Study with Me at Mama’s Refill This Coming Year!

I’ve loved studying with all of you over this past year! I continue to learn and to be encouraged as part of the Busy Mamas Bible study group.

Five days from now, we’re taking Busy Mamas studies to a new level with!

  • You will be able to start any of our 15+ Bible studies at any time
  • You’ll have new tools to track your progress,
  • You can get any study by email when you want it,
  • You can download bonus materials to enhance your study and to help with the children’s studies, if you choose to do those
  • We’ll be doing four brand new studies as a group
  • During the other eight months, we’ll also offer monthly focus studies (totally optional!) for those who would like to study and discuss a passage at the same time with other ladies (See below for the full lineup of encouraging Bible studies for 2018)
  • It’s going to be easier to use, easier to interact with others, easier to keep working through a study.

If you have questions, we’ve (hopefully) answered them on this FAQ page; if not, please contact us and we’d love to talk with you.

Our next Bible study (studying James 2 every other day) begins January 1, and until then you can get an early-bird one-year membership for 33% off (and stay a member at the lowest-ever cost for as long as you like!)

Don’t forget to join by December 31. I look forward to studying together with you in the new year!

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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to start digging the Word with you!

  2. I joined Mama’s Refill and I am so excited about this new resource available to me! I have been looking for a better way to study the Bible for the last few years, and have tried a few different things, and even went to my pastor, who gave me some books. Then, I got an email from you (and God, because your emails have never made it to my inbox before!) about starting the James study. I signed up for it and have been so grateful ever since. I had been very ill, so haven’t been able to do the James study daily until recently, and I have to tell you that this study has inspired my love of the Bible like no other study has. Most other studies I have done are book driven, and it just seemed like I was studying someone else’s views when I wanted to come up with my own. I realized I had never really learned how to study the Bible, and that is one of the things I love about your Bible studies, you employ several different methods to make the Bible come alive. I was given a gift of an interleaved Bible edition, but had been afraid to write in it because it was so beautiful and I didn’t want to make a mistake, and I was brought up that you do not do that to books, especially the Bible. You have encouraged me to draw and write in it and I am having so much fun with that while meditating on the day’s lesson. I am so thankful for you, Pam! When I saw you were offering Mama’s Refill, I signed up immediately and I am really looking forward to studying the Bible with you this year! I thought a button on both websites that leads us to the other site might be beneficial. Or would it just be redundant?