Thank You for Helping Launch Our Blog!

Happy GirlWell, our first two weeks of blogging have been great fun! I’ve really enjoyed reading the comments posted during the giveaways (lots of great ideas!), and it’s been especially fun to see profile pictures of so many of you! I look forward to encouraging one another in the weeks to come.

We want to assure you, however, that we won’t be showing up in your inbox every day like we have for the last couple weeks. We know you have better and more important things to do than read blogs all day! We just thought it would be fun to give lots of stuff away while we were getting started!

Here’s our plan:

On Tuesdays we’ll post a character-training project you can use with your family.

On Thursdays we’ll post something especially for moms — words of encouragement, thoughts on a Scripture passage, reviews of helpful books, tidbits about our family (weddings, courtships, grandbabies and other fun stuff!), quotes from favorite books, etc.

We may toss in another post once in awhile, but twice a week is our basic plan for now. We look forward to your comments and suggestions as we get better acquainted with one another.

Someone in the comments asked if we were planning on offering some sort of coupon for Doorposts products at the end of our giveaways. Daniel and I are still learning when it comes to blogging and Facebook. We had no idea what a response we would get, and we planned the giveaways more for fun than for advertising. We just wanted an exciting way to start this blog, and an opportunity to get to know you all a little better!

But we think a coupon is a great idea! If you didn’t win anything (boo-hoo!) and you think you’d like to buy something from Doorposts, we want to make it a little easier for you. And we want to thank you for joining us and for helping us get the word out about our blog.

For the next ten days, readers of this blog can enjoy a 15% discount on any orders placed through Doorposts’ website at Just use the coupon code BLOG and order before midnight (PDT) on Monday, April 4th!

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  1. Thank you all for your heartfelt ministry to all of us! I personally love your blog, and look forward to reading your weekely post. Thank you for the coupon! Hooray! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the discount! And I’m excited about your weekly posts – thanks so much for this ministry!

  3. Thanks for the discount! I didn’t win anything, but I’d love to get something from your store, so I’ll start shopping!

  4. Would it be possible to use the coupon in person at the CHEA conference on April 7, 8, 9?

  5. Patti, I don’t think we can offer this discount at the CHEA conference, but we do give discounts on For Instruction in Righteousness, Plants Grown Up, and Polished Cornerstones at the conference, plus there is a $5 off coupon you can print at I hope that helps!

  6. Thanks for the discount! If I order For Instruction in Righteousness now, will it be the current edition or a pre-order for the 3rd edition?

  7. Lori, we’ve just updated our website to allow pre-orders of the new edition of For Instruction in Righteousness. Thanks for asking!

  8. Looking forward to all the wonderful articles and suggestions! Thank you!

  9. Thanks, I’m really enjoying the articles. An idea for content at some point…. you could describe a discipline situation with children and then what the right response would be. People could discuss in the comments some ideas for handling the situation. I find myself often wondering what to do when situations come up with my kids and I need to offer discipline but am not sure how to respond. I realize you sell a book on this and various products, but conversation around this would be great. Just a thought…

  10. I have a long list of items I was planning on purchasing this weekend at the Midwest Cincinnati Homeschool Convention and my friend & I who are going together and we were wondering if there was any discount offered there. I followed the other discount link but it is for the California convention. Thanks for your consideration.