For Non-Facebook Users Who Would Like to Do the “Child-Training Boot Camp” Study

18280185_10212708483329571_1376467110_nWould you like to do the “Child-Training Boot Camp” study, but would rather not open a Facebook account or join the Facebook group? There are some other options. You just won’t have the benefit of participating in (or at least listening in on, 🙂 ) the discussion, question-asking, photo-sharing, etc. that is possible in the Facebook group.

Here are some other ways to still take part in the study:

  • You can simply search on “Child-Training Boot Camp, Day _” in this blog’s archives to find each day’s lesson. This is a bit cumbersome, since Day 1, for instance will show you every lesson title that includes the number 1 in it, such as Days 11, 12, etc., but you will be able to find the lessons that way.
  • To make it easier, I will also try really hard to remember to post each day’s lesson on Pinterest. If you’re a Pinterest user (or addict), search for “Doorposts Publishing” in “People” or pinners, and then look for the board “Child-Training Boot Camp.” I will post the day’s lesson there, along with the Instagram post for the day. If you “follow” this board, you should see each day’s lesson in your feed. (I think 🙂 )
  • Use one of the two options above for accessing each day’s lesson, and find a few friends who would also like to do the same thing. Form your own discussion/study group, and share your thoughts in a group text, Skype call, or once-a-week together time at someone’s house.

We’re working on another option other than Facebook for our studies’ discussion groups. But for now, perhaps these ideas can be of help!


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