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Well, family took priority last night and today’s blog post didn’t get finished. I’ve been working on it this morning, and actually have it done. But I just read something that I would much rather direct you to today. It is a powerful and insightful analysis of common mistakes we parents make in our intense desire to raise godly children. I certainly found it helpful — and convicting. It’s long, but well worth your time. Read it and pray. Then repent if you need to… “Homeschool Blindspots,” by Reb Bradley

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  1. This is excellent! I plan to spend a lot of time reading and re-reading this. I see a lot of my mistakes in Mr. Harris’ words. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That should read Mr. Bradley’s words. Please pardon my error.

  3. Thank you for posting! This is excellent!

  4. Thank you so much for this posting. It truly is a “must read” for many of us. May our only hope be in the Lord!