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Hello! I’ve been busy writing Bible studies, making housebuilding decisions, and helping our daughter’s wedding happen lately. As a result, there’s not been much happening here. I’ve been focusing most of time on Instagram, if you want to follow us there. (Look for Doorpostslady). But I want to share some artwork with you today that I think you’ll like! (And if you want to order one of these you need to hurry, because pre-orders end tomorrow! I meant to post this a lot sooner, but have been busy!)

This wonderful picture is done by a friend of mine, Kerilynn Wilson, a very creative young woman who works hard to be a good steward of her God-given talents. I love what she’s put together in this piece of artwork — the warrior mother, doing battle for her King, for her children, for her husband. It makes me think of Proverbs 31. Did you know that the word translated virtuous in Proverbs 31 is the same word as valor? It’s the same word that is used in reference to David’s mighty men of valor!  Boy, can that change the way we view our roles as mothers!

Here’s some words on that mighty woman of valor from our Busy Mamas Bible study on Proverbs 31 (which we will be doing as a group study on Mama’s Refill during May and June, by the way).

“When I discovered this [that virtuous and valor are the same Hebrew word], it completely changed the way I viewed the Proverbs 31 Woman. She ranks right up there with David’s mighty men of valor! And so can I, if I fear God and go out in His strength to fight the battles He assigns to me!  The same word that describes David’s bravest, strongest, most loyal soldiers is used to describe this God-fearing lady of Proverbs 31.

“Every time I conquer another load of laundry, I am fighting to roll back the effects of the curse. (Do you think there was laundry before sin? I’m guessing not. After all, there weren’t any clothes until sin entered the world.)

“Every time you change a diaper, you are fulfilling your role in training up new little soldiers for Christ.

“Every time you stop what you are doing to calmly correct and instruct a sinful child, you are shaking your victorious fist at Satan.

“Every time you straighten up the kitchen or take out a messy seam to re-sew it the right way, every time you clean out the refrigerator or weed the garden, every time you carefully talk through a disagreement with your spouse, you are telling Satan that the battle is already won. In Christ’s strength, you are no longer enslaved to him. You are following Jesus now.

“When we fear God and go out and do what He has called us to do, trusting Him and doing our very best in His strength, we are mighty women of valor marching right alongside the Proverbs 31 Woman!

“See if that doesn’t change how you think about your day!”

I love this picture, because it grabs hold of the glory and meaning of motherhood! It may seem tedious and even meaningless at times, but it’s not! We’re doing kingdom work!

So I want to give away one of these prints by Kerilynn Wilson! And I want to encourage you to order one for yourself at Kerilyyn’s website!  She’s taking pre-orders and printing a few extras along with those orders, so it’s going to be first come, first served after April 25! (If you win, you can always give the other one away to some other fellow-mom-warrior!)

Hang this picture on your wall, and it will help you remember what your job is all about every time you see it!

To enter, tell us two things:

1. What is your greatest joy as a mother?

2. What is your greatest challenge?

The answers don’t have to be long (but they can be if you want!) 

Give your answers to both questions in one comment below before midnight tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25, and I will pick a random winner so you get your print in time for Mother’s Day!

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  1. My greatest joy: Seeing my children grow and explore the world God gave us.
    My greatest challenge: Not getting caught up in this busy life and forgetting to focus on God and his desires for us.

  2. 1. What is your greatest joy as a mother? To watch my children grow closer to God.

    2. What is your greatest challenge? Being the witness to my children that God would have me to be

  3. That picture, wow! What a strong visual of motherhood, I love it!

    My biggest joy as a mom is this ever-expanding depth if love I have for my children. I never thought I’d have enough love to have more than one child, but I’ve been blessed with eight kiddos so far, and each one is unique & instrumental in God teaching me to be confirmed to Jesus.

    My greatest challenge in motherhood is the trap of comparison. I find myself looking at what other moms are doing: how she is schooling her kids, what she does to get “alone time”, how her house looks more put-together than mine… The Busy Mama’s studies have been a great encouragement to stay in God’s Word and cling to His promises.

  4. Greatest joy : Knowing I am growing warriors for the Kingdom of God
    Greatest challenge: often thinking I can do it in my own strength and not Abiding in His

  5. Greatest Joy , their eyes
    Greatest Challenge, their hearts

  6. love this print – thank you for this opportunity!

  7. love this print – thank you for this opportunity!
    My greatest joy is seeing my children seek and follow the Lord for themselves
    My greatest challenge is trusting the Lord will work in the lives of all my children — as they have grown some of them have struggled in their faith and it is SO hard to take my battle to prayer and not focus on “fixing” them myself. Resting in the fact that the Lord loves them FAR more than I do. Still fleshing it out but definitely my hardest challenge

  8. My biggest joy as a mother is spending time with these amazing humans that god gave me. I love being able to walk through life with them, all of life, the good stuff and not do good. I love being able to share god’s love for them and show them all I can about what it means to love. I mess up a lot but I find joy in getting up and trying again.
    My biggest challenge is slowing down and focusing on the small moments, sometimes life gets so busy for a Mom with four kids and homeschooling on top of that, I forget to take a breath and enjoy small moments. I am working in it!

  9. Greatest joy- Seeing them discover God’s creation, and seeing the Bible come alive and click in their little minds.
    Greatest Challenge- Reflecting Christ in the everyday mundane, so to encourage a desire for Him in their little hearts.

  10. My greatest joy:
    Seeing my children turn to Jesus for help eden when I stumble.
    Mr greatest challenge: not letting Satan get a foothold when something goes wrong, especially a sick kid.

  11. My greatest joy is seeing my kids love the Lord in the way they can at their young ages.
    My greatest challenge is being able to show them God’s great love and how nothing apart from life with him is worthwhile.

  12. My greatest joy: doing fun things together and working as a team through daily tasks and challenges.

    My greatest challenge: currently, staying focused on the lord so that depression and selfishness don’t creep in and keep me from being engaged and focused on relationships with my kids!

  13. This artwork is outstanding!
    my greatest joy – how often my kids wake up each morning with a fresh outlook on the day – they seem to forget about problems that happened and the mistakes made the day before.
    my greatest challenge – pride – mine and my kids

  14. Desiree Mangiaruga

    We recently had a serious rash go through our home. Night after night I bathed and lotioned my 5 youngest daughters. These nights started out tiresome but God changed my heart and I realized how quickly they are growing and they won’t always need me to bathe them or help them or mother them in such ways. My greatest joy of being a mother is simply just being with these precious children that God Himself has placed in our home.

    My greatest challenge has been to die to self daily, whether it be staying up late to talk with my teenagers, painstankingly helping a struggling learner or endless (what seems like) nights of crying and nursing babies. But what I think is more challenging than it all…. is the fact that life won’t always be like this.

  15. My greatest joy is the relationship I have with my babies. I pray that we will always be close. My greatest challenge is seeing the big picture and not getting caught up in the mundane details of life.

  16. Greatest joy: praying with my children and hearing their hearts inclined toward the Father!
    Greatest challenge: patiently following God’s command and waiting to see Him change stubborn hearts.

  17. Lovely artwork

    My greatest joy In motherhood is seeing my children flourish and their unique personalities shine. ( I also love their hugs.)

    My greatest challenge is consistently following through in areas of discipline. Another area would be not living in fear.

  18. 1. What is your greatest joy as a mother? To see my (mostly adult) children walking in the truth.

    2. What is your greatest challenge? To help to make peace between (those same mostly adult) children when they are in conflict.

  19. My greatest joy as a mother is being with my children. Talking to them and hearing their answers – learning their hearts. Watching love each other well and seeing their commitment to Papa God and his word. When my children are wanting what He wants that fills me with such joy and pride.

    My greatest challenge as a mother is knowing how to mother them well. Allowing them to work through the hard stuff and provide just enough guidance. I don’t want to control their human experience or their interaction with God’s will. I want to be there for them as they make the journey to God’s heart. Also – trusting that God will guide them in Love. He is big enough! but sometimes I forget that and try to manage it on my own.

  20. My greatest joy is when my kids show a love and tenderness for the Lord!

    My greatest challenge is choosing relationship over tasks. It’s hard to let the work go and play with or listen to a kid when they haven’t completed the necessary task or it’s bed time or when my dishes are so backed up I may not leave the kitchen for days! haha

  21. Joy: when my children choose to obey and love God even when it’s hard
    Challenge: being patient and showing love when I’m being tested beyond my ability–learning to rely on God here

  22. Greatest joy…seeing growth in my children over the years. This is a marathon—not a sprint.

    Greatest challenge…discipline and time management.

  23. My greatest joy and challenge are the same. I will begin with the greatest challenge. I love to be in control, so knowing that no matter how many lists I make and items I accomplish, I can’t change their hearts. But that is also my greatest joy when I remember Who it is who CAN change their hearts. He loves them more than I can, can do more than I can, and knows more than I do.

  24. My greatest joy as a mother comes from learning about God through the eyes of a parent…so many great revelations of thing I never grasped before becoming a mom…
    My greatest challenge is obedience to the type of parenting God calls me to provide my kids. It’s amazing how much pressure and information there is out there on parenting that does not conform to the way God is asking me and my husband to parent….but, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

  25. My greatest joy is watching them grow in character and understanding and applying God’s word. My greatest challenge is keeping calm and joy when things go chaotic!

  26. My greatest joy: waking up to the noises of little feet!

    Greatest challenge: would be waking up to the noises of little feet… and knowing the job is going to be a rough one and need to rely on God in all times….

  27. My greatest joy as a mama is seeing my kids share Christ with others!
    My greatest challenge is addressing my children’s character flaws when they clearly come from me.

  28. My greatest joy is to see my children walking with the Lord. My greatest challenge is to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and my neighbor as myself.

  29. 1. What is your greatest joy as a mother?
    My greatest joy as a mother is the relationships that God has so richly blessed me with in my children. The love God has so richly lavished upon our family through our 8 children and how that love has enriched the lives of me and my husband, as well as the lives of our children. Our children range in age from 25, 24, 20, 15, 13, 11, 8 and 5 years old. The adult children (even after 2 have married) have always been intentional in their relationships with their younger siblings. Their love for us, their parents, and each other as sibling is a mighty thing to behold and experience!

    2. What is your greatest challenge?
    Managing the wide age range of my children. Letting go and letting God be God. Trusting that He is superintending their steps no matter their age. He is preparing, providing and protecting my children and God doesn’t need my help or my interference. This challenge is proving to be quite long term for me. Learning to trust and wait on the Lord.

  30. My greatest joy being a mother is my children walk in the truth of God’s word. that we grow together, love each other, always spend time together. my heart hurts now because I have 1 more year with my youngest she will be 18 soon and has 1 more year of school and my work as a children’s mom will be done. Then I will move on to being there mom and friend. My greatest challenge as a mom has been letting go of my two oldest, soon to let go of my youngest, and being the Godly example to them in all situations, which has not happened. God is in control, he molds them even through all my mistakes and failures which have been many. But that has been the hardest being the example on a daily basis. But being a mom has been the greatest gift I could have ever had.

  31. Greatest joy: watching my two teenagers grow and mature into who God has made them to be
    Greatest challenge: letting them be who God has made them to be without overlaying my fleshly expectations and desires on them

  32. Greatest joy: seeing the lightbulb come on as they grasp a truth about the Lord.
    Greatest challenge: fighting against the fear that I am messing them up permanently!

  33. WOW! Amazing drawing.
    Greatest Joy: When they speak wisdom, for out of the mouth of babes. Reminds me to be quiet before our great King Jesus.
    Greatest challenge: Conquering their hearts, which of course is Jesus’ job. Being used by Him but it’s hard to not interfere.

  34. My greatest joy—watching both of my children as they made decisions for baptism and to join our church officially. I cried tears of joy, to th8nk that God used me in some small way to bring my children to Him.

    My greatest challenge—remembering that my children belong to HIM, and that HE will provide everything that they need. My oldest child has cerebral palsy as well as other disabilities, and often I stress about how his needs will be met. But I need to remember to turn those needs over to Him, and ask H8m to fill them in the way He knows is best.

  35. My greatest joy is when my guys share Christ with others. When it’s their heart that sees and recognizes the need and they act upon it.

    My greatest challenge… seeing my flaws being lived out by my children.

  36. My greatest joy… being blessed with my son ( he is adopted) through many challenges.. and thinking I would not have any children…but God is good. And I also love when he sings about Jesus and grows.

    My greatest challenge: needing to be who God wants me to be as a mom and wife… I fail so often… but I’m greatful for a forgiving God 🙂

  37. My greatest joy is watching my children grow and become more giving every day, and more loving, and watching their joy in the Lord expand.

    My greatest challenge is my own self. My self doubt and worries and fears that can drive me to poor choices.

  38. My greatest joy as a mom is seeing the smiling, happy faces of my 4 & 2 year olds as I hear them laugh while they’re tickled & ask for more.
    My greatest challenge is having enough time for personal Bible study so I’m equipped to love & train my kids.

  39. Greatest joy- seeing fruits of our labor
    Greatest challenge- seeing the fruits of our sin that we model

  40. My greatest joy is watching my children become adults, make life choices and start their families.
    My greatest challenge has been that I have been a single mom most of my parenting years. I have had to overcome many obstacles.

  41. greatest joy: watching my children do what they love most
    greatest challenge: trying to stay engaged in what is going on despite the monotony

  42. greatest joy: being with the people I love most all day and yet, always discovering new things about them
    greatest challenge: walking in a manner worthy of the calling – I want to be so much more than I am for them… BUT GOD… so I rest in Him, and try again.
    What a beautiful picture! Thank you for the opportunity to win one and for directing me to her website. What talent! I still draw stick-figures!

  43. Greatest Joy–when she shows God’s love to others.
    Greatest challenge–when I forget God’s love for us.

  44. The greatest joy I have as a mother is watching my children be truly comfortable with who they are and embracing the adventure called life. Growing up can be challenging. It was my main mission that they be comfortable in their own skin.

    The greatest challenge I face as a parent is adjusting to them having lives that are not contained within these four walls. I now have a 19 year old and a 17 year old. I tell them that it is a blessing and a curse to parent well. The blessing is that I know that they will be fine in whatever they do and wherever they go. The curse is that they are willing and excited to get started.

  45. My greatest joy as a mother is knowing my children will one day step out of my home filled with all the memories of what they learned and experienced at home under my teachings. My greatest challenge is balancing time with six babies, they all want to share with me all day long it’s hard to give everyone undivided attention at once. This year I’m being more intentional about giving everyone their one on one time with me.

  46. What a lovely print!!! My greatest joy is watching my children love one another and others and watching their hearts and minds grow closer to Christ. My greatest challenge is managing everything with the grace and love of Christ that I long to display at all times.

  47. Greatest joy: having the privilege of pouring into them daily by helping point them to Christ, to help them grow in character, home school them, and also teach them life skills.
    The greatest challenge:
    knowing how to relate to each of them in their different stages of development while displaying the fruit of the Spirit especially during PMS.

  48. My greatest joy of being a mother is knowing the precious gift of life that a mother is able to give and the unconditional love that these children give to me. And the greatest challenge is watching a child make poor decisions and suffer the

  49. Both of these are hard to give a short answer for, or just one answer. But this will have to do for the moment:
    -Greatest joy- seeing my kids working together as a team. And seeing them choose to do that which is God honoring.
    -greatest challenge- finding the time and energy (and wisdom!) to reach each of my six kids at a heart level.

  50. Love the print! My greatest joy is my eldest grown and flown son who has a vibrant relationship with the Lord.
    He’s involved in a healthy church, busy in a computer engineering/programming career (we homeschooled), and taking on a ministry of encouragement and evangelism with his friends. Greatest challenge? Continued faithfulness with my other two children as they move into college and high school.

  51. My greatest joy right now is watching my kids grow, marry, and start a family of their own, Carrying on the heritage that is given to us in Christ Jesus towards the rewardl of our heavenly home with Him.

  52. Greatest challenge, right now is balance. Finding time to do all that needs done and all that I’d like to do, spending time with the ones I love, and encouraging others.

  53. My greatest joy is when my children run up to me and just love me….they are a dream realized that I truly never thought I would have! And my greatest challenge, putting myself to rest….denying my selfish tendencies to fully be intentional with my family.

  54. My greatest joy is watching them understand the Word of God.

  55. My greatest joy as a mother is seeing the fruit of years of discipling my kids. My greatest challenge is letting go (to a certain degree) of a difficult child’s behavior and giving her to God to mold.

  56. My greatest challenge is getting to the heart of the issue and dealing with their root issues that brought about the disobedience/unkindness, etc.

  57. My greatest joy as a mother is watching my children learn and being able to see the aha! moments. And being the teacher that helps them grow.
    My greatest challenge is the constant demand of motherhood and my tendency to selfishness, wanting my time for me. Even though in my heart I know that everything I “have,” including my time is not my own.

  58. 1. What is my greatest joy as a mother? Hearing my children laugh and seeing their eyes sparkle as they learn or experience something new.

    2. What is my greatest challenge? Knowing that what I am able to do is enough. Even if the laundry didnt get folded and put away.. it’s enough that it got washed and dried. Even if the trip to the grocery store got delayed..again.. it is enough to be able to feed my family the can of tomato soup that was way back in the corner and a few stale crumbles of chips at the bottom of the chip bag.. no one went without. It is a challenge to put the “hammer” away and not hit myself with it several times before I do.

  59. greatest joy ~ watching the lightbulb moments go off
    greatest challenge ~ siblings getting along and loving one another

  60. Greatest joy: watching them grow into the adults God wants them to be.
    Greatest challenge: having patience with God’s growth time. I just them (me) to learn and then get going, but God slows me down to enjoy the process.

  61. Greatest joy: snuggles, hugs, kindness and love lived out and good conversations about God
    Greatest struggle: patiently teaching and trusting God to change their hearts

  62. Lovely print!
    Greatest joy: enjoying smiles, giggles, successes, learning together, and watching as all we pour into our kids begins to pour back out
    Greatest challenge: being gentle in my response when I am frustrated or angry – remembering to make teachable moments!

  63. My greatest joy is watching our children laugh and enjoy special time together as we learn and grow together.

    My greatest challenge is taking time to relax, and remember that it is all in the Lord’s hands.

  64. Unfortunately I can’t answer these questions the same happy way everyone else has.
    I have two beautiful daughters who I raised to love Jesus and follow Him. However, there were too many other influences including their abusive father and family that have beaten their trust in God and it’s a struggle every day even though their dad, my ex-husband was killed in a car accident three years ago.
    Is life easier? Not a chance. My new husband and I just keep loving them and pray for them every day.

  65. Unfortunately I can’t answer these questions the same happy way everyone else has.
    I have two beautiful daughters who I raised to love Jesus and follow Him. However, there were too many other influences including their abusive father and family that have beaten their trust in God and it’s a struggle every day even though their dad, my ex-husband was killed in a car accident three years ago.
    Is life easier? Not a chance. My new husband and I just keep loving them and pray for them every day.