Announcing a Contest, a New Book, and a Giveaway!

Let the whole earth be filled with His gloryToday is the first day of the 2012 Write Them on the Doorposts contest! We have some exciting prizes lined up (over $1,100 worth!), and we’re looking forward to seeing and sharing more ideas for decorating with Scripture and making it prominent in our homes. You can find the contest rules, prizes, and ideas here.

New book!

Write Them on the Doorposts coverWe also have a new book ready, just in time for this event. Write Them on the Doorposts is an eBook of inspirational ideas and photos that will help you decorate with Bible verses in your home. It’s on sale for only $3.50 right now!


We’d like to give away five copies of our new book, plus a $75 gift certificate to Wise Decor, which will help you get started with some Scripture wall lettering. Please tell your friends about our contest and help us spread the word!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. How exciting and inspiring! Thank you for this opportunity to learn to decorate our homes with the eternal Word of God!

  2. We have so much empty wall space in our living room, I’d love to put something up there!

  3. Have had a project in the planning for months now to frame Ps. 133:1 with several pictures of our boys together to hang in the hall near the bedrooms . . . hope to pull all the supplies out again soon.

  4. We would love this book! We used to have a beautiful blessing in our kitchen, but then we moved states and houses and have not put anything back on the walls. What a lovely idea.

  5. What a lovely idea to make this into a book, I definitely DO need inspiration. We have a small, 2 story entryway. I’ve been wanting to put scripture there so it’s the first thing we see when we rise, when we come in or go out and when guests enter our home. Just waiting for God to send the “right” verses. 🙂

  6. What a great giveaway! I would love to put more scripture on my living room walls. I have a framed Romans 12:21 and you can never have enough scripture around 🙂

  7. So excited to see all the inspirational ideas this year! I want to display Scripture in my bathroom and dining room. Looking for something beautiful that fits with my current decor.

  8. What could be more important than displaying the Word of God!

  9. Sharing the giveaway on twitter.

  10. I would like to put one in every room, but first in the kitchen.

  11. I do machine embroidery and picture framing, so I have already stitched up and framed several verses that I have hanging in my home. But, you can never have too many and I would like to continue adding them to the rest of the house.

  12. I would love to put up Scripture verses in my living room.

  13. I love decorating with bible verses. That way they are always in front of me as a busy mom of little ones. It also reminds me to teach them to my children. I’d love ideas on how to do some more. Thank you for the opportunity.

  14. We just moved and I have a lot of doors with space above them. Would love to place scripture there.

  15. Shared the contest on FB.

  16. This looks like a great book!

  17. What a great giveaway, thank you so much. I would love to have
    Gods word in my house on the walls. God bless and thank you. nancyt.

  18. I love the idea of making this into an ebook! I have lots of empty wall space to fill. I would begin with over my entryway to the family room.

  19. Thank you for letting us know about these books!! Obeying God’s Word—and doing it beautifully for His glory! What could be better? :o)

  20. I’d love to put some scripture on our bedroom wall (at this point I think it is the only wall I could put it on unfortunately!)

  21. I have a frame on my mantle, and I plan to print Bible verses and switch them out monthly. I’m still looking for a good autumn one, but have my November one all set!

  22. I shared this post on Facebook.

  23. I have the most adorable pictures of two of my little ones in the bath. All you can see in them are these two little faces; smiles from ear to ear, poking up through the bubbles. I’ve had this plan for like three years now, but want to frame them with a wide, multi opening mat and write, right on the mat, Psalm 51: 2, 7, and 10. Maybe I’ll get it done for the contest!!

  24. This sounds like a wonderful book. I am always looking for ideas on how to decorate with the scriptures.

  25. I shared this on FB, and I would like to post scripture in my entryway.

  26. I emailed some friends about the giveaway.

  27. I want to put a verse up on the first wall you see when you open our front door!

  28. I’d put a Bible verse up over our fireplace, but it would have to be on a separate sign, since it wouldn’t go up so well on the bumpy, uneven rockwork!

  29. Just found this blog through a link at Sarah Mae…love it!

  30. I have blank walls in my living room just dying for something, scripture would be perfect!

  31. Forgot to write where I’d like a Bible verse…on my main living room wall. 🙂

  32. I let my Facebook friends know about this contest!

  33. Would love to win – need all the decorating ideas I can get & want to find creative ways to post the Word in my house.

  34. The first place I want to post the Word is over the doorways to my kitchen – whether entering from front door or garage.

  35. I would love to win this book for some great ideas to have scripture next to my front door, so we can see it as we leave our home and enter the “mission field” (anywhere we go!).

  36. I’m telling my friends about this giveaway through e-mail!

  37. Our entryway!

  38. I’d like to have a verse in the office/homeschool area, since that’s where we spend most of our time.

  39. I shared about the giveaway on Facebook!

  40. I’d like to have a Bible verse in every room, but first, I think, I’d like one one the wall of our kitchen/dining area. Something about being thinkful for our blessings.

  41. I shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  42. On top of our entertainment center we have a long narrow area that would be perfect for a long rustic board with some scripture. Thats what I would do first. Then theres the fireplace mantel, the large mirror and the dining room wall…..:)

  43. Shared on FB

  44. I’d love to decorate with more Scripture! I always find verses I love but they are posted on sticky pads around my house… Not as beautiful as the word of God deserves.

  45. The idea of decorating with scripture has been on my heart this year. I’ve done a little bit in my daughters room, just by printing out some pictures I’ve seen. But I want more!! In the kitchen, in the living room, everywhere!!

  46. I spend a lot of my time in my kitchen, so I’d love to have Bible verses in there! I’d also like to make it easier to change Bible verses daily and weekly as the family memorizes them, or to add verses as we memorize long passages. Any ideas? Thank you!

  47. I shared on Facebook! Thanks!

  48. We have a large blank wall in our living room – I’ve always wondered what to put there. Scripture would be perfect! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  49. Shared the giveaway on FB!

  50. This looks like a great book. Thanks so much! 🙂

  51. I’m planning to write verses on the 2x4s exposed in the entryway before it gets all closed up.

  52. I would love to have a verse in our entry hall so you would see it as you enter our doorpost. 🙂

  53. Sharing the contest on facebook.

  54. I would love to put a Bible verse up in our dining room where we do school each day.

  55. I shared about this contest on my Facebook Page – The Modest Mom. Thanks!

  56. Now that we know we are staying in this home for a while I am ready to add some scripture to the walls!

  57. I have a big blank wall in my living room that’s begging for the Word. 🙂

  58. This is such a neat contest idea! I can’t wait to see ideas and inspirations. The new eBook looks awesome!

  59. Awesome! I have a tray? ceiling that has a beautiful molding around the edge….I have wanted to put scripture on it for all who enter our house to see, but never could figure it out! This would be a blessing! =)

  60. I would love scripture to be all over the house in every room. But I would love the first room to be our living room since we spend almost all of our time in here.

  61. I shared the giveaway on facebook

  62. thanks for the chance to win

  63. I would really like to have a verse run along the top of the ceiling in my family room.

  64. I shared by posting a link to this webpage on Facebook. 🙂

  65. Love this Website!
    I plan to put Scripture throughout my home! First one will be on our bedroom door. “I have found the one my heart loves.” from Song of Solomon.

  66. Sharing this with other bloggers and facebookers.

  67. I would find a place to post a scripture. I am visual so once I saw it I could find a place to display it in my home.

  68. I would love to have more scripture around the house. Right now I just print up verses and tape them up.

  69. I told a couple of friends via word of mouth. Thank you for the giveaway!

  70. One place I would like to put a verse is in our dining room.

  71. We love to decorate with Scriptures! We are in the process of moving and I have been brainstorming where and what I want on our walls. We have a wall in our dining area/kitchen that I want the first verse to be on. I would love a verse about God’s faithfulness. By the way, excellent idea on a book, I am looking forward to seeing all the ideas.

  72. I e-mailed my friends and family about this giveaway. I also plan to tell a few more people by word of mouth.

  73. I would love to put a Bible verse above our front door on the outside of our house. Been dreaming of doing that for years, just have to get the right materials to do it.

  74. I’d like to put Scripture on our walls in the living room and bathrooms.

  75. Our house needs more Scripture in the living room and dining room.
    Wow, $75.00 to spend on adorning a house w/God’s Word.
    Please enter me.
    Thank you. m

  76. We have verses throughout our home, except in our girls’ room. Looks like I need to do some thinking and painting.

  77. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  78. Wonderful contest and giveaway!! thank you!!

  79. Oops 🙂 forgot to answer the question! I have a lot of scripture in my home, but I would like it in my bedroom (in a way that matches my bedroom 🙂 )

  80. I shared this link on facebook!

  81. I would like to put a vinyl quote in my dining room, “O taste and see that the Lord is good…”

  82. I shared this on Facebook.

  83. Hello Forsters!
    This is Vienna Jacobson (aka. Kitty Lawrence) and I just wanted to let you know that I entered your contest! I don’t know if you remember, but I held your sweet little baby at the Oregon Homeschool Conference (I was running that booth opposite yours?) Anyway, Love you guys!

    Vienna J.

  84. I would love some scripture to go on my empty stairway walls!

  85. I would start with one in the boys’ school room.

  86. Would be great to have something in the kitchen since I spend so much time there, and it would be great to have a special verse to remind me of the Lord throughout the day!

  87. I don’t have Twitter, but I shared this post on FB. 🙂

  88. We are getting ready to move and I will have plenty of rooms/walls to decorate, but the family room and dining room are my two favorite places for Scripture…we spend the most time there!

  89. I shared on Facebook.

  90. I would love to put scripture above the french doors off of the dining room. It is the center of the house as you pass through the dining room on the way up or down both flights of stairs, from the kitchen and from the front entryway.

  91. I would put scripture on my living room wall. I emailed about this giveaway.

  92. I would love to put them in the living room.

  93. Definitely the living room area because that’s where we are the most. 🙂

  94. I used email to spread the word about the gift certificate giveaway.

  95. We would like something in our family room!!

  96. Sharing on facebook!

  97. “The joy of the Lord is my strength”

  98. I have a lot of kitchen wall space that I’ve been meaning to put Scripture on!

  99. Emailed friends about the giveaway.

    Earn with Energy:

  100. I have a header in my bedroom that I really want to paint a verse on. I would see it every morning when I wake up. My problem is I can’t decide which scripture to commit to….

  101. We have some huge wall spaces in our entry way and living room area. It would be a great place for God’s word- everyone who enters our home will immediately know that we love God and His word. Plus that area is open to our dining room which is where we have our homeschool. God’s word would be visible to our children constantly as they do their school work.

  102. Love this! I was just about to post on this very topic when I saw your email in my inbox! We’re trying to figure out the best way to decorate with Scripture. This book would sure help! Thanks!

  103. I would love to put the “right” verse on our living rooms walls. What a blessing to have God’s word on our walls each day as we play and spend time together!

  104. Great idea! I need some inspiration for decorating to draw attention to the Lord.

  105. I think the bathroom mirror would be a great place for a verse.

  106. Sounds like a wonderful book.

  107. We write scripture on the mirrors with dry erase markers. Please discount my previous comment – I didn’t realize there was a specific question to answer until after I had already commented.

  108. These look so neat! We have so much empty wall space it is hard to choose one. I would love to put some up in the bedrooms or the living room or the family room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. Thank you for yet another wonderful book. Such a blessing to be helped with posting scripture in our homes.

  110. Emailing and talking to friends and letting them know about your new book.

  111. I would like to display a Bible verse in our bedroom. It is very sparsely decorated, only one wedding pic in a big frame, and we need more reminders when we wake up and go to bed of the Lord’s goodness and mercy!!

  112. I want all of our walls to be filled with scripture and the faces of our sweet children. I would love to put more scripture up on the walls of our kitchen, where we still have blank walls after moving into this house 2 1/2 years ago:)

  113. I’m so excited about this! I shared it on facebook:)

  114. I have heard nothing but blessed comments regarding Doorpost, looks like this is another great resource.

  115. All of the walls in our house, but especially our living room!

  116. I want to post Prov. 14:4 on a large blank wall space in my laundry room. (Where there are no oxen…) I want some excellent, classy ideas for posting Scripture in our yard of Christ’s birth during the Christmas season.

  117. I am currently planning to put up some verses on the wall on our Children’s ministry and i think this will be a great resource! Thanks!

  118. I would love to have scripture on our den wall for everyone to see when they walk in. I would also like it over the door to bless and remind us Who we belong to as we go out into the world!

  119. I would love to have a Bible verse over our front door.

  120. I Want to put a scripture on a wall in every room in our house.

  121. We have Scripture banners in our living room, and I use the Songs for Saplings with our two young boys. I love hearing them sing Scripture throughout the day!

  122. So excited you are doing the contest again! Thanks!

  123. Just like God’s Word instructed His people, we too need to write His Words on our door posts and gates!!

  124. I would love Scripture in my son’s bedroom.

  125. I will tell my friend this morning on our way to Women of FAith conference.

  126. I’d love to have Scripture in my living room. Since that is the room folks gather in when visiting, it would be a wonderful place to share our love for our Lord and witness for Him.

  127. Wow, what an exciting opportunity. I have been thinking lately, how beneficial it would be to the spirit of our home to do this.
    Thank you so much for confirming this….

  128. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen and dining room, so I think that is where I would like to start.

  129. I put a link on my blog about this contest.

  130. we spend a lot of time in the kitchen so scriputre in the kitchen would be great

  131. will email and tell friends about your book

  132. How wonderful, we have recently been talking about redecorating our whole house. This would be perfect in helping us!

  133. We have a LOT of bare walls and I am no decorator…but Scripture on the walls would be so practical and beneficial to us all.

  134. Sounds like a great idea! There are several places I’d like to paint Scripture: boys’ room, girls’ room, living room, and dining room for starters.

  135. would love to win one!!

  136. I’d like to display a verse on my kitchen/den wall.

  137. I would love to have something cute by the mirror in our bathroom. That way the kids will read it as they are getting ready in the morning, and before they go to bed at night.

  138. Looking forward to any help I can get in following through with this project of putting God’s word into our hearts, minds, mouths…and walls!

  139. One of the many things I want to do is the Fruits of the Spirit in my kitchen.

  140. We have our favorite verse on the wall just as we enter our home. I also have verses in our family room, basement, master bedroom, and would like to get special verses in each of our kids rooms!

  141. I think the book would help give many more ideas – I would love that since my forte is not decorating!

  142. I tweeted about this~

  143. I don’t know if my first comment ever came thru. I would put these in my kitcheb dining room and living room. ACtually, probably all over!

  144. This looks like fun and a great idea! I love creative ideas and would love to use them on our walls for our family of nine!

  145. Would love to win this booklet! I’m trying to figure out which scripture I want to put on my fireplace mantle! My DH just finished building it and we have a black spot that needs it.

  146. What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  147. I posted about the ebook on my facebook! Can’t wait to download my copy.

  148. I would love to get creative enough to figure out a beautiful way to put scripture in our dining / kitchen area.

  149. Yeah! Thanks so much!!

  150. I would love a copy of this!!

  151. I would like to display a verse on my front door!

  152. We have very high ceilings and I have wanted to wrap scripture around our house on the top of walls.

  153. I shared the giveaway on facebook.

  154. I would love to have more in my kids rooms.

  155. I would love to have Scripture in my children’s bedrooms.

  156. I told my friends on Facebook and Twitter about the giveaway.

  157. I’d like to display Bible verses in the kitchen, where we spend lots of time!;-)

  158. I would like to have verses in our living room, on the first wall you see when you enter! Thanks for a chance to win!

  159. I would really appreciate the chance to win! I tell my friends about your company via word of mouth at homeschool meetings, co-ops, etc.

  160. I would love to display Bible verses in my dining room, which is the first wall that guests see when they enter my home.

  161. I’ve been looking for ways to put the eternal Truths of God in our home. Thanks for the ideas!

  162. I love all your publications. This is something I have wanted to do for years and am just getting starting!

  163. I would like to display a Bible verse over the doorway between our dining & lounge rooms so that everyone who enters the house can see it!

  164. I would like to display more Bible verses in our living room since that is where we spend the majority of our time.

  165. I shared the contest with my friends on fb.

  166. Above my children’s beds- so it’s the first thing they read when they wake up and the last thing they see at night.

  167. Shared it with my FB friends!

  168. I would like to add scripture in my bedroom and master bath. Thank you for the contest!

  169. I find such encouragement by being in other peoples homes where Scripture is displayed. I shared on my blog & facebook.

  170. I’m looking forward to seeing this book! I would love to win this contest!

  171. We have scripture on index cards in various places throughout our house, but I would really like to add some more permanent wall-hangings. I think I’d like to start in our schoolroom and sewing area.

  172. A great ministry. Will share with friends

  173. I would love to put some Scripture on the archway between our family room and kitchen.

  174. This is a great giveaway. I’ve got a few verses we’ve been thinking of getting made into wall art. 🙂 Shared on Facebook.

  175. I would love to add verses in the living room. You are a beautiful encouragement for our whole family!

  176. I would like to put scriptures on our front door as well as our kitchen/dining area.

  177. Love all your products! Would love to win

  178. I think a Scripture verse in the living room where we usually hang out in the evenings would be wonderful, or maybe in the bedrooms above the beds! =)

    This is such a great giveaway, thank you! I’m sharing with friends on facebook!

  179. I am working on getting verses up around our dining room. We eat in there and do school work, so it’s the perfect place to be surrounded by God’s word. Also working on getting scripture up around other parts of the house. 😀

  180. Oh, I have the PERFECT spot that I have been longing to have a scripture put!! It’s in the living room, next to all of the kids pictures, and I want to put up Psalms 127:3!! Thank you for this chance to win!

  181. We’re always looking for verses for our in-progress school room!

  182. my livingroom, so it is a constant reminder.

  183. I would love to put a large verse over our couch. Also, over our television, I’d like to put the verse, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.”

    Actually, I’d love to put verses on the walls of the children’s rooms, too… I think I should definitely read this book! 🙂

  184. What a great way to keep the scriptures before our eyes!

  185. I have been wanting to do this but don’t know where to start:-)

  186. I used facebook and twitter to tell others about the contest. 😀

  187. I would like to incorporate more Scripture in our family room and my boys’ room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. Would love this book for ideas 🙂

  189. The living room would be my first choice. We currently exchange verses on the fridge.

  190. Shared on facebook

  191. Love putting scripture on our walls in our home, excited to see the new book!

  192. everywhere, but especially my kitchen

  193. I love your site! I really want to put scripture in my dining room.

  194. Shared on Facebook.

  195. I am interested in this book. My husband and I have been trying to paint some verses on canvas to put on the walls…but it is harder to do than we thought.

  196. I have an archway in my living area which would be a beautiful place to display a Bible verse. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  197. I would love to have Scripture artwork for our family room/homeschool room!

  198. I’ve shared this giveaway on Facebook!

  199. I would love to have a scripture verse on my wall above my huge picture window!!

  200. I would love to have scripture on every bedroom wall

  201. Shared on FB

  202. I would love to display a scripture verse in all the bedrooms!

  203. I have often planned but just havent yet to put the verse “I will set nothing wicked before my eyes”….. in my family room where the t.v. and computer is used.

  204. I love all the decorating with lettering, would be an awesome prize.

  205. I would like to display Scripture in every room in my home, but I think I would start with the living room.

  206. I’d love to have more scripture framed on the living room walls. 🙂

  207. everywhere!! anywhere!! definitely a great way to keep scripture before your eyes. LOVE this!

  208. Everywhere & anywhere!! i love the idea of keeping Scripture before our eyes. and all of those who come w/in/

  209. I shared about the $75 Gift Certificate to Wise Decor Decorative Lettering by word of mouth.

  210. Anywhere & everywhere. I love this idea for keeping Scripture before our eyes & for anyone who enters our home.

  211. We have bare walls in every room! I would love each and every room to share scripture. The first place I would put it is where people enter our home.

  212. I commented on my Facebook page about it and posted the link to this post!

  213. Would love to put scripture above every door frame.

  214. Thanks so much for the chance to win. My kids have a toy room. I would love to put some scripture up on the walls of that room. Blessings!

  215. I would love to have a verse above my table in my camper!

  216. We would love to be able to hang something in our master bedroom and our living room.

  217. I would love one in our schoolroom. Thanks.

  218. I would like to start with our dining area and then work on the bedrooms.

  219. I shared this on Facebook.

  220. everywhere, I love to display my Savior and what He did for me as much as I can. I have been buying metal signs from Hobby Lobby with Bible verses a little at a time as they go on sale so we can be saturated with His Word. thank you for your ministry!!

  221. I have lots of blank space on the walls in our new home. Especially a huge vaulted ceiling in the living room. I think its a great idea to fill it with scripture!!

  222. On my bedroom wall. Or the front door.

  223. I would love to post some scriptures in my living room and kitchen.

  224. I’m thinking my boys’ room would be a great place for Scripture on the wall. The office is another good area. Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  225. I’d love to put something in our entryway

  226. I enjoy having verses throughout my home…the entryway, the kitchen, the bedrooms, halls, bathrooms… no place is excluded!

  227. Thanks for the giveaway!! I would love more scripture anywhere in my home and need ideas! I have really wanted to do something in the living room over the fireplace.

  228. I think I’d love Scripture over each of our doorways.

  229. I would love to implement this in our home.

  230. I just love your posts!

  231. I have a place in my livingroom that would be perfect to have a beautiful bible verse.

  232. I want to put scripture on my bedroom & hall walls.

  233. I shared the giveaway with my sister.

  234. This is a wonderful giveaway. I will be sharing with all of my friends on FB. Thank you.

  235. Woops…I would like to share a verse above our front picture window. That way we’d see it every day!

  236. I’ve dreamed of painting Scripture around the edge of my children’s room. I look forward to the other ideas you share.

  237. I keep saying I am going to put up some scriptures to help my family learn them together, but it just doesn’t get done by itself!! Ugh! I would put them in the kitchen where we could go over them during dinner. 🙂

  238. I posted a link on my facebook page!! 🙂

  239. How wonderful. I am soo glad to have found your blog through another. Thank you for the opportunity to win 🙂

  240. I would love to put a verse in our living room.

  241. Shared on facebook page.

  242. I will be sharing on FB. Also, would love to have verses posted in every common area of our home 🙂

  243. Such a cool give away! Thanks for having it.

  244. I will tell my friends about it on twitter. I would put verses in our entry way and in our bedroom.

  245. I am wanting to put the verse about children being a heritage from the Lord above the wall of pictures of my children.

  246. I love your products, they are such a blessing! Looking forward to this one soon. God Bless.

  247. I have been trying to find the perfect scripture to put in our bathroom. I have scripture in most of the other rooms, but the bathroom I am struggling with. Hopefully you can give me some inspiration. I posted this on FB too!!!

  248. I would put it by the front door so it’s visible.

  249. Shared giveaway on Facebook.

  250. I would love to have some fresh ideas for writing scripture in our home.

  251. I shared this contest on Facebook. 🙂

  252. We have a lot of bookcases and limited wall space. But one empty wall right now would be the kitchen wall.

  253. I would love to decorate my dining room walls.

  254. I would love to win this and decorate the big empty space in my living room! 🙂

  255. Wonderful site, great resources! I told people about the give away!

  256. This looks like it would be really nice. Thanks for the opportunity

  257. I have a blank wall that I have been unsure of what to put on it. A scripture verse would be a very good idea.

  258. I’ve been wanting to decorate my walls with Scripture for a long time…I’m excited to do the first one!

  259. We have several plans for scripture on our walls. We have a walling hanging in the living room from Joshua “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” We just moved into our new home after losing our home in Joplin in the May 2011 tornado. Right after the tornado, a dear friend told us that a scripture came to mind for us from Haggai: Hag 2:9
    The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the LORD Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,

    Now, we understand this is talking about the temple, but it really spoke to us during that time. Our pastor had been teaching on ‘peace’ and all that word entails. So in our new house, the living room has vaulted ceilings, and on the wall on the end, we are going to put this scripture.

    We also have a sign displayed with the scripture, “May you go out with joy and be led forth with peace” Isaiah 55:12.

  260. I would like to paint them in the school room – since that is where we spend most of our time …
    and maybe the kitchen cabinets – since that is the best place to paint in my whole house.

  261. I posted to my Facebook wall.

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