Advent and Christmas in Family Worship

Doorposts is giving away one copy of Advent and Christmas in Family Worship, by Doug and Amy Hayes ($8.50 value).

Here is a tool that will help you and your family stay focused on Christ the King throughout the busy month of December. One of our elders first wrote Advent and Christmas in Family Worship to help the families in his congregation, and he’s graciously allowed us to print his book and make it available to you as well.

This booklet will guide you in simple family worship times that celebrate Christ and His coming. Four weeks of devotionals weave together the Old Testament prophecies of our Savior and their New Testament fulfillments, leading up to Christmas Day. Each day has a short reading, several Bible verses to read, and a hymn or carol to sing together.

Advent and Christmas in Family Worship includes:

  • Devotional readings and discussions for each day during the four weeks of Advent
  • Hymns and carols that coordinate with each reading
  • An explanation of the Advent season and Advent Wreaths
  • Fun Advent projects and crafts to do with your children

If you want your Christmas season this year to be focused on the full redemptive work of Christ the King, this booklet will help you. Other families both in and outside of our congregation have been blessed by their use of this excellent resource. The Hayes family and the Forsters at Doorposts hope this booklet will be a blessing to you and your family this Advent season!

(Visit for Doug and Amy’s Amazon Kindle edition.)

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