Hand-Carved Bread Tray

Renew Carvings is giving away a 15-inch hand-carved walnut bread tray, valued at $70.

Renew Carvings has connected trained artisans, with skills reflecting centuries of Middle Eastern tradition, with modern day applications. Renew not only provides existing carvers with a worldwide market, but enhances the building of their communities by training those who are poor and unskilled. The focus of Renew is not on creating an industry, but on building relationships with those who work in small carving centers spread out across Pakistan and India. Products are hand-carved from start to finish, not by anonymous contract laborers, but by members of the Renew family.

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  1. picture frames or ornaments

  2. hmmm, how about a bowl?

  3. Oh I love this! To answer the question, I would love to see a spice rack!

  4. What a beautiful tray!

  5. Little holders for the tiny communion cups so that we can put the children’s in them until it is “time!”

  6. i think a recipe binder stand would be fun & unique!

  7. this is so cool

  8. I would love to see picture frames!

  9. Ornaments with the names of Jesus on them. 🙂

  10. A picture frame.

  11. A Family Tree Tray

  12. wooden quotes, picture frames, ornaments etc.

  13. I would love one with As for Me and My House… to hang on the wall in our entry.

  14. growth chart

  15. How about a nativity set?

  16. Scripture wall hangings carved out of wood!

  17. Small wooden boxes

  18. Love it!

  19. I’d love to see a hand carved advent candle holder.

  20. a serving bowl?

  21. A beautiful tray!!!!!

  22. I love wooden bowls.

  23. A lazy susan please!

  24. I would love a spice rack too!!

  25. This is so beautiful, after see it I am not sure what I would like to see them make.
    But I am definatly about functionality so useful/helpful items.

  26. Beautiful!

  27. Does Renew Carvings have jewelry? IF not, that’s what I’d love to see. Unique pieces of jewelry always catch my eye when I’m out and about. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  28. Advent calendar!!

  29. bookends!

  30. This is beautiful. I would love to see a bread box.

  31. personalized Christmas ornaments

  32. A Bible Verse plaque

  33. How about a roll top bread box with the same saying?

  34. Absolutely beautiful!

  35. I love wooden bowls would love to see those.

  36. how about an Hanukkah Menorah?!

  37. Beautiful Bread Tray

  38. Salt and Pepper shakers

  39. So it isnt very useful but my daughter has been longing to play the harp and I think a small decorative harp would be beautiful…every time I see a harp I think about young David, sitting alone in the fields talking to God.

  40. A wooden tree we could hang wooden fruit on with the different fruits of the spirit carved on them. Beautiful tray! I would love to win it.

  41. recipe box with scripture carved on the outside 🙂

  42. Wooden boxes with names and their meanings on it

  43. Candle holders

  44. Stunning … what a beautiful addition to any table.

  45. A large bowl!

  46. A S K. or with the scriptures for Proverbs 31.

  47. Definitely a Bible verse wall hanging. 🙂

  48. A sign for over the doorway with scripture on it. — The bread board is lovely!

  49. Your link to Renew Carvings is not working. I was able to get to it, though. The carvings are amazing! I would love to get one of the plaques for my husband.

  50. It’s beautiful! I’d love to see a nativity ornament.

  51. This is absolutely beautiful! Amazing talent!

  52. Christmas ornaments

  53. I wouldn’t mind seeing Blocks for children to play with. Maybe ABC’s with scripture for the letters? Or ones you can order to spell a childs name in the Nursery?

  54. I second the breadbox idea. So hard to find them, and very useful!

  55. Oh wow that tray is beautiful. I agree with others-I can never have enough picture frames!

    (BTW-the link to Renew Carvings in your post is broken)

  56. I love the door frames on their site! Beautiful!

  57. Picture frames or shadow boxes.

  58. This is a beautiful tray!

  59. ** I meant bread tray not board. 🙂

  60. I like the ornament and family tree ideas that were stated earlier! Beautiful!

  61. Beaded bracelets 😀

  62. This bread tray is GORGEOUS! My husband LOVES to bake and he would love this! I think I would like to see Gathering Wood make something to hang over a mantle with a verse about covenant families and the ability to have the family’s last name carved into it. I also like the idea of a tea tray with a verse about hospitality, or entertaining strangers…

    Lovely, lovely work!

  63. A salad serving bowl.

  64. I would love a hand carved bread box with this engraved in it!

  65. A serving tray that could be placed on a coffee table

  66. Nice looking tray 🙂 Hm, some wooden spoons, maybe?

  67. Beautiful!!! Wonderful tray for serving:)

  68. Wooden quotes would be beautiful!

  69. Frames..anything personalized.

  70. I would love to see ornaments and a family tree ~ and I LOVE this bread plate, how beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Best wishes to all who do.

  71. Wall plaques with Scripture Verses or small chests with Scripture.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Hmmm….
    maybe some sort of carved entryway blessing on a plaque

  73. I love the look of carved wood signs with Bible verses.

  74. I would love to see wall hangings of favorite hymns or Scripture verses!

  75. What a wonderful product. I love that Renew is creating an outlet for industry in developing countries as well!


  76. Would love a wooden salad bowl with serving spoons! This plate is beautiful!

  77. Bookends or a bowl.

  78. Spice rack would be great! Love this piece!

  79. A candlestick holder/ advent wreath

  80. I would love to see picture frames or candles. Your work is amazing!

  81. I think ornaments would be great or a set of dishes.

  82. Wow! This bread tray is gorgeous!!! I agree with the others – picture frames would be nice.

  83. A mail organizer!

  84. This is gorgeous! A salt and pepper shakers would be lovely.

  85. After visiting the FB page, I see my requests have already been met! 🙂 Lovely, gorgeous work!!

  86. Frames or little crosses for children

  87. Beautiful!


  88. A name plate would be awesome

  89. This is beautiful work! I would love for this to grace my house.

  90. I’d love to see some sort of a frame with engraved family members’ names on it! What beautiful products!

  91. I would love either a picture frame or a wall hanging.

  92. ornaments

  93. wall hangings or ornaments

  94. Picture frames!

  95. I would love to see a headboard with a quote to encourage Biblical marriage. Maybe something from 1 Corinthians.

  96. Exquisite! Definately heirloom quality! I SO LOVE this!

  97. I would like a lazy susan for my kitchen table!

  98. I’d love to see a gorgeous wooden cross with Jesus.

  99. I’d love to see wall hangings or frames with scripture verses!

  100. This is beautiful!

  101. Scripture wall carvings!!

  102. I think a kneeling/prayer bench would be an awesome addition to the Renew collection!

  103. Beautiful items! I would love to see a carved lazy Susan.

  104. I would like to see useful items for children with scripture, like a crayon holder….

  105. Coat rack, key rack, bowls. Just beautiful!

  106. I think scripture wall art and lazy susan with scripture are both good ideas too.

  107. Wow, that’s neat. Carved fruit bowls would be great.

  108. I think it would be neat to have childrens toys with verses carved in them.

  109. A carved wooden basket to put toilet tissue in to go on the back of the toilet!

  110. This is so beautiful! I love it!

  111. Walking or decorative canes would be nice. Maybe some napkin holders too.

  112. A door sign – As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

  113. I can just see my homemade bread sitting on this beautiful tray!

  114. We’d love to see a carved fruit bowl.

  115. I would love to see wooden knitting needles that have the verse about being knit in the womb carved into it 🙂 I love knitting for babies and that would just be a sweet reminder of how God knows us and knit us in the womb 🙂

  116. I have always loved these, but have never had one.

  117. So beautiful!!

  118. This is absolutely Beautiful!!! Id also love to see a spice rack or maybe some children’s ABC blocks!!

  119. Picture frames and wallhangings.

  120. I like either wall hangings or picture frames.

  121. wow – that is beautiful. I want to see them keep making things just like that – I can’t think of anything better!

  122. Beautiful!! I’d love to see carved jewelry with scripture. Rings!! and pendants.

  123. a cutting board

  124. I would love to see a scripture carved along a rectangular box (dough trencher) which could be used as a rustic holder for candles and other dining table decorations.

  125. All these great ideas. Spice Rack and lazy susan I will get on right away. All our items are handmade so keep looking at our site, http://www.renewcarvings.com

  126. Sorry for the delayed response, just found this page.

  127. We do have “As for me and my house” plaques right now!

  128. Ann Marie,
    We have a great knitting box coming in 2 weeks!

  129. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  130. Lori,
    A pleasure to help someone have a great tray!

  131. Pretty!

  132. Jessica Perea (Mom of 5)

    A long rectangle tray… maybe 36″x12″

  133. I think this is what I would recommend! Maybe smaller bowls for serving?

  134. Sooo beautiful! Picture frames would be nice, particularly if you could engrave Bible quotes in them as was done on this tray. Not sure how easy that would be on the smaller scale, though.

  135. Bible verse plaque

  136. carved fruit bowls

  137. Wow! I’m gonna go check out their site right now.
    I like serving bowls.

  138. Some beautiful, sturdy, wooden spoons.

  139. Mirror Frames

  140. As a person with small children, I really like the idea of wood items as wedding gifts. (Unlike glass gifts, they can withstand some abuse from children.) You have several beautiful items that would be appropriate. You might consider adding Jewelry Boxes and crosses on your site.

  141. A Salad Bowl. Also I read above and the communion cup holder is a great idea – but not my idea. The bread tray is so beautiful! 🙂 Thank you!

  142. This is beautiful. My hubby works with wood, it takes a lot to impress me

  143. We love simple handmade toys.

  144. I love this bread tray! What kind of item would I like to see? Hmmm…. a nice wood tray for a legit stone pizza oven- the ones you use to slide the pizza in and retrieve it when it’s done. Seriously!

  145. Bible verse plaque

  146. This is so beautiful. I hope I win.

  147. I like serving trays!

  148. So beautiful.
    Thank you

  149. i would love to see picture frames!

  150. Amazing work! How about a lazy susan for my table!

  151. Picture frames, or a huge wooden salad bowl 🙂

  152. hmmm…. wooden spoons with engraved handles? yep, that would be beautiful!

  153. I would love to see a bread box.

  154. Serving spoons, salad bowl, anything. Beautiful work!

  155. I love to see almost anything in wood with God’s word on it!!!!!!!!

  156. Very beautiful!! <3

  157. Nativity set!!!!

  158. This bread tray is just beautiful!

    I would suggest carving mezuzahs with the Shema on them (Deut. 6:4-9) to hang on doorposts. 🙂

  159. I would love to see a Passover plate, candlesticks and a Chanukah menorah.

  160. Candlesticks! When we were at a recent homeschool convention, I spent time drooling over their products. I would LOVE to get the engraved door frames…one day!

  161. I’d love to see napkin rings.

  162. I would love a manger scene…. all wood!

    Thanks for another fantastic giveaway!

  163. I would love to have them make serving tray with symbols of the passover or easter.

  164. Anything with scriptures on it! This tray is amazing!

  165. Napkin rings with Scripture would be beautiful!

  166. Scripture plaques would be lovely. A very pretty way to have scripture in the home.

  167. Ornaments. I saw a comment that said napkin rings. Love that idea.

  168. How lovely! It would be great to see a plaque or sign to hang above a doorway-