How Do You Feed on the Word While Your Children Are Tiny?

Last Thursday we talked about ways to claim a regular (or at least semi-regular!) time for communion with God during the day. Getting up just a little earlier in the morning is one way to make time for this important time.

However, for mothers who are caring for tiny ones during the night, an early rising may not be practical. Mothers with several little young children may also have trouble coming up with enough energy to get up any earlier than they already do.

Bible reading for moms with young childrenWhat creative things can you do to spend time in the Word during the day or even in the middle of the night?

  • Can you establish a quiet hour during the day when everyone is either napping or sitting quietly on their beds with books or quiet toys? Use at least part of this time to read and pray.
  • Keep your Bible at your nursing station and read while you feed Baby during the night.
  • Post verses on cards throughout the house. Meditate on them while you cook, while you load the washer, or while you fix your hair. Assign an older child the task of copying verses onto cards for you, and change the verses regularly.
  • Place small Bibles in strategic places throughout the house – the bathroom, near the toddler’s potty chair, in your purse, in the car. Take advantage of the brief opportunities that present themselves. If you have children with you, read aloud to them and involve them in what you are learning.
  • Purchase an audio version of the Bible on CD, or download one onto an MP3 player. Play it while you exercise, while you groom yourself in the morning, while you and the children work on quiet projects in the dining room or family room.
  • Read a short passage aloud with your children at lunch time or before naps.
  • Ask your husband if he would be willing to care for the children in order to give you at least a few minutes alone each day. Or perhaps he or a friend or family member could give you at least a couple hours for quiet study at a coffee shop each week.
  • Ask your husband to read to you while you get ready in the morning or while you cook. You’ll get the added benefit of time together and conversations about what you’ve read.
  • Play worship music and Psalms set to music during the day.
  • Sing the Psalms as you work and care for your children. Teach them to your children and have them join in with you!
  • Pray for each member of the family as you fold their laundry and prepare their meals. Pray while you nurse the baby.
  • Stop and pray along with your children as challenges and blessings occur throughout the day.

Do you have any other ideas? Take a minute to share them with us!


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  1. These are great suggestions! The reminder about posting verses around the house is especially appreciated! I used to have a bunch around, but over time they’ve all gotten destroyed and taken down and I haven’t got any new ones up forever!
    It makes a big difference in keeping God’s word always in my mind!

  2. Wow, I blogged about the same thing today!

    It’s hard to feed our children when we’re starving ourselves. Great post!

  3. My mom taught me all of this and I am so thankful. As I have mothered my five (ages 7-17) I have many times had a ‘moving quiet time’ – starting in one area of the house and finishing, sometimes hours later, in another. My favorite tip is to have a Bible in the bathroom!

  4. I have read before about praying for our husbands and children as we make the bed, as we fluff the pillow pray for their minds and head that will lay on that pillow and pray for rest. We can pray while we do the laundry and prepare meals, a prayer of thanksgiving for being blessed enough to have laundry to do and food in the pantry to prepare. I have really enjoyed these posts! Thank you!

  5. And don’t forget the Holy Spirit. Talk to Him throughout the day and ask Him what he has for you. That way you can go right to the verses you need when you have those few moment. When you listen, He can be VERY specific!!

  6. Thank you sooooo much for posting this!! Another favorite blog of mine is big on waking at an early time each morning no matter what to get in that time with the Lord; however, my body simply can’t handle doing so with the interrupted sleep I get and I end up sick every time I try. I’ve recently begun doing a structured Bible study (which helps me to keep on track and not zone out while reading) in the evenings in bed. It has been working so much better for me and also allows my husband to encourage me to have that time since he’s there when we go to bed but he leaves before anyone wakes in the morning. Thanks for the encouragement of saying that for moms of little children it’s sometimes just not feasible to get up any earlier.

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