Why Good Friday Isn’t Black

I’ve talked to more than one person over the past few days that accidentally referred to Good Friday as Black Friday. We chuckled, and at the same time wondered why Good Friday is good instead of black, and why Black Friday is black instead of good.

On this Saturday, wedged between Good Friday and Resurrection Day, I want to share this wonderful post, “WHY WE CALL THE WORST FRIDAY ‘GOOD.'” In it, David Mathis reminds us of why Good Friday is good. God’s mighty and loving hand was at work even in the midst of the evil that led to His Son’s crucifixion. He was bringing the ultimate good out of the ultimate evil, and He is at work bringing good out of everything that touches our lives, as well. (We’ll be seeing the same truth as we study the book of Ruth in April, too!)

God is in control, and because He is good, everything that He allows, that He ordains, that He planned since before the world began, is good, too. Even if we don’t understand what He is doing, He does, and we can trust Him.



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