Tomorrow We Start! 30 Days of Child-Training Boot Camp for Busy, Busy Mamas!


I’ve been so busy trying to get our house ready to put up for sale (we get the photos taken today and list it this week), that I’ve neglected to remind you of our new study that is going to start tomorrow, July1!

This month we’re going to do something a little different. Instead of spending the whole month of July studying one chapter like we normally do (and like we will do again in November), we’re going to spend all month doing some topical study.

We’ll use an online concordance and topical Bible to help us find out what God says about some of the typical challenges we run into day after day with our children — things like disobediencebickeringunkind speech, tattling, and anger. 

I’m excited because there is so much to learn from God’s Word! We don’t need to turn to man’s wisdom when we don’t know how to handle a problem with our children. God has given us His Word to guide us!

Along with the instructions for your own study, each lesson will also include an activity to do with your children, so they can learn right along with you! If you don’t feel like you can do these short studies with your children right now, I would encourage you to come back to the children’s lessons later and do them. They will help you be proactive in the instruction of your children. Instead of waiting until you’re in the midst of a sin issue with your children, you can study what God says about it ahead of time. You can memorize verses together and be armed and ready when temptations arise.

You don’t need anything fancy — just your Bible, a computer or tablet (or even a smart phone), a pen, some colored pencils, and a notebook of some sort (I love Moleskines for Bible study notes because they’re just the right size to keep with your Bible and they come in so many pretty colors.) Sometimes picking up a new notebook or some special pens can help us sit down and actually study each day, so maybe this is one of those times to splurge just a bit if you need the extra motivation.

If you’ve never done a Busy Mamas Bible Study with us before, I recommend reading this post from a previous study. It will help you prepare. I also heartily recommend joining the Busy Mamas Bible Study Facebook group so that your can interact with other ladies who are doing the study along with you. I think it will be especially helpful to be part of this group for this particular study, as we share challenges and answers from God’s Word.

So gather your materials! Start praying for God to teach you new things from His Word! Invite some friends to join us! (Make sure they subscribe to this blog so that they get each day’s lesson delivered to their inbox.) I’ll “see” you tomorrow!

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