God could change things if He knew it was best for us.

It hit me the other day — as I was reading the book of Joshua. God can do whatever He wants. And He’s on our side.

I knew that. But somehow it penetrated my brain in a new way that day. I was reading about Joshua and the Israelites going out to fight against the Amorite kings who were attacking Gibeon. “The Lord discomfited them…the Lord cast down great stones from heaven upon them…for the Lord fought for Israel…” (Joshua 10).¬†God actually made the sun stand still that day until the Israelities had finished wiping out their enemies.

God can do whatever He wants. He is not hindered by circumstances or people or sin. Nothing stops Him from fulfilling His will. During the Christmas season, it seems like it is easy to look back over the past year and sometimes become discouraged or discontent. Nothing has changed; the same old problems may still plague us. The rebellious child, the indifferent husband, the tight finances — they’re still there. Things may have actually even worsened since the previous Christmas.

However, if God can hold the sun still until a battle is over, He can also¬†change those circumstances and people in our lives if He chooses to. If He hasn’t changed them, it’s because He’s using them to somehow bring glory to Himself. And He’s using them to change us.

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