release that energy physically, yet his heart is so sensitive to the needs of others. He is such a joy to our family, and I want to be sure we are encouraging him to be a man of God even now while he’s still young. Thanks for sharing this resource!

  119. We are blessed with two boys and another boy due in November. Coming from a family with mostly girls. I do have a brother, but he is the only one with all sisters and all girl cousins we were never around boys. I love my boys because of their imagination and liveliness. There is NEVER a dull moment. I do not need exercise becuause I am always on my toes and being a referee, coach, nurse, bouncer and teacher. All of those things to me are just being mom, to my boys. I have a huge desire to homeschool my boys, but I am afraid to do so. My heart is to raise my boys to love the Lord and grow up Godly. I am happy you shared this! Even if I do not win, I think I will by buying this book!

  120. Thank you for reviewing this book and bringing it to my attention, sounds like exactly what we need to help raise our two young men, ages 8 and 5 1/2. There have been many men squashed in my family and God has shown me he wants me to do differently and here is just another bit of wisdom to help me along the way 🙂 Thank you!!!

  121. As the mom of 7 girls in a row (ages 27 down to 8) and THEN 3 boys (ages 6, 5 and 3), I often say that I know God has a sense of humor to give me such bundles of energy in my old age. I love their constant motion and enthusiasm for life – though it wears me out. I love being constantly surprised and amazed at the incredible differences between my young ladies and my little men. I love how the boys love and try to protect their big sisters (even the grown ones). I enjoy the obvious manliness, even in such a tiny package.

  122. All of your materials are wonderful, this would a great aid to yours.

  123. I have 4 boys-ages 19,15,12 an 6. My boys have been given to me by God. They are gifts from the Lord-mighty arrows in our family. My boys have had to grow up very fast. Their father is too ill to care for them. They have had to skip their childhood and become men at a very early age. They take care of all the household
    Responsibilities, plus work for the family in the family business plus many odd jobs to help pay the bills. Joshua the oldest has had to raise and train his younger brothers plus 3 sisters. I am always in need of help on how to help them with their responsibilities as young men. Thank you for this book!

  124. We have three boys! Would love to read this!

  125. I would love to read this- we have two boys, ages 9 and 7. There is never a dull moment in our house! Our oldest is very much a ‘I’ll do it (or not) cause I want to- no matter what you say’. We need wisdom from every source right now!

  126. We have 2 daugthers (6 and 3) and 1 son (1yr old this Saturday Aug. 11th). He is Mommy’s little lovey, snugglie man, but Daddy’s rough and tough little guy. We had a celebration where we live that last weekend that celebrates the mining days here in our town in the 1800’s to early 1900’s. So lots of people dress in that old attire. Well I decided to dress him up and we found a small toy rifle gun about his size and as soon as we gave it to him he had a big smile on his face and was so playful with it the whole day! It was the first time he has seen a gun. He is definitely all boy that is surrounded by a bunch of girls until Daddy gets home! I love that he loves his Mommy and sisters, but when Daddy comes home he gets really excited and ready for some guy time! I love how God engraved that in him from the very beginning and what a great balance it is! God is so amazing in His creation of man and woman!

  127. This looks like a great book! Our son brings us such joy! I want him to grow up to be a Godly man.

  128. Thanks for the great review! I’d never heard of “Raising Real Men” before – but it’s now on the top of my “To Get” list! My husband and I have a growing family (3 children so far) with two sons (ages 4 yrs & 4 months).
    We do find ourselves constantly searching for the biblical balance between ‘rough-and-tumble’ masculinity and Sermon-on-the-Mount type Christianity with our boys. My husband likes to point to the example of David – a “mighty man of war” who was also “the sweet psalmist of Israel.” There’s quite a difference between a harp and a sword!
    I was thrilled to see that the Youngs have sought to find a balance that comes right from Scripture – instead of looking to philosophy or psychology – or even from pure experience.
    Anyway, thanks SO MUCH for bringing the book to our attention – and for the chance to win a copy!

  129. I just heard the Youngs at our spring homeschool conference- it was an awesome seminar!! I was not able to fit the book into the budget as I was getting many school items. We would love to win a copy!! Thanks so much for your blog and company!!

  130. My eldest son is now a father and is working at trying to be a good Daddy to a very rambunctious 2 year old son!
    My son feels the pressure to be a good dad even more so because his own Father has not been there for him and he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes.
    This book sounds like it would be ideal to fill in the gaps and shore up a solid foundation for parenting boys.

  131. Sounds like a great book!

  132. I have 2 very loving and very active boys. Would love to have guidance in raising them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. Looks like an excellent book….i’m definintely interested:-)

  134. Kristina Peterson

    We have 4 boys and another one on the way. I love would love to read this book!

  135. 4 girls and 2 boys, and I love my boys daring and adventurous mindset!

  136. My son is very caring toward his sisters and I love that.

  137. I am a mother of three boys and I would love to win this book. I love reading books on raising boys and your book sounds fantastic and would be a great asset to my library. I love how my boys are so different from each other. As they are growing up and older, they are very sweet towards me. I feel like they treasure me as their mom. It’s neat to see that happen as they are heading into their teens.

  138. I love that the qualities about my son that I may not appreciate so much right now (like his constantly loud speaking voice, tons of energy, love of all things nature, and so many more), will one day help him fulfill the plans God has for him! Looking forward to reading this book!

  139. Thanks for raising awareness of this resource!

  140. If we don’t win, we will borrow it if we can or find a way to buy it. My boys are amazing, and God has a great design for their future, and it I stand in awe that He would allow me to raise them.

  141. This book has been on my wishlist for a while now. I have three awesome boys 8,5 and 2. One cuddly teddy bear, one all out warrior and one right in the middle. They keep me on my toes and forever vigilant. I can’t imagine life without them.

  142. My husband and I are raising our 3rd and final child – a boy! He is 14, and we are concerned about so much that is out “there”. This book would be wonderful – I can’t wait to start reading it and teaching him from the insights we will get! I know God has plans for him – I want him to be ready for what he is called to !

  143. I hadn’t heard of this book but it sounds wonderful. As a parent of boys I often struggle with the subtle differences of what is an “ok” expression of being just boys & what needs to be corrected. Thanks for offering such insightful help!

  144. This book is just what I need for the upcoming years in molding (with GOD’s help) my boys into GODly men. It is a challenge for mothers, but with GOD, ALL things are possible! I would love to have this book as part of my collection!

  145. I need this book. I have two girls and one boy. Sometimes I feel so lost when it comes to my son. Plus, if it comes from doorposts, I know it’s great!!

  146. I have one little boy in heaven and one in my womb. I am so excited/scared to raise a man! This book sounds great!

  147. I love my son’s curiosity, his tender love for his sisters. his bright smile, little boy goofiness, his creativity, his sober thoughtfulness, and his whole wonderful brown-eyed, caramel & gold haired self.

  148. I love this book and recommend it to moms of boys.

  149. My little boy is rough and rowdy, full of energy. Yet he is super sweet, kind and sharing. Love, love, love him! This book sounds great.

  150. This looks great! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    From My Mountain View [dot] com

  151. I have two boys, and They are wonderful in their own way.
    My oldest one Josue is such a gentleman, and at the same time is so impulsive,
    I just don’t know always how to interact with him.
    My little one, Matías , is always smiling, and they are, along with their sister,
    my dearest treasure, so I know any kind Of good scripture based advice
    would be helpful.

  152. I would love to have a copy of this book. My two year old son would surely benefit from the knowledge that my husband and I could gain from it. I admit, that after having started with two girls, I was apprehensive about having a boy. I was not sure how to be a boy’s mommy 🙂 But, of course, God knew what he was doing, and I’m crazy about my little guy. There are so any things I love about him, but I’ll spare you the LLLOOONNNGG comment and just say, I love his enthusiasm and excitement for life. He’s just so happy and joyful and it is a blessing to all who know him.

  153. I have had this book on my wish list for a while now, but I haven’t purchased it yet. We are homeschooling parents of 4 and are on basically one income so we’re on a tight budget. My son a twin and is the youngest of our family at the age of 9. I have two older daughters (15 & 13) and then my twin daughter (9). We are always looking for ways to encourage our son to be a warrior and not to lose his God given masculenity, bravery, and strength. It is so difficult to do in a world where men have been stripped of their manliness. My son is a typical boy, who loves to be outdoors, build with his hands, work in the yard, and help the females in his family with lifting heavy objects. He is awesome, and I would love to have this book to help nurture him. Thank you so much for reviewing the book for us and for supporting parents in their efforts to raise strong, Godly men!

  154. Ahh… I have had this on my wishlist for awhile now and my oldest son is now 7 and I’m thinking it’s moved over to the “required reading” list after your review. Boys add such a wonderful spunk (and levelheadedness… already!) to our “mostly female” household. hehehe…

  155. I have two boys that are almost 5 & 7. They are so different from each other!
    I would love a chance to win this book!

  156. I love that we can channel their “male traits” in positive ways rather than just squelching them… Now I just need to read the book to learn how to do that!

  157. When my firstborn son turned four, he proudly announced,
    “Next year I’ll be a man.” The desire was definitely built-in.
    Thank the Lord for a book to help us understand boys with
    biblical wisdom!

  158. This sounds awesome to a mom with 4 boys.

  159. Looks like a great read. Look forward to reading this book.

  160. I love watching my son figure things out – he is so intelligent in that! We do struggle a bit with communication, as we think so differently. His thought processes are so different than my two daughters, and I want to really “get” him, but struggle on how to do that. Still, this boy shows such compassion to his sisters when he’s not wrestling or terrorizing them! =)

  161. I love my son’s sweet, affectionate, friendly spirit!

  162. Not only do I love my son, I love all of the boys that we work with from the community surrounding my church. The energy, strength, and zeal for life that they emanate is inspiring, challenging, and stretching. Most of the children that come in from our community do not have involved fathers, and many are coming from abusive fathers since their mothers walk to our church from the battered women’s shelter down the street where they are living. These boys especially, are angry, wounded, and in need of boundaries, love, structure, encouragement, discipline, guidance, and positive examples of what it means to be a man.

    The information supplied in this book will be used as a road map as we build curriculum, discipline strategies, and intentional relationships with our kids. We have recognized in a very real way the vital need we have for positive male role models within our congregation. We have many wonderful men pouring into the lives of the children, but fewer than what are needed, and unfortunately, most of these men were raised without fathers themselves. This book would pass through many hands.

    Thank you for the review and giveaway. The book seems to contain a wealth of information and if I were to receive the free copy the information would be put into immediate practice.

  163. I have two wonderful sons. They are quite different from each other. I love seeing how much they enjoy playing together, and I love their sweet notes and hugs!

  164. I would love a copy of this book! I love how my son looks out for his little sister, and how he takes the initiative to do things for others or bring a smile to others’ faces whenever he can.

  165. I love having a son! He “livens up the place”! 🙂
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  166. Thanks for letting us know about helpful resources in our pursuit of rearing godly children!

  167. Sounds like a great book for anyone with a pasion for raising “real” Godly men. I have 2 teenagers, 13 and 15. Loe ’em with all my heart and pray that they walk as “worthy” unto the Lord.

  168. Yes, please! I need this while mine are still young.

  169. Thank you for always recommending Godly wisdom for our families to follow. My son is 9 and is always the negotiator. He will someday be great in getting what he wants but I pray he will heed God’s guidance. He also is very willing to help others which balances out the negotiating.

  170. Today society is making it harder and harder to know how to raise godly men. As a single mother, I treasure anything I can read that will help me raise my son to be a godly man and honorable Christian man, husband and father. Thanks!

  171. I have three sons and am excited to learn about this book. Thank you!

  172. I’d love to win this one! My two sons are a constant joy to me, and yet also often puzzling, since I grew up with only sisters. That is what I love about them, though…how completely different their thought processes and instincts are from girls! Example: One cardboard diaper box from Costco in the garage…*obviously* must be cut into a) a three dimensional space ship, b) a sheriff badge and belt and covered with tin foil, c) cut with a window opening and fitted onto the bunk bed to make a fort, or d) all of the above. The answer is always d. 🙂

  173. I have four boys. I love so many things about each of them. I love their growing muscles and the way they like to show them off daily. They measure and compare them and show them to each other and to me. :). Even the 2 year old has caught on to this display of masculinity and has gotten in on the show and tell! :). Boys bring so much joy to our home.

  174. I have 4 boys; 8, 6, 4, and 1 month. They are each amazing in their own way. They each show their care and love for one another in ways that make me smile – sharing, wrestling and protecting each other. Even for how young they are they definitely take the long view of their relationship. My 6 year old came to me the other day near tears saying he was sad that when his older brother went to college they weren’t going to see each other much any more.

  175. My Joshua is stating Kindergartena dn this would be so useful for daily devotions. Baby Ezekiel will have an extra benefit as he grows. Thanks for the contest and site! Doorpost products are so very helpful. I even send them to a Christian friend overseas!

  176. This book sounds amazing! I love that my son is “such a boy” (dirt, running, jumping, karate chopping, crashing, spider stomping, etc), but also so very tender-hearted at the same time. I love him so much.

  177. I need this so much. Even if I don’t win, I plan to buy this book!

  178. I have 3 sons and would love this book! My oldest (9) is friendly and caring! He’s my intellectual one. My second son (8) is a sweetheart! He was born with Down syndrome but is accomplishing so much. My third son (2) is cuddly yet super active! He a goofball! They’re all so great!

  179. I’d love to win. I have 3 boys (and 1 girl!) and I love different things about each of them.
    1st- he has a thoughtfulness about him. It makes me curious as he “thinks deep”
    2nd- he brings cheer to a room. He genuinely wants to spend time with who he is with.
    3rd- he is a little lover. He just has to give you some “sugar” as we call it ( a hug or kiss)

    cooperkelly4@yahoo dot com

  180. Sounds like a wonderful book. I love how God has used my son to change my heart And weed out selfishness, impatience and anger in my own life as I see it in his and try to train my toddler about how to live a life for Christ.

  181. I love how my older son (a teen with a busy social life) will schedule time to play with his younger brother. It’s so neat to see them bonding! I grew up with only sisters and my husband was an only child until he got a sister at age 12 so watching brotherly bonding is something new for us.

  182. Would love to have this for my boys! I have 2 ages 12 and 7! Love them with all my heart, and I want their little hearts to always be filled with a love for the Lord!

  183. I love my son’s sensitive heart. It is a nice contrast to his rough side.

  184. Thanks for the giveaway! I love how my son can put a worm on his fishing hook and help a friend with it who thinks it is gross and after hours of patiently waiting on a fish to snag his line will let it go before we leave the lake.

  185. I have 2 young boys and am pregnant now. Honestly, I’d be thrilled with another boy!
    They are just so fun, so crazy, so sweet, so creative, so silly, so active and I would have a much more boring life without them in it!
    I read the intro to this book at one point but didn’t buy it, would really appreciate a free copy!

  186. My husband and I were just blessed with our first son, only 8 short weeks ago! What a joy to start our journey of discipleship with him. Our prayer is to raise him up to be a man who builds Christ’s kingdom.

  187. I have a 7 year old son. This book would be a huge blessing.

  188. I’m so excited for this book. With 2 girls already, we have our boy on the way! We are excited to raise our warrior for the King.

  189. My eldest is a boy who has spent a lot of time learning to be gentle with his two younger sisters. This would be a great read for us!

  190. This looks like a great book. I could tell from the moment our sons were born they were boys just by looking at their faces! I love that God made them in such a way that it is clear they are boys, DIFFERENT from our girls, and so very special to us.

  191. Would love to win this book. I love my son’s imagination and creativity!

  192. Would love this book! I love that my son is my sweet, sensitive kiddo – hope he never loses that sweetness.

  193. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. My husband said that one thing he loves about our sons is that they like playing games with him! He also enjoys having them work alongside him.


  194. I love that my boys are the best of friends. Listening to them recite scripture together, sing together, encourage one another in school and honor God through sports makes me so grateful God chose me to be their momma.

  195. What a blessing it is to read your posts. The Raising Real Men book sounds like a winner! We have raised 4 sons who are now 28, 26, 20 and 18. They were all SO alike yet SO different as little boys and still reflect that individuality now as young men. The oldest is now raising 3 of his own along with his wife of six years. I am so VERY thankful that they use Doorposts in discipling their boys!

  196. I had my first boy 6 weeks ago (after two girls) and would love this for him. 🙂

  197. I love my little man for so many reason but the main thing about him I love is how honest he is.

  198. I love how they are born to be warriors and heroes… Now to train him in using that desire to be a protector 🙂

  199. After 3 girls we got a boy. He’s now 6 and it’s quite a challenge to raise him. So different than the girls.

  200. I gave birth to our fourth son four weeks ago (no daughters in our home). Our oldest turns 6 next month, and I am homeschooling him. This book sounds like it would be a perfect fit and such a blessing for me to read!

  201. I am rearing three little men in my home and know this book would be quite helpful! Thank you for a fabulous giveaway!

  202. This book sounds wonderful! I’d love to have it for the benefit of my 2 boys, and then share it with a single mom friend for her boys.

  203. Have 2 girls and a boy…so far! Amazing to see the difference even young but know we’re just beginning! Want to raise him well and sounds like a neat resource!

  204. Would love to read this book! My son is the protector of his sisters and I hope to keep it that way!

  205. Abigail Carpenter

    This looks like a book I need to read. My sweet boy can be tough at times but he has such a tenderness about him. Sister hugs, mommy snuggles, missing friends.

  206. Today is our son’s “Gotcha Day”. He was adopted from Guatemala 8 years ago today and we are so thankful fo rhim. We love his humor and his sweet innocence(he loves stuffed animals!)

  207. Christina Jenkins

    After reading John Ethbridges book called ” Wild at Heart”. It openened a door of understanding for me with my husband and son. With a sigh resigned my to the fact that I would never again have a squirrel to feed in our yard and would have skinned hides all over the house!!! My shreeks as I reach into the freezer and wrap my hand around some frozen corpse would produce muffled chuckles from my two men!

    Can’t wait to read this book and especially see what the scriptures have to say to gain more insight and wisdom into the males in my life.

  208. I love how very different my boys are from me. I can remember when I was their age and it is amazing. I’ll never know first hand about raising girls as the Lord has blessed us with just the 2 boys, but I’m grateful He gave us just what we needed!

  209. We have raised a few boys and I agree with what I have heard so far about this book. We still have one at home so I’m sure this book would be helpful. I would love to read it and add it to our library, especially since our oldest son just had a son of his own! Our boys have been a challenge at times but God is good and it is awesome to see your rough and tumble boys turn into Godly men!

  210. Allison Witschorke

    My son Seth is five. I have (to my surprise) enjoyed his love of bugs, lizards, snakes, etc. He is so curious and while he might have trouble sitting still for some things, he has no problem ‘stalking’ a lizard. Is fun to watch and makes me happy to see that he and his father, an avid fisherman and hunter, have so much in common.

  211. I love my son’s creative imagination and the way he loves to cuddle – I’m enjoying it while I can!

  212. It is my desire to raise my son to be a strong Christian man. I would love to add this to my Doorposts library!

  213. OH!! I need this!! Thank you for such a great review!! 🙂

  214. I love how each of my sons have grown me in ways I never expected. I’ve gotten an education in warfare, insects, dinosuars, and the innumerable ways you can build with Legos. I look back on my dull life before the birth of my sons and I am so very thankful for them. I love them. I am glad you featured this review. I love when you do book reviews. Keep up the great work on this blog! Such an encouragement.

  215. This sounds like a great book. Just what I’m looking for to raise our one boy. He’s surrounded by 3 sisters and mother while dad is working. Would love to learn to teach him to be a godly man who protects his sisters and has great values. I love his tender heart, humor and energy. Thanks for this opportunity.

  216. We have three sons ages 11, 4, and 3 who prove to me daily that parenting is a tough job! I would love to win this book, it sounds greatM

  217. This would be wonderful to have. I have had 2 girls, but am raising my first son & appreciate the encouragement and advice on how to do it right :0)

  218. I would love this book! It sounds so helpful in understanding my son! I love how he takes such great care of his little sister and am eager to help train him to be an excellent provider/leader for his family someday!

  219. This is a great blessing to everyone who will read this book, not just to those who are surrounded with boys (like us 2,3,8) but anyone who is in close contact with boys. thank you for offering this wonderful prize. God bless your ministry.

  220. I have three boys and would love to read this with my husband… thanks!!

  221. My 9yo son is passionate and loves to take on danger and risks, but he needs wisdom and discipline. This book seems like just what he and I need.

  222. My passion is to raise a godly man who will be an amazing husband & father one day… What I’m inspired to read more about is how to teach my lil man to look up to Biblical characters & heros as opposed to today’s child heros…

    Good luck everyone!!!

  223. This looks like an excellent book for our home. We have 1 daughter and 3 sons, so far. I think this book would give me lots of insight! The Youngs will be the keynote speakers at our homeschool conference next year and I would love to get to know them a bit better. Thanks for the giveaway.

  224. I have two sons. Isaac is 4 and Josiah is 2. I love their energy and the way they pretend to be big tough policemen and firefighters. They even make their voices deeper and walk tall and proud. It’s very cute. Thank you for the giveaway!

  225. I have three sons…13, 11, and 3, What I love most is when they tell me they love me. They are understanding the value and importance of being “manly” enough to be vulnerable and share their feelings.

  226. Well I have three sons & I’ve been eyeing this book for a while 🙂 It sounds wonderful!
    What do I love about having sons? Well I must say I love their loyalty ~ they look after me so much ~ I am one spoilt Mum!!

  227. I have one boy. This book sounds great. Even if I don’t win, I would definitely buy this book.

  228. I have a 4 year old boy, and I just love his sweet tender heart. Thank you for this giveaway.

  229. I have three sons, and I love how different all their personalities are.

  230. I have a 13 yr old boy who has a very loving heart and helps me out a lot and he means so much to me but there are areas i would like to help him with especially him being a teen now i would love to win this, i have four kids who i strive to raise for the Lords glory its not me all honour goes to the Lord jesus Christ i love your website and keep the awesome helpful products coming God Bless : )

  231. Such a timely post to read for me today!! My 8 yr old son has just recently been diagnosed with ADHD and I am trying to figure out the very fine line between boy and this disorder. Along with that I am now raising my 2 yr old grandson and trying to homeschool all at the same time! It can be so overwhelming at times. Every night I pray over them that God would give them wisdom, courage, strength and honor to serve him. This book would be a blessing to give me more insight on how to do what God has called me to do…Raise REAL MEN!!!

    Thank You!

  232. Would be a great resource for raising our “wanna be” men. Thanks for a great review and recommendation.

  233. What a great giveaway! Thank you so much! My first grandson will arrive in Oct and this will be a very nice book to give the new parents.

  234. I love our 5 year old son Asher’s warrior heart – he stands up against injustice ad always treats others fairly 🙂

  235. I have three sons and they are so different from daughters. Thank you for the giveaway.

  236. I would LOVE to win this!! Our own son is only 15 months old, but as he has two older sisters, most of what I’ve read has to do with girls!

  237. I have 2 boys ages 6 & 7. My favorite memory from when they were 2 & 3 is one time after their baths, they started wrestling on the floor naked and having such fun.

  238. The winner is Rebecca, who wrote comment #150. Congratulations, Rebecca! You’ll get an email from us soon.