Making a Prayer Journal

Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth. (Psalm 145:18)

A simple prayer notebook can help you and your children remember prayer requests and see how God answers your prayers. If you have mostly small children, you might want to keep one  notebook for the whole family, but if your children are old enough to write and pray on their own, each child can have his or her own notebook.  Use spiral notebooks, journals, or print copies of this page and put them in a binder.

prayer journalOnce you’ve selected your notebook(s), label a separate page for each person you want to pray for, including:

  • Each member of your immediate family
  • Grandparents and extended family
  • Friends
  • Church leaders
  • Government leaders (Current federal leaders are listed at this website. If you enter your address, you can also find your senators, representative, and other state officials)
  • Missionaries and persecuted Christians (If you don’t already know specific people to pray for, ask your church leaders or visit Kids of Courage, Gospel for Asia, Voice of the Martyrs, or Operation World.)
  • You might also make pages for special prayer requests and things you are thankful for.

Make time to sit down as a family, talk about prayer requests, and write them down (you might do this at mealtimes, during family worship, or on a Sunday afternoon). Over the course of this week, fill in several prayer needs for each person in your notebook. Leave room to write in other prayer requests later on.

Plan a time each day to pray for people from this notebook. This can be during your family worship time, at the meal table, or before going to bed. Children who are old enough to pray can pick one or more requests to pray about.

Add other prayer requests as you hear about them. Does a father in your church need a job? Is someone sick? Write these prayer needs down in your notebook, and pray for them often.

As time goes by, you will notice that God has answered some of your prayers. When that happens, you can check off the request and record how God answered!

While you’re praying, please pray for Pam, Joseph, Hannah, Benjamin, and Bethany, as they are in Poland this week with a larger missions team working with local churches in Poznan and Gdansk. Visit the Reformation for Poland blog for daily updates and specific prayer requests!

Street Evangelism – Poland 2011 (video courtesy Evangelos).

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  1. What a wonderful idea! My husband co-teaches an adult Sunday School class, I attend a ladies Bible study, and through both we receive many prayer requests each week. We have been discussing the need to pray for these requests regularly, but it is something that always seems to get pushed off to the side or falls through the cracks. I believe this would be the perfect solution to our problem. We have small children and have a nightly family worship time, so this would be something we could easily use during that time, perhaps taking just one prayer request from the book each night. It would not only be good for us, but it would teach our children the importance of praying for people when they ask for prayer.

  2. Our family does this and it is an immense help in remembering all the different things we want to pray for.

  3. I have started using a prayer journal for awhile now and it helps immensly with my prayer time. I can see when prayers have been answered and still pray for the ones that are in God’s will. Thank you! Great post.

  4. When my oldest children were little, we made a prayer journal with construction paper and pictures cut from old magazines which were ultimately placed into a 3-ring binder we had. I would share family requests with the children (e.g., our family was expecting a new baby and we were maxed out on the number of seats in our current car so we needed a mini-van) and the children would find a picture or photo that represented the request and glue it to that particular page. We would write in additional details related to the request and later would write the date of prayer answered in big, bold permanent marker across the page.

    When it was time to pray, we would pass the notebook around and let each child pray for the next-in-line request and then pass the notebook to the sibling next to them. It’s funny how we ALL remember the prayer request for the mini-van and the very unexpected way God answered the request but not many of them remember the actual mini-van; they remember the picture in the prayer journal!

  5. I have tried to journal. Usually whatever notebook/spiral/post it note pad happens to be handy. NOT very organized.
    I have several journals/blank books and sadly, they are still blank. Afraid to start using them and realize i’m not doing it ‘right’ or whatever.

    I love the idea of a seperate page for each person. my only trouble (being sidetracked and a perfectionist) is ….what happens when that page fills up. Especially with children, I can see filling a page in one session on a few of my children.

    then the next page for that same person will be several pages away from the original. Am I making this way too complicated? Though I don’t know why I worry, since I have started to take ‘notes’ during prayer time for our church’s intercessor group that I am a part of.
    I love your materials and your blogs. Though I have realized I have missed a few being out of town. Need to catch up.

    Thanks again. Love this idea. Time to dust off one of my blank books. Or perhaps buy a new one. 🙂

  6. This is a great idea. To help get the “littles” involved, I thought for my non-readers, I could print out a picture of each family member, friends, president and print it on sticker paper. I could make a “chart” with the picture sticker beside each column and they could check off when they pray for that person. I could also use cut-outs from our VOM magazines as reminders to pray for the persecuted church. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. You can find a beautiful Prayer journal at Sacred Intercession on-line. It’s already chalke full of prayers for you – All based on the Word of God and plenty of blank pages for you to journal. Go to