How Grandpa Influenced Me

Calvin Mohr and Daniel Forster, September 2000September 14 is my Grandpa’s birthday. Cal Mohr has been in heaven for more than five years now, but his influence on me and on his family is still strong. He loved us, and we knew it. He helped shape who we are.

He started working for Portland General Electric at age 16 patching sidewalks, and he retired as a hard-working and well-respected line foreman. He was one of the guys who goes out during the storms and works day and night to get your power turned back on.

Not only was he hard-working, he was amazingly creative. He lived on 27 acres of forest in an A-frame he built by himself out of power poles. He’d also built a picnic shelter, a woodworking shop, and a swimming pool, and he’d blazed lots of trails through the woods. Grandpa’s place was a woodland paradise for me and my brothers growing up.

Most importantly, he encouraged us in everything we did. He was always ready to sit back and listen to us play our music, or to look at the latest model airplane I’d built. He always took an interest in what I and my siblings were doing, and he rarely criticized or found fault in what we did (unless we were about to harm someone with a power tool, or fall a tree in the wrong direction!)

When he inspired me and my brothers to build a log cabin on his property, we learned a lot about tools, trees, and American history, all while helping him accomplish one of his unfulfilled dreams. We had a blast.

Grandpa and Grandy were always thinking of others. They prayed for us constantly. They modeled faithful service in their church, and they touched many lives besides ours.

I missed the active seasons of Grandpa’s life, but he loved to tell stories and to just sit and talk with me. He’s one of the people who counseled me to work with my parents and carry on the publishing work at Doorposts.

He honored his parents. He spoke highly to us of his father and mother, who immigrated from Austria and worked hard to raise him and his ten brothers and sisters.

Grandpa wasn’t perfect. He made mistakes, but God didn’t let go of him. Grandpa loved us fiercely, because he knew how fiercely God loved him.

Cal Mohr with his grandsons Benjamin, Daniel, and Joseph

Giveaway! (CLOSED)

One of Doorposts’ books, For This Is Right, is dedicated to my Grandpa. To celebrate his birthday AND our first 6 months of blogging (as of today!), we are giving away two copies of this book, a tool that helps children study and apply the 5th Commandment.

To enter the giveaway, please comment on this post, and share how one of your grandparents influenced you, or something you respect about a grandparent. This should be fun! (The giveaway is now closed, but feel free to comment, or read some of the great memories that have been shared already.)

Rules: Limit one comment per person. Two random winners will be drawn at 9:00 AM PDT tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 16). The winner may alternately choose to receive the book Honor Your Father and Mother, which is written to younger children ages 2-12.
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  1. My grandmother influenced me in that whatever she did, she did with all her might! Even though she was in no way a Christian, her dedication and hard working attitude to anything she set her mind to serves as an example to me to this day, even after years of her departure from the earth. I am grateful for this heritage!

  2. My grandmother was not an active part of my life until my teenage years, but she was an intense woman. She committed herself wholeheartedly to everything shr did. She loved gardening especially and instilled in me a deep appreciation for loving God’s creation. She passed away almost 14 years ago, but I think of her everytime I see a flower blooming.

  3. My grandfather passed away a few months ago. He and my grandmother had been married for 75 years. We are so blessed with an incredible legacy of blessed marriage. My husband’s grandparents were married for 68 years. We have been given an amazing gift of faithfulness to pass down to our children. I am so very thankful!

  4. Though my maternal grandmother lived a heartbreaking and difficult life of loss and poverty, there was a gentleness about her and from her I learned contentment.

  5. Thank you for sharing that your grandpa “wasn’t perfect”. It’s how he treated and cherished his family that made him so dear. We have four sons and one of them in particular is having a hard time respecting his dad. My husband isn’t perfect either, but loves us all so much. I would enjoy going through this book with our children during our morning scripture time before we start school together. I would also enjoy passing it on to another family with many siblings.

    I was blessed with a godly father, too, that I didn’t appreciate enough until many years after I had gone off to college. It is no easy task to set self aside and do the hard work of raising godly children. So much easier to let them go their own ways. It took strength and vision for him to invest in reading scripture and taking us out into nature each week when he probably would have rather taken a nap. His example of leadership and determiniation to do the right thing, plus his gentle love for our mother are treasures to me.
    Dawn N.

  6. I did not really know my grandparents on my dad’s side. My grandfather died when my dad was only 25, long before I was born, and my grandmother died when I was 2, but I have faint memories of her and have heard so many stories about her that I feel like I could know her. But when I was in high school, my mom showed me a chest full of family Bibles. And one of them was my grandmother’s. I could tell by all the notes written throughout the pages and more notes stuck everywhere throughout that it had been a much read and loved Bible. I learned so much about her reading her notes, but I learned even more about her relationship with the Lord. Now, even though I did not really know her, it gives me great comfort knowing she loved the Lord so much. It has been very influential to my own walk even though I did not come from a family with such a close relationship with Jesus. I hope she can take great comfort up in heaven, knowing what influence she has had even when she is no longer here on earth.

  7. Hi I was blessed to have two wonderful grandmothers. One died when I was quite young but she was a Christian and her legacy continues on now into the fourth generation of Christian’s (I do not know how she became a Christian) and I know for certain that she prayed for those future generations. And my other grandmother was the most terrific grandmother, I got to know her during my adult years and she was a wonderful source of love and wisdom. They really can be such a wonderful blessing those grandparents! And now I am blessed for my children to have two sets of really amazing and wonderful grandparents!

  8. My grandparents have been married for nearly 70 years. My Grandma has Alzheimer’s, but my Grandpa is in reasonably good health, despite having to slow down some. He still plants a big garden every year which he plows with his donkey. He is one of the hardest-working men I know with much wisdom. My Grandma, before Alzheimer’s struck, had a very fun personality. She taught me how to crochet and how to make a Jacob’s Ladder from a piece of string. I’m so thankful that they’ve lived as long as they have and I’ve been privileged to enjoy them for this long.

  9. I Love, Love, Love my grandmother! She is a sweet Christian lady who has spent her life serving and loving others. She has an untiring desire to show Christ through her service to others! And she has poured her love into my life! She is not only my grandmother – she is my friend!!

  10. Though both sets of my grandparents are no longer on this earth, I do see my parents being grandparents to my two miracle children. One thing that constantly sticks out to me about them is the self-less living, which speaks volumes.

  11. My maternal grandmother was really the only grand parent I had. She was a petite little thing and so neat and tidy. She was very careful with money and all the little treasures she owned. She taught me that love is spending time together. We weren’t allowed to watch her tv during meals, we were to talk. I remember thinking the turn signal in her car sounded so loud, but really, it was because she had cut off the radio so we could talk. We ALWAYS played board games when I visited, and she ALWAYS won, because she was an extremely smart little lady, but during those games…. we talked. My grandmother passed away suddenly by having a stroke back in 1991, 20 years ago this November and that empty spot in my heart is still there. But I am so thankful to have had her in my life and will always miss her, but hope to teach my children and grandchildren the importance of listening to each other and spending time together.

  12. Your post stirred up sweet memories of my grandparents, all hard-working, “do your best” people. Each one, in different ways, shared their lives with us grandchildren, so we would know our family heritage and value those traditions.

  13. My grandmother passed in March. She was a wonderful example of devotion to the Lord and service to her family. Up until her last days, she remained busy with her hands – quilting for the poor. She is much missed. Thank you for this giveaway.

  14. I always admired my grandfather’ s way of making us work for what we had. He grew up like most in his day; really poor and having to drop out of school to go to work on the farm. Instaead of growing defeated from his situation, he learned and went on to graduate from college. Even though money was no issue for him later in life, he always lived humbly. He was a man of God who believed that if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat. He instilled that in me. I wish that my kids had had the opportunity to meet him. Well, I guess they will one day in heaven!

  15. My great Grandma lived to be 93 and I remember how she was bubbling over with the Spirit of God every rare chance I got to see her. This is embedded in my memory because her daughter, my Grandma, did not have the same warmth as she did. I believe that Grandma believed in God, but she was very reserved and quiet about it. What I desire for my children and possible grandchildren is that they know without a doubt that I follow the One true God and accept His gift of abundant life both here on earth, and forever more! May His gift of Life flow out.

  16. My grandmother lost her husband and had to raise her children on her own. She trusted God for all her needs. Her children witnessed her faith under trials first hand and it influenced their lives greatly.

  17. Both my Granddads died when my parents were children so I never knew them. But my grandmothers were women who loved the Lord. My Dad’s mom, Mommy, was an industrious woman who always had a twinkle in her eye, ice cream in her freezer, and a Bible on her lap. My mom’s mom, Grandmommy, was a world traveler, full of fun and adventure. Something always happened when she came to visit!

  18. I was 15 years old when my grandmother suddenly passed away. That was over twenty years ago and I still think about her all the time. She had such a sweet spirit and was so full of love for her family. I have so many fond memories of visiting her and my grandfather every summer at their lake house. They did alot of canning and she would always make me green beans with new potatoes. They were the best! I haven’t tasted any as delicious since. My dad has commented that I’m alot like her and I cherish that. She was a beautiful person and I wish that my children would have had the opportunity to meet her. We will all be united one day & what a glorious day that will be!

  19. In my life of craziness but my Grandma was my constant. I am so grateful for her for that. Children really need at least one or 2 steady people. She was one for me.

  20. I love my Grandparents very much! My Grandmother passed away 12 years ago, 2 years before I could grant her dying wish of a grandchild. She taught me a lot about love, kindness, and generosity. She also taught me how to quilt, crochet, and knit. I still miss her and will continue to share my memories of her with my children.

  21. My grandpa died when I was 15 y.o….that was over 20 years ago. If I could pick a favorite, he would be it! I was his only granddaughter and he spent lots of quality time with me. I have wonderful memories playing the piano together with him, working side by side in his garden and just being loved by him.

  22. My grandma grew up during the Depression, in the Dust Bowl. She was very young when it happened, but she remembers it. And because of that, she has taught me a lot about using very little to survive, and working hard.

  23. I am so thankful that my in-laws are wonderful Christians grandparents to my daughters. Their lives are a wonderful example of God’s faithfulness and love to us all. I pray I can be the same example to my grandchildren someday.

  24. My Papa was awesome. Everyone said I was always the apple of his eye. I can tell you I thought the mold was broken when he was made. 😉 He taught me the values of working very hard. He would let me work along side of him when others thought I was too young, no matter the job at hand. I would stay with him on the weekends more than my parents. We would go off to buy ice cream after working on Saturday’s then on to church. Then when we returned from church, we would sit down and have our ice cream. 😉 He was just awesome!

  25. Oh, how I miss my grandparents! I learned so much from them over the years. They went through the Depression and learned how to live without “stuff”. They knew how to work hard and survive off their own land all the while trusting in the Lord. Grandpa was a big gardener (as I am now) and I learned how to put up a lot of the garden produce from my Grandma.

  26. My parents divorced when I was in about 3rd grade, and my grandfather stepped in to take up the role as my father figure to a large degree. He was loving and extremely generous, and like your grandfather was extraordinarily creative. One of the best things he taught me was to never let the fact that you don’t know how to do something stop you from trying! Dig in, get dirty, and figure it out. Soak up whatever knowledge you can from everyone and everything around you. With no prior training or experience, he once designed and built (using his own hand-drawn and calculated blueprints, no less!) a 26′ fiberglass-hull sailboat in his back yard, just because he wanted to.

    He loved to draw and paint and write poetry. He was constantly reading and had an extensive library. He was at different times in his professional life an old-time country doctor, a surgeon, one of the few truly Christian psychiatrists in the nation, and finally a seminary professor teaching pastoral counseling. Folks would call his home at all hours of the day and night, and he always took time to listen and help as he could. He died in 1994, a few years after I graduated high school, and in one of his last birthday cards to me he wrote: “Continue to rise above your surroundings. They need the shade and protection of your influence.” I’ve endeavoured to live up to those words, following the example he set. Rest in Christ, Pop! We’ll see you again one day soon.

    My grandmother, his dear wife, is still with us and is a truly cherished part of our family. One of the kindest, most tender, generous and loving people you could ever meet. Everyone who knows her loves her. God bless you, Hopie!

  27. Thank you for such a touching story of your grandfather, and I loved the pictures. My grandpa was also one of those who would sit and let me tell him a story, and when we moved out of state, he wrote me letters and had funny things to say. He was a big part of my high school years, always encouraging. I only wish we had lived closer to him. He passed away about 9 years ago, and is truly missed.

  28. My grandmother passed away this year at nearly 89 years. The wife of an Air Force office, mother of 3 and grandmother and great-grandmother to many. We were fortunate to visit her in Washington 2 summers ago before she lost her mobility. At that time, absolutely everyone in our family was able to make the trip and we took an irreplaceable family photo. It was amazing to see how this woman, an only child whose mother passed away when she was 3, was able to be responsible for the lives of so many. She was a godly woman and always praying for her family. One of my favorite things about her was that she would find little newspaper clippings and randomly send them to me in the mail if she thought I’d be interested. I will miss those surprise letters.

  29. My grandfather was a hardworking man – the hardest thing he probably had to do in life was to sit down and stop working. He was also honest and real and just liked to enjoy his grandkids instead of sitting around like a prim and proper adult. I miss him!

  30. My paternal grandmother was a very sweet person who seemed serene and unmoved no matter what she faced.  I’m learning more as I grow older what storms of life she weathered.  I believe through it all she learned real strength in looking to our sovereign God.

  31. My grandfather (mom’s dad) was a great man of God. He was more the silent type–but he was strong. I have few memories, as we lived 8 hours away from them, but I remember the stories my mom told us about him…and I grew to love and respect him just from her stories. And…the times that we were blessed to spend with him, I remember that he would always give us as much ice cream as we wanted! 🙂 He stood for what was right, was a veteran both for our nation and for his family. I only wish I’d had the opportunity to get to know him better before he passed away about 12 years ago.

  32. My grandmother was probably the most influential person in my life during my growing up years. She was a woman of strong faith and love. Her complete trust in the Lord for all things has shaped so much of who I am today! She is now in heaven with the Lord, and I look forward to seeing her again someday!

  33. My maternal Grandfather became a believer in Christ Y months before he died as a result of a retired pastor witnessing to him in his retirement home. (The pastor died three months after my Grandfather’s conversion) I remember my Grandfather witnessing to everyone he met of the greatness and power of God through the miracles that God was doing in my grandfather’s life. He even witnessed to my scoffing Father, who could only listen in respect. I miss him daily, as he died eight years ago, but do not want him back. He is worshipping the Lord! He is remembered in our house as a Godly example to follow for a strong Christian Man. He was my only Christain Grandparent

  34. I was blessed to have a close relationship with my Great-Grandmother Alice. She was a quiet, strong woman who taught me so many life lessons. She helped me to express my creativity and encouraged me to try new things.

  35. My grandmother was a true servant to her family. She showed me how to be a good hostesss and make people feel welcomed in her home by her loving example. Grandma always has plenty of good homemade food available and she works hard in making family gatherings so special. Her gentle spirit, sparkley eyes, sweet smile and singing voice around the house while she worked makes me smile.

  36. My grandfather has always held my respect as he served on a ship in WWII. He always treated women with repect and shows great love to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

  37. I loved hearing how your grandpa influenced you. Helping him complete a dream by building a log cabin was an awesome way to honor him. My grandpa is 85 years old and still going strong. He has struggled through many things in his life from the death of his father when he was only a teenager to losing his oldest daughter when she was only 40. (I was only eight at the time.) Him and my grandma have been married for 65 years and are still very much in love. I have always been encouraged by both of my grandparents strong faith, and their ability to keep going through the tough times.

    I recently had an oppertunity to navigate for him on one of his many old car tours. We drove his Model-T Roadster around the three counties in Ohio where he had grown up. While navigating I had the chance to hear stories from his youth and to learn many interesting things about wat it was like growing up the middle of nine children during the Great Depression. What is even more interesting to me is that the car we were riding in was the very first car he ever bought. He has kept and maintained it for the last 60 some years.

    He has taught me that even when you face unexpected challenges you can still manage with the help of those who love you and a strong faith in our Lord. He is facing one of his hardest challenges right now. My grandma has been recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. She is not doing very well and it has been hard on grandpa to see the love of his life slowly start to fade away. He is making sure grandma gets out every day, gets a good meal for lunch and supper, and is getting all her medication. He is also learning to do things such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning. These are things that men from his generation are not used to having to do. It is an amazing testament to me of his love for my grandma and his faith in God that he is trying to do everything he can to help without complaining.

  38. My Grandparents showed selfless love to me all through my childhood with their sacrifice, provision & time spent making wonderful memories!

  39. My Grandmother and Grandad were such godly people – well liked and respected in their hometown and their church. I hope to live up to my Grandmother’s selfless kindness and hospitality. Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. very sweet post! My grandparents weren’t Christians, but they covered us with their love! My Grandma B lived with us from the time I was 10 until just a couple years ago – she was there for me when I got home from school everyday… she taught me how to sew and crochet and knit, and how to be frugal and crafty… she also taught me how to make a mean tuna melt!

  41. My GrannyMa sat me on her knee at a very young age and explained to me why education and learning are so critical, and today I am a librarian and am teaching my young daughter the importance of lifelong learning. I sure do miss her.

  42. My grandma is 92 years old and has had symptoms of dementia for several years now. I am thankful that she is still in relatively good physical health and good spirits. What amazes me is how no matter the struggles & hardship she experiences in life, she still carries herself with grace and dignity. She is and has always been very kind and hospitable. You’d never know the things she suffered unless you really probed. She’s just not one for complaining. She likes to focus on the things she’s thankful for. She can’t remember much, but she regularly sits peacefully by her front window and reads her bible. I pray to be that kind of woman. I pray that no matter what else I forget, that like my grandma, I never forget God, our true source of peace and joy.

  43. My Grampa was the most kind and gentle man I had ever encountered, much different than my loud, energetic Gramma! Imagine my surprise one summer, while staying at their home, to come across his name in a book about a major rescue operation in WWII! This strong, quiet man had done so much to protect the people in our country and to keep us free–and yet, unless questioned directly, he never spoke of it. Even when asked a specific question, he would only answer, never elaborate. As a teenager, I thought that meant that he didn’t have anything to say, didn’t want to talk to me, or was ashamed of what he had done. As an adult I have come to realize that I needed to add HUMBLE to his list of wonderful qualities. I hope and pray that my sons will be like him. Thanks for giving me a place to tell people about him. :o)

  44. My grandfather influenced me so much. He loved God first and foremost and you could tell it. He was always reading is Bible. He was also a greeter at church, and everybody loved seeing his smiling face on Sunday mornings. He was a hard worker. Even when he “retired” he started substitute teaching in the schools where he lived because he loved children so much. I miss that he only was able to see 3 of my children before he passed away several years ago. My youngest two were never able to meet him, but we have pictures and we show them their great-grandfather a lot. I am so thankful that my husband reminds me so much of my grandfather and today is our 10 year anniversary. How good is God to send people in your life that He knows that we need 🙂

  45. Sadly, I don’t know any of my grandparents on either side of the family. My dad was excommunicated from his side of the family when he refused to become a priest, joined the USAF and later became a born again Christian. My mom’s side has non existent relationships all around, everyone is out for themselves and yet into other’s business if they think there is a chance for a power play, so my Mom removed herself from all that when we were quite young. I would have to say that there are some definite lessons that can be learned through all this, but I am often bummed I haven’t had any contact with my extended family.

  46. My great grandmother was just a gem, so steady and patient and gentle.

  47. My Memere (grandmother) prayed. I believe that the Lord used those dedicated times of intercession for her family to separate me for Him in a huge way.

  48. My grandparents were not Christians, but my husband’s grandparents were. When I married into the family, I immediately felt like Gammy and Gampy were my own grandparents. Gammy exhibited the quiet and gentle spirit of a believer, and was a true prayer warrior. Gampy was very generous and showed such a love for others. I miss them both very much!

  49. My grandpa grew up in church. He went every Sunday, Sunday night, etc. He raised my mom in the church yet she didn’t become a Christian until she was in college. He would tell us, not so much about God, but about doing “the right thing.” He was a Mason, and didn’t understand why we would think that was bad. He lost a brother in WWII and they wouldn’t let him fight because he had flat feet. He ended up with a daughter who didn’t seem happy with his religion and a hippy liberal son who he could never understand. Then he lost his wife to cancer and spent th last years of his life in a nursing home writing complaint letters to the staff. He had a granddaughter who was a dance major and who’s opinions were reminiscent of his son’s and a granddaughter who became a heroin addict. I don’t think he er understood what God was doing. But at the very end of his life, a deacon of our church started hanging out with him and sharing the Bible with him. He had never read the Bible! He listened as this man shared the gospel with him and was able to be open enough to admit he may have been wrong all those years. My grandpa accepted Christ at the age of 85. I’m not sure if there are many acts that I respect more. My grandpa was a good, hard working man. But before he died he became a man of God!!

  50. My grandmother was a strong woman who had to handle a lot of adversity. But, she passed down some great traits to me and my sister. She was hard-working and generous and always wanted to help. I miss her very much!

  51. My grandmother was the biggest influence in my life. Even though she’s been gone for four years, when making big decisions, I always think about what she would’ve done.
    She was widowed at the age of 33 with 8 children an 2 stepchildren. The oldest was 20 – the youngest was 6 weeks old. She never remarried. She stayed focused on her job as a mother – and constantly reminded her children of their daddy and how much he loved them. Even thoug my mom was 8 when he died, I felt like I knew him from the stories she shared.
    My mom became pregnant with me in high school. Even though money was extremely tight, she never complained. She loved this child, and her other 16 grandkids with her whole heart.
    She spent time teaching me how cook, sew, and setting an amazing example of how to love your family and honor God.

  52. My grandmother showed me unconditional love all through my childhood when other things in life were tough!! I am so blessed that she is in my life!!

  53. I was very blessed to be given two sets of grandparents that instilled Godly heritage into my family. My Mamaw Rickard was a prayer warrior. My Mamaw Rogers is the most giving person I know. I am also blessed by my patents being wonderful grandparents to my children!!

  54. My grandmother on my father’s side has been one of the greatest influences in my life. She has shown me what it is to love God, serve your husband, serve those in need and the value of hard work. I hold the utmost respect for my grandmother and I am so glad that I still have her here on Earth with me. She lives two states away, but I cherish every moment of every visit I get with her. She is so full of wisdom and knowledge of lost arts. I love her dearly.

  55. I had the opportunity to live with my grandma from about age 10 until I left home. After my parents divorced, she stepped in to be “help out”. God used her to do far more than help out! She has been a true blessing in my life and in my own children’s lives. Biologically she is my grandmother, but in my heart, she is another mother to me. I find myself going back to all the sacrifices she made on my behalf as a model of what’s important as I travel though my own motherhood journey. There are no words to express my love and gratitude for my sweet “Grandma Red.”

  56. My grandmother was a single parent of 4 children. When I stayed with her she would show me how strong I was and I could do anything with Gods help even when people try to bring you down. She taught me how to use what God blessed me with and even share it with others. She would have little food but made big meals that were delicious. She was organized and clean. I even learned how to hand wash clothes and hang them to dry for school the next day. When my mom, brother and I didn’t have I knew we would be okay and it was only temporary because God would provide for us soon. This would not kill us and I was always grateful.

  57. My grandmother influenced me the most. She is always putting everyone before herself. She is always on the go and ready to help anyone in need.

  58. I really never knew my Grandparents. They died when I was very young. It wasn’t until I met my future “Grandmother in law” that I realized what a blessing Grandparents are. She prayed for me continuously and always encouraged me to press on with God’s work for me. Now that my husband and I have our own kiddos, my in laws are fabulous Grandparents and Godly examples! I am learning from their example also!

  59. My Grandma was a wonderful example to me of hard work, perseverance, and being a homemaker. She demonstrated to me how to keep a home, bake bread, cook, can, garden and work with her hands. I have examples in my home today of her handywork that reminds me of this example and inspires me to do likewise 🙂

  60. My grandmother loved games. We would play yatzee and skip-bo for hours. Oh, and puzzles. She lived next to us growing up so I spent a lot of summer hours at her house putting puzzles together. She made me appreciate the simple things!!

  61. My grandfather died at age 93 after suffering from years of strokes. He was a WW1 veteran and an east coast farmer. He ran a milk delivery business, using horses until he had enough money to purchase a truck. He was kind and sweet, always a twinkle in his eye and a smile for everyone. All that said, as stroke after stroke hit him, he kept his cheerfulness despite having to be cared for by his wife and family. Grandma died a few years before he did and he then lost his power of speech. He never let it get to him. He stayed cheerful until the end. The best part? I get to see him again.

  62. My Grandpa has been faithful to the Lord for over 30 years, he is such an encouragement to live a life of knowing God.

  63. What a wonderful question. I could go on forever about my grandparents. My paternal grandparents were God’s gift to me as a replacement for the parents who gave birth to me but couldn’t raise me. My grandparents were far from perfect but they taught me the feeling loved was more important than getting things. To this day I value that feeling and a relationship with a person far more than gifts. My grandfather was converted to Christianity when I was 12 and that made a huge difference. Before that, I didn’t have a deep relationship with him. 12 years later I was proud to have my grandfather walk me down the aisle at my wedding. He died over three years ago and I still miss him. The last thing he told my son before his death was to make sure he read his bible every day. I hope my son will remember that as he grows older.

  64. My Grandma Bert ( Roberta ), wow where do I start? Well I would have to say the first thing that I truly learned from her was ….. the dishes can wait. Yes you heard me right. When having a gathering and most other women would be getting busy cleaning as other visit, separating the women from the men, her motto was the dishes can wait. Fellowship after the meal was truly sweet. I appreciated that about her. There was a time for cleaning but it wasn’t more important than the people! I was very little but this stuck with me. I had a Mom who worried about such things, so I loved Grandma’s idea.

  65. I have so many wonderful memories of my Grandfather. His house was always full of love and grace. Even when I had done something wrong I always felt his love and compassion. He loved holidays! He would stay up all night decorating or doing special things to surprise us in the morning! He loved to cook and was a very good cook! I loved being in the kitchen with him and he always gave me little projects to do. I never felt in the way with him. My grandfather died 2 weeks before his 60th birthday. I was 12. And when we were cleaning out his house we found that he had kept every letter or birthday card or picture I had ever made him! He always had a way of making me feel special and loved even after he passed 🙂

  66. Oh, I had way too little time with my Nana, but she influenced me greatly. I still remember kneeling with her by the bed in her guest room and her modeling a life of prayer. Wonderful topic to comment on!

  67. My grandpa was an inspiration to all of our family and because of his dedication to serving the Lord he was also the glue. Before he passed away he was always putting hours of study into a story for Christmas and Easter. One that would grab the kids attention and yet have a lot of meat from the Bible. I would attribute God using him in my life to draw me to the Lord. He was quick to give sound advice and listen to struggles. Especially when I first became a mom. He was an encourager and held true to Biblical teaching. We sure do miss him know that he has passed.

  68. Even though my grandpa suffered from debilitating arthritis, I don’t remember him ever complaining. I’m sure he did, but for the most part he chose to have a positive attitude. I really respect him for that.

  69. I was fortunate to have a lot of time with my grandparents as a child. Although my grandfather has passed away, and my grandmother now has Alzheimers, I find myself thinking of memories almost daily. I have many of my grandmother’s recipes (she was a wonderful cook), and I always try to relay stories of her to my children when I’ve made some of her creations. My 9 year old son has a passion for birds, and he now has my grandfather’s prized and well-used Audobon bird book – how special to have a bond that spans 4 generations! Most importantly, though, they were both spiritual giants. Their lives were dedicated to serving God in every area, and that is the legacy I want to pass on to my children more than any other.

  70. Neither of my grandparents were around very long when I was a child and we did not live close to them. But I do have wonderful memories of some times spent with them!
    The book sounds great and we’d love to use it with our 4 children! Thanks!

  71. What a beautiful post-I love my grandparents and thinking about how much time I spent with them, it was some of the best times of my life. I especially loved my grandmother-she always has a sense of humor and could take any sort of situation and change any mood with her funny, often hysterical, little quips. She never reacted with anger no matter what what happening, it was always her sweet dry witt, a smile, laugh, and twinkle in her eye.

  72. My Grandfather came out of the Great Depression. He worked very hard and raised capital and experience to eventually start his own successful business. Grandpa was a man of integrity and principle, but he was also adventurous and fun-loving. He was about 73 yrs old when I was in 7th grade. Rollerskating was very popular then, but my sister and I where the only ones we knew who didn’t know how to Rollerskate. My Dad was busy with two jobs and my Mom was afraid to skate. My Grandfather at 73 yrs old, took my sister and I rollerskating. Although he hadn’t put rollarskates on in 40 years, he got on those skates and took my sister and I around the rink all evening. When we got discouraged, he would keep encouraging us to never give up. He was a great example and inspiration in my life.

  73. My grandmother taught me the love of cooking and always having a smile on your face . I miss her so much and when I think of her I can actually feel her hug around me. The year after she died our firstborn son was born on her birthday which we celebrate her life with his .

  74. I, too, was influenced by my grandparents. They were extremely hardworking having grown up during the depression and my grandfather serving in WWII. They taught me to work hard and to find joy in all circumstances. My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer before my brother was born and only had been given at most 6 months to live. He lived on for another 11 years and in that time he never let his diagnosis get him down…or at least he never showed that to us. He loved his family and all the time he got to spend with them. I will forever remember him and my grandmother who passed away the night my son needed emergency surgery for a failed shunt.

    And just as a side note, this would be a great blessing as I am having a difficult time in getting my children to honor the 5th commandment in the way they should. Thank you for letting me share 🙂

  75. My gramma, Helen was allows there to encourge me there everything in my life. There was not one event she was not involved in if it was girl scouts to school to helping with my child. SHe always told me that God will only give me what I can handle. SHE never gave up and always there for everyone. I Love and miss you everyday.

  76. I have very fond memories of both my grandpa’s. One inspired me to love unconditional and the other inspired me to love nature!

  77. I don’t think I have one negative memory of my grandparents. They exemplified grace, kindness, generosity and self sacrifice. My grandfather, a war hero, is one of the humblest, most gracious men I have ever met. I thank God for the blessing of close relationships with all four grandparents through adulthood.

  78. My grandmother inspired me to “go ahead and try anything once, if they like it, then try it again!” in cooking. She never used a recipe, it was always something that she just “threw together”. I love that she had a thinking outside the box mentality even before she knew there was a box!

  79. This is a subject dear to my heart, my grandpa passed away this summer at the age of 96. One of my memories of Grandpa is him sitting in “his” chair in the living room reading the Bible. It’s a reminder to me to make time to read the Bible every day, he was one of the most “real” Christians I’ve ever met.

  80. We are blessed to have my husband’s grandmother living right here on the same property! She is right out the back door. I can’t tell you how privileged our children are to be able to grow up knowing her so well. What a treat for them – and her too! 😉 For me, two of the greatest blessings of knowing her have been witnessing her sweet, gracious spirit (even when treated unkindly by others) and finding out that she prays for each of us DAILY! What a gift to have someone lifting our family up in prayer each day!

  81. My grandmother influenced me as a writer. She wrote not just her name in a birthday card once a year, but a letter that spoke so much more. I learned what she thought about and what went on in her life, and because we lived far away she was the one that I always felt close to when we would visit. I knew her–not just was related to her. It was the communication back and forth and if I wrote she would write back. Sharing life is a great way to have an impact on a life. My Grandma Maida shared her life with me.

  82. My grandmother…

    The footprints she left on my life are immeasurable!

    She would tell me ENDLESS stories about her childhood (back in the 1920’s) and I would sit on the edge of my seat and hang on EVERY word she said. She taught me how to perfectly fold “fitted” sheets! Are you kidding me? The art of folding fitted sheets has been lost (I think!) but thanks to my “Gram” I know how to do it and now have the distinct pleasure of passing that on to my children.

    But, beyond the ordinary… my Gram taught me SO much more by how she lived than any one on one “lesson” we had together. She was giving, kind, generous, loving, accepting, forgiving… I could go on and on. Phew! (for you) I won’t go on and on though! 😉

    Yep! She influenced my life, my thoughts, my daily tasks all by the way she lived.

    As a parent now – I can really appreciate the example she set. When I review the time I spent with her (which was ALOT), I can see that she didn’t “tell” or teach me alot of things on purpose, it was mostly by default. And by default I mean, its just the way she was. Which, (like I started this paragraph) as a parent now, I appreciate more and more because it encourages me and comforts me, to know… that just by being a believer and following the Lord, that while I might not take “every learning opportunity” available to me (we homeschool), that my life, the way I live it, the things I do, the actions I take, all of that – my children get to see. They ARE learning even though I have not added it to my to-do list, or scheduled into our homeschool tracking software! 🙂

    The Lord is AWESOME and His Grace is ever so present!

    In His Name,

    Blessings to you all.

  83. My paternal grandmother, even though she was not a Christian, I remember her kindness, and sweet and pleasant disposition. She encouraged me to read.

  84. We didn’t see my Christian grandparents very often – they lived in FL and we were in Upper MI – but they prayed. I KNOW that had an influence though I won’t know until heaven, if even then, how much.

    One of the biggest things, though, actually came about a year ago when we were visiting my parents even though Grandma died quite about 15 years ago. Mom nursed Grandma when she was dying of cancer. Grandma had had a difficult life (quit school to work during the depression) and a difficult marriage. One day she started to comment on the pain of her cancer then pulled herself up short. “Oh Edna! Stop complaining!” If SHE wouldn’t allow herself the luxury of complaining, which is why she was so sweet, then most certainly neither should I.

  85. My Grandma and Grandpa have been faithful prayer warriors for their 5 children and their spouses, all of their 27 grand-children, and now their almost 13 great grandchildren. They have supported every ministry we’ve been involved in and have been one of the greatest encouragements to become more Christlike. We are very blessed to have Grandparents like these!

  86. This comment is difficult to write because I can hardly choose just one of my grandparents to feature; all four were incredibly influential in my life. I suppose I’ll share of my Opa, who passed away nearly two years ago. He taught me math throughout all of high-school (we were homeschooled). More importantly, he taught me that a good education will not get you anywhere unless you have a goodly character to go along with it. My Opa had both. He gave his children both. And now his grandchildren are seeking to follow in his footsteps.

  87. Sept 14 was my grandpa’s birthday, too. He would have been 101 this year. Though it has been 18 years since he died, I still remember the fun things we did together and how he made my childhood special. Most of all, I remember how he loved my grandmother for their almost 60 years of marriage.

  88. I have been so blessed. When I was born, my parents both decided they did not want to be married, or be parents. So, my grandparents gave up their easy retired life to raise a 18 month old baby girl. I am so grateful that they chose not only to “take me in” but to give me a great view of marriage in a divorce darkened world. They will celebrate their 56th next January. Without their dedication and their example highlighted by the grace of God I would not be where I am today. Also, I am the only one out of my late 20’s friends who knows who Laurence Welk is. Bonus! LOL

  89. My maternal grandmother was a woman with a huge heart. Although she and my grandfather were only surviving on their push-cart sale (of meat products) in the early days, they took in other children who had to be given up by their own parents due to poverty. She was a quiet lady, but gave all of herself to her children till the day she passed on. I have not spoken much to her as she spoke a dialect which I didn’t master, but I have heard a lot about her from my mother.

  90. My grandma was a special woman. I miss her much as she has been with the Lord for 20 years. One of the things she did was instill in me the love of baking. I love to bake and I remember always being with her in the kitchen. She was such a wonderful woman whom I had a special bond with.

    Thank you for sharing.

  91. My Grandpa Bud and Grandma Ruth were awesome Christians who faithfully prayed for my family’s salvation for many years. God was pleased to answer!

  92. Both of my grandmothers lost their fathers as children. Partly due to them having to help their families, they were both very hard workers. This challenges and inspires me as I know I could work so much harder than I do.

  93. I am so thankful to still have both my paternal grandparents in our lives. They gave us so many wonderful memories as we grew up and they continue to spend lots of time getting to know our kids and hopefully leaving them with some great memories too. My grandma loves to cook and bake and is always very generous in giving food and help when someone is ill, has a baby, etc and and she has influenced me to do the same.

  94. My grandfather influenced me in my faith, but I didn’t realize how much until he was gone. I praise God for him and his influence in our family.

  95. Such great memories of my grandparents! The greatest impact to me seems to be the time and attention my grandparents gave to me. They didn’t pass down a Christian heritage which is sad to me, but has given me inspiration to one day pass on to my grandchildren the gift of time, attention, and a faith relationship!

  96. I was blessed to have all my grandparents show love to me. When my parents divored, my mother and I lived with her parents. They loved me though some tough stuff and I am very thankful to God for them. My children have had the blessing of seeing them almost weekly too!

  97. My Gran is now 90 years old, and she influenced me by showing me how to cook for a large family, and always having the best food prepared.

  98. Unfortunately my grandparents weren’t around to influence me. But I pray that I will be influential to my grandson.

  99. My grandfather was a master carpenter/cabinetmaker. I was raised by just my mom and stayed with those grandparents alot. As a young girl without a father, he gave me an example of what a husband should be like. He was a hard worker, he loved his wife dearly, lived simply, and loved his family – I married a man much like him. My eldest son is named after him, and I of all people (a small lady) have taken up his love and knack for woodworking. My husband and I will be building our house ourselves using many of his tools he passed down to us before he passed away two years ago. I love and miss him much, but see many of his traits daily throughout my family.

  100. My Grandmother, Grem, gave me a love for preparing homemade food. Every time I snap green beans I picture her hands so vividly. Thank you!

  101. The giveaway winners have been drawn! The books will go to Wendy (#20) and Janna #75 (you’ll be getting an email from us).

    Thank you all for commenting! I loved reading all the comments. There’s so much we can learn here. Godly, loving grandparents are a great blessing!

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  103. My grandmother modeled a loving and dedicated wife. It came so natural to her that the depth of that influence wasn’t even recognized until she passed away. She was my grandfather’s best friend. She truly enjoyed his company and loved serving him. They shared a beautiful marriage for over 60 years.

  104. Thanks for all the great comments and memories! These are good reminders for me as a grandma! I want our grandchildren to have sweet memories of our times together.