Christ-Centered Christmas by Hal and Melanie Young

Raising Real Men is giving away 5 free copies of their eBook, “Christ-Centered Christmas“, valued at $6 on sale.

Are you feeling torn about Christmas? Loving the sights and smells, but hating the thought of the stress and commercialism? Want to make sure the Lord is glorified in your family, but wondering if you’ll get sidetracked by all the busy-ness? You are in good company!
That’s why we’ve put together a new book that will:
  • Save you money on gifts — and help you give presents that will be remembered forever.
  • Help you make your house look like Williamsburg at Christmas — while spending almost nothing to do it!
  • Save you time by giving you menus, a shopping list and plans to fix the best Christmas goodies ever with tried and true secret recipes.
  • Inspire you to host a Caroling Party and take the gospel to your neighbors in a way they will love. And make it easy, too.
  • Encourage you to introduce new traditions that will focus your family’s hearts on home — and Christ!
  • Equip you to make this Christmas a Christ-centered one, full of happy memories for your children.
Download this gorgeous 80 page, full color book now for our introductory price of only $6!  AND if you win one of the FIVE copies we’re giving away, and you’ve already bought it, we’ll refund your purchase price!

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  1. Christmas can be crazy…this looks helpful!

  2. Always looking for great ideas!

  3. One of my favorite traditions was Candy Cane Coffee Cake! I loved making it with my mom, and I always thought it was so yummy! No one in my family growing up liked it, though, but me, so she stopped making it when we were teenagers. When I had my kids, I stared making it with them, but no one in our family liked it either. 😛 Now, we’re working out some new traditions of our own. 😉

  4. Our favorite family Christmas tradition is baking a birthday cake for Jesus and singing Happy Birthday and reading the Christmas story out of the bible.

  5. Our favorite tradition is looking at all the ornaments our children have made over the years!

  6. Our newest favorite tradition is singing hymns and praises to our Lord.

  7. We are currently building traditions, but one that we implemented a few years back is that we homemade gifts instead of having the kids expect things from the store. (Although, they are spoiled by grandparents with other things) It has been a really neat way to show them our love through a handmade expression and they value the gifts so much more than the gifts they used to get from the store 🙂 It has helped when we haven’t always been able to afford much for Christmas, too 🙂

  8. baking cookies together i love baking with my kids

  9. Left over turkey sandwiches.

  10. What a great idea! Thank you for the giveaways. 🙂

  11. Listening to Christmas music while I bake Christmas cookies.

  12. Baking a birthday cake for Jesus.

  13. One of our traditions is having the kids act out the Christmas story 🙂

  14. My children are 2.5 and 14 months. We are currently trying to figure out what traditions we are going to incorporate since neither my husband nor I grew up in homes where the traditions centered around Christ. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. We read the Nativity story every Christmas morning.

  16. I would LOVE this resource! If I don’t win it, I’ll buy it! Thank you for writing it!

  17. Love anything that keeps Christ in Christmas!

  18. Christmas is also my daughter’s birthday, so celebrating the blessing of her life and place in our family is definitely a highlight!

  19. OoOooo I really hope I win this one!

  20. We are doing Truth in the Tinsel this year with the little ones. It’s so much fun!

  21. Every year we make salt dough ornaments and the kids give them as gifts we have each years gift to Daddy hanging on our tree from the time they were 1 & 2

  22. Painting on the windows while listening to CHRISTmas music!

  23. We just read the Bible on Christmas morning, but other than that I can’t think of any other ones!

  24. Opening presents at 12:01 a.m. Christmas morning.

  25. I’m not going to enter as I already have this but LOVED it!

  26. Having the oldest grandaughter decorate “HER” tree, It is pink and she started this her second Christmas.

  27. We do our own version of Noelle Piper’s advent calendar at bedtime with our kids.

  28. Christmas traditions include lots of playing with children’s nativity sets.

  29. our FAVORITE tradition is baking cookies together as a family and having them before bed on Christmas Eve…….

  30. One of my favorite traditions growing up was picking one gift to open at exactly 12am. I know thats not really Christ centered, but my husband and I are planning and our own family new traditions this Christmas with our daughter!

  31. I’m loving a new tradition I have started with my oldest this year. We are going through Truth in the Tinsel for Advent. I am going to love looking at the ornaments every year that we are making together.

  32. Chocolate Chip banana bread!!

  33. marinated pork on Christmas Eve

  34. The kids grandparents always spend the night at our house Christmas eve and we all pile into their van and ours and drive around looking at Christmas lights and sipping hot cocoa, then we come home put the kids to bed and the adults stay up all night talking and putting all the toys together and wrapping presents.. we usually finally finish about the time the first child wakes up! :O)

  35. Baking cookies with the kids to give to neighbors or other people. Reading throught the Christmas story. Praying together before opening gifts to thank God for His gift!! So many good Christmas traditions. 🙂

  36. Being together as a family and having our own “Christmas Time” before heading out to visit with in-laws and such. We read the Christmas story from the Bible and just have time to reflect over the year and how blessed we are as a family and what a privilege it is to celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas together. It is the MOST favorite time of Christmas day and all of my children ask me to make sure we are having our own special time together before the other business of the day happens.

  37. This looks really good!

  38. Misty Taylor-Lilley

    We have always gone to my Grandmother’s for Christmas Eve. It is something I have done for my entire life and will continue to do until Grandma says no more. My kids know nothing else. They don’t even ask if we are going there. They just know.

  39. Going to my extended family Christmas party. We’ve been doing it since I was a very young child and I always enjoy it. Now my own children get to grow up with the tradition as well! 🙂

  40. Driving through a local monistary that has Christmas lights with the Bible stories from Gen. through the birth of Christ.

  41. we make a night of getting in our pj’s, driving around looking at lights, and then getting ice cream!

  42. This will be the 4th year that the grinch visits us for Christmas. He does things like pees in our toilet (green), wraps presents in green duct tape, throws clothing on our tree, brings in the outdoor Christmas animal figurines, hides presents, etc. Our 12 year old son LOVES it and even writes back and forth to the grinch via e-mail now. He tells him what he hopes he’ll do this year. It’s a lot of fun!

  43. I love the candle light service we go to at my husband’s grandma’s church on Christmas Eve. It’s such a special time…

  44. This would be very useful to me since I have been thinking exactly that. I am really unhappy with what Christmas has become. I want to bring it back to a focus on Jesus and God in our family and am working on that, but can use all the help and advice I can get. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  45. I have 2 favorite traditions. On Christmas Eve we drive around and look at all the pretty lights. On Christmas morning, our 3 boys (ages 8, 4, & almost 2) get their stockings and open them in our bed with us. It’s so cozy and fun. :o)

  46. Our favorite is hanging up all the tree ornaments that my mom has made everyone. We all get a new one each year and after 7 seven children and 22 years we can completely decorate our tree in just her ornaments.

  47. Our family is young and we are still forming traditions. We always read the story from Luke, and we usually have pancakes for breakfast – adults eat before the kids get up, and it’s all nice and quiet! <3 And there's plenty for the kids whenever they get hungry. We are going to start a holiday banner to add to every year!

  48. I’m always looking for good ideas to keep our eyes fixed on Christ during this busy season…

  49. One of the traditions we have carried over from when I was a child is to open one gift every Christmas Eve night: it’s always a new, warm pair of pajamas! 🙂 I always looked forward to it as a kid, and it is fun to continue the tradition with our own children. And, honestly, I LOVE the festive colors of Christmas lights! It’s peaceful and beautiful and reminds me of The Light of world, Jesus.

  50. Baking holiday cookies would have to be one of my favorite things we do

  51. A more recent tradition (the past three years) has been to watch the newer “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” movie and have snack night.

  52. We’re still young and settling into traditions, but I love reading the Christmas story to our small children!

  53. Making a birthday cake and singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus.

  54. We like to make hot chocolate to take in the car as we drive around looking at Christmas lights and listen to Christ centered Christmas music together.

  55. My husband plays his guitar and we sing Christmas songs and hymns.

  56. We are starting a new tradition this year by serving others on Christmas. we will take the kids downtown to serve and provide for the homeless. Can’t wait!

  57. Every time someone does something kind, we put a piece of yarn in Baby Jesus’ manger. When he “arrives” on Christmas morning his bed is very cozy. We talk about doing something kind “to the least of these” being like we do something kind to Jesus.

  58. One of our favorite traditions is wrapping up Christmas Books and place them under the tree and have the kids pick one to read each day. Also, for younger kids, we have a manger and they place straw in it to prepare a bed for Jesus and on Christmas morning Jesus (a baby doll) appears in the manger in front of the fire place.

  59. Kristine Malingowski

    One of our favorite Christmas traditions is finding our Christmas tree. We always go to a local family tree farm. The kids love running through the trees trying to find the perfect one. We take lots of photos & have lots of laughs. After Daddy cuts it down the kids all help him lug it to the baler. While we wait we drink hot chocolate. On the drive home we all sing Christmas carols at the top of our voices. It is wonderful!

  60. Well now that the children have grown and have families of their own things have changed a little with added family traditions in each family. Everyone tries to gather for Christmas Eve service at our church.

  61. One of our favorite traditions is reading about the birth of Jesus from the Bible…..

  62. Always looking for ideas…

  63. Love reading these! We pray for the families we receive Christmas cards from each day.

  64. thank you for the chance to win

  65. My favorite family Christmas tradition, is my family making (& eating) swedish meatballs on Christmas Eve 🙂

  66. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  67. Making cookies with my kids.

  68. We’re starting a new tradition this year…a Jesus tree…with ornaments that represent the names of Jesus.

  69. Making a birthday cake for Jesus and singing happy birthday to Jesus on Christmas eve,

  70. We are a young family, so our traditions are still forming… and I am really struggling with eliminating Santa Claus… I need help!

  71. Black forest torte Christmas Eve and crepes Christmas morning. Yum!!

  72. Christmas Eve Day with Grandparents…it is wonderful!

  73. Making Christmas ornaments/crafts at our local library and at friends homes.

  74. We watch several different versions of A Christmas Carol.

  75. Christmas Eve we read the Christmas “Truth” and open gifts. On Christmas day we eat birthday cake for Jesus.

  76. We go caroling with our homeschool group every year.

  77. Traditions are still forming but we are enjoying doing a Jesse tree this year and making the holiday more Christ centered. We have lots of books, cds and videos we like to watch too! Just spending family time together making gifts, looking at Christmas lights etc.

  78. As a family, we sleep around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve!

  79. Love lighting candles and reading scripture!!

  80. We are always looking for new ways to celebrate Christmas with our young children. This book looks like it would be great!

  81. I enjoyed 11pm candle light service when I was growing up.

    With my children we enjoy “What God Wants for Christmas”

  82. Our Christmas Eve drive to look at the lights. Also, giving each of the children a Lamplighter book under their pillow on Christmas Eve.

  83. My favorite tradition is to make a ton of tamales and I mean a ton. This year we made 30 dozen

  84. One of our favorite Christmas traditions is a Swedish style Smorgasboard along w/one of our daughters serving as St Lucia on Christmas Eve.

  85. putting up a Christmas tree and decorations!

  86. Having the kids tell somebody else the story of Christmas.

  87. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is doing crafts and making special treats for the list of people that are important to my children…it teaches them so much and blesses ones who may not always get a lot of attention. The thrill on both parties faces is one of the greatest rewards!

  88. We have a paper chain with a sentence or two of the Christmas story for each day of December until the 25th. We would unfasten a new ring each day, and read aloud the story to that point while Dad acted it out with the figures from our Nativity display.

  89. Doing the Jesse Tree each year! 3-4 years ago, I thought my son was struggling with his reading….except, when it was his turn to read from the Bible, each time, he did nearly perfect, pronouncing words that I have heard preachers stumble over! I still find it interesting that he stumbled in his regular reading, but not the Bible readings….

  90. We are a young family looking for ideas!

  91. Reading the Christmas story, singing Happy Birthday. One my kids talk about all of the time is how Dad throws the kids their gifts. They are absolutely amused by this.

  92. Decorating Santa cookies, it’s a multi-generation tradition.

  93. Making a Happy Birthday Jesus cake (angel food)! 🙂

  94. Advent calendar of fun family activities, and Scripture

  95. On of my favourite Christmas traditions is from my childhood. For a week before Christmas we would open one small present per evening. If any were left, they were opened on Christmas Eve. This left Christmas day free for concentrating on others and enjoying the day. Each gift was much more appreciated that way too.

  96. I love Hal and Melanie Young. Their books are excellent.

  97. Love baking cookies with the whole family.

  98. It would be such a blessing to have this book
    Thank you so much!

  99. Would love to win this!

  100. I like our advent wreath with Jesse Tree readings and ornaments to show how Christ was in the OT and our readings go all the way to the Resurrection

  101. We “layer” color onto our Christmas tree over the course of several weeks. Each color we add has symbolism, and we read Scripture and sing carols that are related to the current layer.

  102. We are caroling this year! I’d love to read the other suggestions in this book. Thank you.

  103. One of our favorite Christmas traditions is each family member getting a new pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve before we all go to sleep.

  104. My favorite family Christmas tradition is baking a birthday cake for Jesus and singing happy birthday to our Savior! It really keeps our eyes fixed on the reason for the season. My kids say their favorite part is the Christmas study we do for the whole month of December. We put away all “regular” school work and study all things Christmas. This is such a blessing and allows us lots of good family time to embrace the importance of this special day each year!

  105. Our kids love sleeping under the Christmas tree on Christmas night. I really enjoyed the year we held a neighborhood caroling party and would like to do it again,.

  106. Singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus and having cake in addition to all of the other goodies!

    Thanks for another super giveaway!

  107. Christmas Eve, we bake a birthday cake for Jesus. Christmas morning is the one day of the year when the children are allowed to eat cake for breakfast (after singing Happy Birthday, of course.)

  108. Joanne Goonewardene

    using advent candles in family devotions.

  109. One of our favorite traditions is to read the Christmas story before we open our gifts.

  110. We love to get in the car and drive around and look at all the lights. What a great book!

  111. We make a special Christmas bread in the form of a wreath as our Christmas-morning birthday cake for Jesus.

  112. We do a nice Christmas brunch with my’s one of the highlights of the day.

  113. Reading the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve from Luke.

  114. We watch the Nativity and Its a wonderful life while enjoying some cookies and Christmas Punch the night before Christmas.

  115. I would SO love to win this! Ok, my favorite tradition – well we are a young family starting our own so I have several special things I’m beginning with my kids but I think one that will become a family favorite is making our Adorenaments with our activity book!

  116. Jesse Tree! We just started and we are loving it.

  117. We started this recently, but on Christmas eve, we open one gift (new PJ’s) and after getting into them, we gather together with all the lights off (dad has a flash light to begin with) and, using candles to represent each of the “characters” of the history of the first Christmas, Dad reads the account in the gospels and we light each of the candles until all are lit. Then slowly each gets blown out until only the Christ candle is left burning. The others went away one way or another, but the Christ lives on and just as the light of that one candle lights the whole room, His light shines so the whole world might believe. It’s a very close and warm time and we all love it and the reminder of what Christmas is all about. 🙂

  118. We are military so, going home for Christmas is my favorite tradition.