For Non-Facebook Users Who Would Like to Do the “Child-Training Boot Camp” Study

18280185_10212708483329571_1376467110_nWould you like to do the “Child-Training Boot Camp” study, but would rather not open a Facebook account or join the Facebook group? There are some other options. You just won’t have the benefit of participating in (or at least listening in on, πŸ™‚ ) the discussion, question-asking, photo-sharing, etc. that is possible in the Facebook group.

Here are some other ways to still take part in the study:

  • You can simply search on “Child-Training Boot Camp, Day _” in this blog’s archives to find each day’s lesson. This is a bit cumbersome, since Day 1, for instance will show you every lesson title that includes the number 1 in it, such as Days 11, 12, etc., but you will be able to find the lessons that way.
  • To make it easier, I will also try really hard to remember to post each day’s lesson on Pinterest. If you’re a Pinterest user (or addict), search for “Doorposts Publishing” in “People” or pinners, and then look for the board “Child-Training Boot Camp.” I will post the day’s lesson there, along with the Instagram post for the day. If you “follow” this board, you should see each day’s lesson in your feed. (I think πŸ™‚ )
  • Use one of the two options above for accessing each day’s lesson, and find a few friends who would also like to do the same thing. Form your own discussion/study group, and share your thoughts in a group text, Skype call, or once-a-week together time at someone’s house.

We’re working on another option other than Facebook for our studies’ discussion groups. But for now, perhaps these ideas can be of help!


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