Thirty Days in Isaiah 53 for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 5: Negatives

You worked hard yesterday! If you had a hard time with the lesson on active and passive voice, don’t get discouraged. Grammar really does help us with Bible study; it’s worth wrestling through it, but it can be a challenge for some of us. We’re going to make a change in plans and come back to those verb markings tomorrow. Today let’s do something easy. If you weren’t able to […]

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Thirty Days in Isaiah 53 for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 4: Verbs


Yesterday we marked all the nouns and pronouns in Isaiah 53 that refer to the Lord and to Jesus. Today we’re going to look at what Jesus did, what He will do, and what was done to Him. This means we’re going to be looking for verbs. Don’t worry. No one is going to be looking over your shoulder with their red pen, ready to circle any mistakes. Looking at verbs is simply one way […]

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Thirty Days in Isaiah 53 for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 3: “He”


Today we’re going to get out our colored pencils! It’s time to start looking for specific words. Doing this will help us start to see patterns and repeated ideas in the passage. Assignment: Pray for the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you in new and deeper ways today as you study this Servant Song. Then turn to Isaiah 52:13. Today we’re going to look for all the mentions of God […]

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Thirty Days in Isaiah 53 for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 2: Suffering and Exaltation


Good morning! After our accidental start on Saturday, and another opportunity to finish the assignment on Sunday, we’re ready to get to work! We’re going to start out easy today. We’ll read Isaiah 52:13-15 and all of Isaiah 53, make some observations, and then reflect on what we’ve observed. We’ll be highlighting and writing notes in the text as we study all month. If you would rather not mark directly in […]

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Thirty Days in Isaiah 53 for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 1: Getting Started (Again)


So . . . I gave most of you a head start yesterday. Somehow I scheduled the first lesson to post on February 28 instead of March 1. (Over-eager, I guess?) My apologies. I’m sure it won’t be the only mistake I make over the next thirty days. I’m reposting the same lesson again today, for those who may have just joined us. For those who did this lesson yesterday, you […]

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Get Ready to Study Isaiah 53!


Just three more days! On Sunday we start our new Busy Mamas Bible Study on Isaiah 53! The more I study this chapter, the more excited I get! This one short passage can change the way we see ourselves, the way we see God, the way we see those around us. It can revolutionize the way we live if we really take hold of its message! There is a reason […]

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Mothering with Our Eyes on Jesus


It’s so quiet here tonight. We watched an entire movie without interruption. I read part of a book (that didn’t have pictures). I ate dinner without cutting anyone else’s meat or cleaning up any spilled milk. There are no toys to pick up, no paper sticking to the glue on the counter, no books to gather, no missing hand towels, no bedtime stories, no misplaced pajamas, no last minute drinks. […]

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A 1 Corinthians 13 Valentines Day for Your Children

A 1 Corinthians 13 Valentines Day for your children

Looking for something besides hearts and chocolate to help your children celebrate Valentine’s Day? How about celebrating true love — the kind of love God describes for us in 1 Corinthians 13? Here’s a collection of ideas you can use all through the day on Valentine’s Day (or any other day) to help your children better understand what real love looks like. Use all these ideas for a whole day of […]

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How to Raise a Child Whose Faith Is in Jesus and Not in Himself


We’ve talked about why we need to take our children to the cross when we discipline them. We’ve talked about how our children may respond if we fail to give them the hope that is ours through Christ’s death on the cross. Now how do we raise children who are secure in God’s love? How can we help them rest in Christ’s saving work on the cross, secure in His love, even […]

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3 Ways Our Children May Respond to Discipline that Overlooks the Gospel


We need to handle God’s Word with care as we discipline our children. In our last post, we considered the need to give our children the hope of the gospel when we correct them. If we only take them to the Bible to show them how God says to live, we’ve missed our prime opportunity to tell them how they can live that way. They’re not going to obey God by […]

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