Seventh and Eighth Place!

Here’s your first look at entries into our Doorposts of Your House Contest! Take a look at these great entries, and find out who won 7th and 8th places at the end of the post!

Vinyl lettering — a great option for nice-looking Scripture on the walls.


A good verse to keep in mind as we go out the doors of our house.


These folks took advantage of Renew Carvings‘ incredible work to create this beautiful framing of their doorway.


A fun way to display a verse, using a staircase.


This verse is posted on a wall in Zambia. Jolene Evans describes her entry (which also includes the photo below):

“We left the US in August, 2012, to serve as missionaries at the International Bible College of Zambia, where Jim is directing the agriculture program.  He works with the students, as well as our neighboring farmers and pastors in the bush of Zambia to instruct them in God’s way of farming. He also disciples many current and future pastors from Zambia.  We just recently learned of this contest and wanted to share photos of the scriptures that keep us going.  Our children, ages 2, 4, 10, 13, and the walls of our cinder-block home amongst many huts needed to be perked up with scriptures.  We will have more in the coming months as time allows to get them in place.  The first photo attached show the scripture with a painting one of our students made for us. The second shows the same wall with our day hut outdoors.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing that aspect of our life.”


This is a great verse to have where we can see it every day! Nice placement in the recessed area of the room.


Good idea to post a verse on the door this way.


Wild panoramic shot! It looks like the verses weave their way all through the house.


A bunch of verses, right where everyone will see it lots.


Here’s a simple but nicely written reminder to think about what we’re choosing to watch.


And here’s our 8th place winner, Susan Ayers, with a familiar verse arranged in a way that ties all the family photos together in a very attractive way.

Susan will receive a $50 Doorposts gift certificate and one print or eBook copy of Hope for the Weary Mom. Congratulations, Susan!


7th place is awarded to Shay Bachelder with this entry — a nice, dignified look that visually ties in well with the Roman numerals of the clock.

Shay wins a $60 Doorposts gift certificate and one print or eBook copy of Hope for the Weary Mom. Congratulations, Shay!


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