Numbering My Days

I used to think sixty was old.

I don’t anymore. Not since I turned it.

The Psalmist prays,  “…Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” So today — the day after my 60th birthday — I thought I would number those days in a easy-to-see way.

I don’t how many more years God will see fit to grant me this side of eternity. None of us knows. He might give me another twenty years or more, but then again He might choose to take me home tomorrow. I hope this doesn’t sound morbid. It’s just the truth. Our times are in His hands (Psalm 31:15).

To create a visual reminder for myself, I decided to see what twenty years worth of days would look like on paper. I typed up fifty-two weeks worth of little check boxes, and then copied that set of boxes twenty times, one set for each year. Here’s what two years‘ worth of days looks like.


Four years fit on one sheet of paper.


And twenty years fit on five sheets.

It doesn’t look like all that much, does it? Somehow, however silly it might seem, it helps me to fill some pages with boxes and concretely see that at some point there will be a last box on a last page.

What difference will my life have made by the time I arrive at that last checkbox? What kind of legacy will I leave my children and grandchildren? What kind of story, by God’s grace, am I writing as I respond to the people and circumstances that He brings into my life?  Will I have been faithful in accomplishing what God has given me to do? I’m afraid I’ve wasted an awful lot of boxes over the past sixty years.

I want to think about this as I finish writing my goals for the year. What’s really important? What does God want me to do?


(Now take another look at those five pages full of boxes. That’s about how long you have with each of your children before they leave your home.  Just sayin’.)

(Candle photo from Shutterstock)

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  1. Love this posted on all my socials.

  2. I dont mind thinking about eternity, just dont make my babies grow up!!

  3. What an awesome visual reminder! I needed to see and read this today! Thank you for taking the time to write and share it. God Bless You!

  4. Thank you for this. Very, very good.

  5. I decided to take those five sheets of paper and glue them to the back side of pages in an old calendar. That’s hanging in my sewing room/office now where I can see it — and remember. 🙂

  6. A very good reminder and the visual perspective hits quite a resonating note. I have two children who have completed five sheets and one that will in one more sheet. Wow.

  7. When I was young I thought someone aged 45 was very old. Now I am 45. But now I know: We are precious in His eyes and every day we get, is a new chance to walk with Him, like Enoch did. I love this blog … The visual impact from the photos is great. Even more special is that we are so loved by Him. Day by day He carries us.

    Big hug from a Dutch blogging mom.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Pam!!!! & Happy 60th..that’s beautiful…years of wisdom 🙂
    Thank you for for all the many little ways you have blessed me and my family. May the Lord continue to richly Bless you!!

  9. My mother passed away several years ago. Seems like just yesterday- but in fact it was 1997. Now I realize that if I die at the same age as my mom-then I only have 5 years to go.

    What am I going to do in that time?

    Thank you for the reminder a out how precious our time is!