“Write Them on the Doorposts” Giveaway and Contest

“You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” Deuteronomy 6:9

Stenciling Scripture on the wallThis month, Katelyn and I are finally accomplishing a goal that’s been on our to-do list since moving into our house two years ago. We’re stenciling Scripture on our walls!

I’ve been thinking about various decorative and creative ways of placing Scripture in our home. Since this activity ties right in with Doorposts’ mission, we’ve decided to host a contest so we can all share ideas and inspire each other (more details later in this post)!

Why should we write God’s Word in our homes?

The Ten Commandments

In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, God commands Israel to write His words on the doorposts of their homes, but the real point of these verses is that we should write God’s Word on our hearts. God wants us to love Him with all our heart, soul, and strength.

Writing Scripture on our doorposts is not the end goal, but it is one of the means God prescribes that will help us love Him and obey His Word more faithfully. Here are a few reasons for making Scripture prominent in our homes:

  • Because we will see it often.
  • Because it helps us memorize and remember God’s Word.
  • Because it will give us more opportunities to meditate on and talk about Scripture with our spouse and children in the context of daily life.
  • Writing God’s Word in our home is a witness to visitors. It’s an opportunity for outsiders to read God’s Word, and to see that it’s important to us.

Announcing the “Write them on the Doorposts” Contest!

Starting today, Doorposts is hosting a contest! We want to share ideas and encourage more families to make Scripture prominent in their homes. We hope you’ll join us by submitting one or more photos showing how you’ve decorated with Scripture. (Read the contest details here!).

Behold, children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is a reward

Contest Prizes:

Contest prizes include $500 in gift certificates to Exodus Books, Wise Decor, and Doorposts. Winners will be announced on December 6, 2011.

Today’s Giveaways: (Sorry, this giveaway has ended as of October 20)

To help kick off the contest and spread the word, we’re offering five prizes which will be given away one week from now:

Enter today’s giveaway by sharing about this contest, and commenting on this post for each way you share. Here are some ideas:

  1. Tell a friend about this contest (in person or by phone)
  2. Share this post on Facebook
  3. Email your friends about the contest
  4. Tell people at your church or homeschool group
  5. Write a post about this contest on your blog
  6. Add a link to this contest post on your blog sidebar (you can use one of these buttons if you like: 125×125150×150200×200)
  7. Post this (or a similar) message on Twitter:
    Doorposts contest: Placing God’s Word in our homes – $500 in prizes! http://bit.ly/pnnkMg #homeschool #bible

Be sure to comment on this post telling us what you did. Each comment is a separate entry. No limit to entries, as long as you are sharing with different people each time. Winners will be randomly drawn from the comments on Thursday, October 20.

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  1. Shared on facebook – LOVE this idea!

  2. We shared this with all our facebook friends and forward your posts to friends, too. Many receive your blog updates now. Thank you for your ministry. We are bringing up four sons and the challenges never end. Your blog encourages me to do my very best in training the hearts of our children and my own heart, too, to please God.
    I would love to hear something helpful on helping our older children choose music and entertainment wisely. We are very selective about television programming but the internet and library have brought the world to our sons’ laps (or more specifically, lap-TOPs…and earBUDs, etc.) It’s difficult to even know what they are exposing themselves to when your sons are so good with technology that there’s no longer any point to “parental controls”. Two sons are interested in forensics and FBI work! We talk a lot and they are very open about what they’re listening to, watching, etc. I would like some simple questions or guidelines to teach them to evaluate entertainment themselves.

  3. I shared on Facebook. I would love to win this contest because we have been looking for another scripture for our walls! If I don’t win, I can always check out wise decor 🙂 My husband and I lead a group of parents who are desiring to live out Deuteronomy 6 in their parenting and we have shared your products and blogs with these precious families – thank you for your commitment to the Lord and the generations to come!

  4. Oh how I love the way you are stenciling scripture on your walls. Such a beautiful idea. My husband and I don’t currently own the home we are living in, so I don’t have that option but plan to keep it in mind for the future home we are hoping to buy. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂


  5. So excited about this contest! This will get me motivated to get all the ideas in my head onto my walls! Thank you! Told several friends.

  6. Also shared on Facebook. Thanks!

  7. Shared on facebook and my email newsletter. I love and use doorposts, you guys are a blessing in our lives!

  8. We have always had Scriptures on index cards all over the house, tucked into kitchen cabinet door moldings, bathroom mirror frames, and window casings, along with selected verses framed. Having Scriptures always before us allowed for memorization while washing dishes, folding laundry, and walking by the way, for even the youngest reader. Thank you for introducing Wise Decor! I forwarded your email to my family :-D, and am now searching for empty wall space. Hahaha 🙂

  9. I have told other family members. My family prints off whatever scripture we are learning about and tapes it to the walls and doors. Having scripture hung up in the house is a great reminder of God’s word. Especially when you are struggling with a particular sin.

  10. Thank you for this opportunity – this is a fabulous idea!

  11. Shared on facebook 🙂

  12. Emailed this out to friends and family 🙂

  13. I shared via email! I think this is so important! We have lots of scripture on our walls. Thanks!

  14. Posted on FB.

  15. Shared about this contest with friend on the phone!

  16. Shared about this contest with friend via email.

  17. Called a family member and let them know, too!

  18. Emailed all my family members about this contest! What a great way to surround ourselves with God’s Word!

  19. shared on my FB!!!
    Love your stuff!! Hope I win!!!

  20. I absolutely love the idea of stenciling scripture as a border. This sounds like a project we need to start at our house. Thanks for sharing. I am going to fb share this now and email to friends.

  21. Shared on FB – thanks for a great giveaway.

  22. I shared on facebook! So excited about this!

  23. I also put a button on my blog!

  24. shared on facebook, liked on facebook, shared with a friend, and am sharing at our homeschool rec group! Love Doorposts!

  25. Posted on Fb. We love to hang scriptures on the door frames all around the house.

  26. I shared this contest on Facebook!

  27. I, too, have been moved to have more scripture around our house not only for our own family to just be surrounded by His word, but also for those that enter our home to be blessed and washed with His word. I have used the vinyl lettering before and really like the look of it and the ease of application. Over our dinner table reads Bless All Who Gather Here. We also have a variety of framed prints and such one of my favorites is one my husband got for me for my birthday which reads Faith~Hope~Love…But the Greatest of These is Love…

  28. I shared this via e-mail

  29. I shared this with my homeschool group!

  30. I shared on facebook! Great giveaway!

  31. I shared about it on my Facebook page!

  32. I emailed a friend about it.

  33. I shared on my Facebook wall.

  34. Shared on facebook!

  35. Shared on FB.

  36. I shared link on facebook. I was looking around our home and not seeing anything on our walls except for pictures. I’m taking this suggestion to heart and starting to plan where to place different verses in our home. Love this project! Thank you for including the links…will definitely use them to bring scripture to our walls at home. Thank you!

  37. I shared it on facebook, and I’ll be telling people about it. Thanks!

  38. I shared this post on my facebook wall! kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com!! Hope to win 🙂

  39. I emailed my homeschool group with this info!!! kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

  40. Told a friend about this over the phone.

  41. I shared this on Facebook!

  42. Emailed a few people about this ~ love it!

  43. Shared on Facebook.

  44. I emailed this post to several friends!

  45. I tweeted about this!!!

  46. I called my best friend and homeschool mother herself about this giveaway!! kevinkaylaarrowood 123 at yahoo dot com

  47. Posted on Facebook!
    We are just finishing up painting our kitchen and are looking forward to putting something on the walls in there!

  48. Just shared via email with the 110+ members of our home school network in South Austin 🙂

  49. Emailed my sisters, mom and sister-in-law.

  50. I told a friend today, on the phone!

  51. I emailed a friend about this today!

  52. I told a church friend about this today.

  53. I told a friend on the phone today

  54. I told a church friend today

  55. Shared on facebook…..we’ve been turning an old clinic into a home in White Mountain, AK, a remote native village in Alaska where God has called us to serve. I have finished two walls in my living room and can’t wait to stencil scripture!

  56. Great idea. We’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time. I’m not artistic, but with your inspiration this will be the next project we tackle.

  57. Shared on Facebook

  58. I Tweeted. This is wonderful!! I have always wanted to stencil Scripture on my walls, too and we’ve been here 3 years now. This may just give me the kick I need!! Thank you! 🙂

  59. I shared on Facebook – 🙂

  60. I shared with my church–we have a private Facebook group that is pretty active. It makes it much easier since they can see and click the link rather than having to write it down in person. 🙂

  61. I love this idea. I have been trying to get those wooden scripture signs above each of my doors in my house. So far I have three. I would love to win this contest!

  62. Forgot to say, I shared this on facebook. 🙂

  63. I’m always more than happy to post Doorposts on my facebook page!

  64. This is great! I’ve been looking for ways to post more scripture on our walls. We play scripture all day in our kitchen on cd. We find that listening to God’s Word all day and all night keeps our home more peaceful. Amazing… as soon as I turn it on some evenings things settle down within 5 minutes.

  65. I tweeted about your give-away.

  66. Sharing this on facebook!

  67. I put a button in my sidebar 🙂

  68. I shared on Facebook.

  69. Share this with our homeschool group on their email tree.

  70. I shared on FB and tagged Doorposts. Stenciling is a wonderful idea! I’m going to have to do that. In the meantime, I’m going to have to borrow a working camera and post my pics 🙂

  71. I told a friend about it!

  72. I added the button to my sidebar! 🙂

  73. I shared on Facebook. What a GREAT contest! I’m always looking for inventive ways of displaying scripture in our home. Thank you, Doorposts. I’m so excited!

  74. I shared about this contest on Facebook!

  75. I shared this on my facebook page. 🙂

  76. I tweeted about this contest on Twitter!

  77. I called and told family over the phone, too.

  78. I shared on facebook…I love your materials, thanks for the great ideas

  79. We started adding God’s Word to our walls years ago when we bought the scriptures you offer! Thank you for the additional resources with Wise Decor! I shared on my FB page this contest…what an excellent idea! Blessings!

  80. A friend made me a pic of beautiful clouds and 1 Thess 4:16-17. She framed it and gave it to me as a gift, I treasure it. We also go to Hobby Lobby when they have sales on wall decor and get tin signs with verses on them to hang around the house.

  81. shared on FB thank you

  82. I shared with a friend.

  83. I emailed a friend about this contest.

  84. I called a friend and told them about your contest and giveaway. I guess I haven’t put a lot of thought into putting Scripture on the walls of our home. Interesting. I will definitely think this through.

  85. I shared on FB.

  86. I emailed a friend.

  87. I shared with my homeschool group.

  88. I told our homeschool swim team mothers about this in person (5 mothers).

  89. emailed a friend

  90. Shared with homeschooling group!

  91. Shared with all my Christain friends 😉

  92. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer)

    I shared on Facebook.

  93. I’ve shared through e-mail.
    Great idea – I need to start snapping photos of our Scriptures now…

  94. I shared in person.

  95. I shared on facebook.

  96. I shared with people from our church.

  97. I shared with our homeschool group.

  98. Tweeted today 10/13/11

  99. Posted on FB today 10/13/11

  100. Thanks for the contest. I’m always looking for new ideas for “writing them on the doorposts”. Shared this with my Facebook friends.

  101. Shared on Facebook 🙂

  102. I shared with a friend!!!!! Love this contest too!

  103. Yay! Just shared on Facebook too!

  104. We’ve been planning on putting Scripture throughout our house, but haven’t found anything “right” yet! 🙂 Would love some gift cards to help make this happen! Shared on FB.

  105. I shared on facebook.

  106. Sent email to a batch of friends. 🙂

  107. Shared giveaway on FB and mentioned how I love Doorposts there too!

  108. Told a friend in person too. 🙂

  109. shared on facebook.

  110. also emailed friends not on facebook.

  111. Bette Hollingsworth

    I sent this to my friends via email. I felt like the Lord had said to me this year for our homeschool year that I was to put the scriptures on the wall. God always sends his message to many. Thanks

  112. I facebooked about the contest!

  113. I also tweeted about the contest!

  114. I posted it on Facebook! 🙂 Thanks!

  115. Shared on Facebook. I have been working on implementing this idea for a few years! We have big post on our porch and plan to wood burn a fruit of the spirit on each one eventually.

  116. I shared on facebook! Thank you!

  117. Shared on Facebook!

  118. Shared the link on facebook. I hope it brings more people to your website. It has so many awesome resources.

  119. I just shared this on Facebook. Thanks! 🙂

  120. I saw your link from a friend on facebook, so couldn’t help but pass it on to my friends the same way!

  121. Shared on FB. 🙂 I am thankful for you all, and this giveaway!

  122. How exciting! I e-mailed this post to friends!

  123. I also told a friend about it!

  124. We forwarded to my cousin and aunt! I am a special needs student who is part of Honor Society at my school. We are encouraged to both memorize scripture and enter contests, this was perfect!

  125. Great idea for a contest! My family’s photography website (http://VerticalFocusPhoto.com) has a very similar mission derived from this Deuteronomy 6 passage. We offer free downloads of original photographs with encouraging Bible verses that anyone can use to add Scripture to the walls of their home (or the wallpaper of their computer). This helps our family to maintain a vertical focus! Keep up the good work, Doorposts!

  126. Shared this on Facebook

  127. I tweeted the contest. I am so excited about this contest. We just decided to start adding some scripture verses to our house, so I’m excited to get it done so we can enter!!

  128. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer)

    Posted on Twitter

  129. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer)

    Told my homeschool group

  130. Hi, this has inspired me to look at how I can be creative in placing scripture in my home. We are a Christian family, raising three boys (all busy, ages 14, 10, and 5). In raising boys, I have found scripture to be useful everyday. The boys respond differently if I have taken time for myself in scripture too. God is a wonder that I just do not understand. I am searching and reaching for understanding of God’s greatness. Enjoy your home scripture writing. It will bless you and all that read it. God bless you all.

  131. O shared on facebook.

  132. I shared on Facebook! I’ve been wanting verses all over my house since my first apartment! I still have not done it. I shall soon!!!

  133. I shared on facebook! Love this idea!

  134. I just emailed this to a friend. thanks..

  135. mamajhoward@gmail.com

    Shared with homeschool group – maybe someone new will find your materials helpful.

  136. mamajhoward@gmail.com

    Sharing on facebook – the resources I have bought from you have been a great blessing and help me to keep perspective with our family.

  137. sharing on facebook! not only a good idea…but God’s will for our lives! <3

  138. Placed a button with link to your contest on my sidebar.

  139. Shared on Twitter (@hscottage)

  140. Sent an email sharing the contest

  141. I told all my family about the contest. I love word walls!

  142. I shared on Facebook about this. What a great idea!

  143. Thank you for this opportunity! Just shared about it on Facebook.

  144. Thanks for offering this contest–what an awesome idea! I just sent it out to other moms I know.

  145. I emailed my sister and called a friend.

  146. Posted to Facebook wall on 10/13/2011 and told both of my sisters, my sister in law and a few good mom friends!!!

  147. What a great giveaway! I’d love a chance to win. 🙂

  148. I shared with my daughter! I love this giveaway! We have and scriptures framed, crosstitched on different items, but it has always been my dream to put them above each doorway in our home. Thank you for entering me!

  149. I shared on Facebook. Great giveaway!

  150. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  151. I added your button to my sidebar.

  152. I emailed lots of friends.

  153. I am mentioning this to our MOMS group at church next week!!

  154. I’ve always been interested in the idea of literaly writing scripture on our doorposts. We rent so a permanent method is not an option but we use scripture for decorating.
    I’ve posted this contest on facebook (which is also how I learned about it).

  155. Love it!! I visited Doorposts at my convention this past summer … bought the IF, Then chart.

    Posted to FB

  156. Shared with my sister.

  157. Shared with my mom–a real Bible scholar!

  158. I shared this on FB-how exciting!

  159. Posted link to this blog on The Homeschool Channel. Hope you receive many blessings.

  160. I shared this via email – oh how I would love to win!!

  161. Told a friend about this contest (in person or by phone)

  162. Shared this post on Facebook

  163. Emailed my friends about the contest

  164. Told people at your church or homeschool group

  165. I shared this email with so many friends! I think this is such a great idea. I have had an idea in mind about a scripture for my kitchen and now I will finally get it on my walls! Good luck everyone!

  166. I shared this post on facebook

  167. Posted on Facebook! What a great idea for a giveaway!

  168. I shared via email.

  169. This is such a wonderful idea to encourage others to put scripture all throughout their homes! I have forwarded this to friends via email and will be posting on Facebook as well!

  170. Emailed this blog to a friend! They have had hand written scriptures pinned onto the walls of their living room for over a year. They keep adding to it and the wall is almost covered!!

  171. I posted about this contest to my blog. I was just working on painting 1 Peter 3:3,4 on the wall in my daughters’ bedroom this morning. Excited about this contest. Will we be able to see other people’s ideas/projects??

  172. And…I just shared this blog on Facebook for friends I may not have thought to email! 😉

  173. Shared on my blog:http://thenittygrittylife.blogspot.com/
    marcee dot rodgers at gmail dot com

  174. Years ago I wrote scripture on index cards and put the cards on the backs if all the doors in our house-15 doors. 8 years later when we made a cross country move from Texas to south Dakota I left the cards behind for the family that was to rent our home. The scriptures in the bedrooms pertained to peaceful sleep, the scriptures on the pantry were about Gods daily bread. The scripture for the laundry room was about washing our sins as white ad snow. Our new house now has a scripture plaque in everyroom. I even wrote in permanent marker on the outside of the house by the front door.

  175. Emailed Bible study ladies/girlfriends!

  176. I shared the link on Facebook. Thank you for offering this contest and for the great products you have at Doorposts!

  177. I shared on Twitter!

  178. I e-mailed a friend!

  179. I “liked” you on Facebook 😉

  180. Posted this on Facebook!

  181. Told my husband about this (since he is my best friend)…also told him we needed more scripture hung around our house. We have it in every room of our home but we are always looking for more ways to have it up there

  182. I shared this post with my home school group.

  183. I forwarded your email…God bless you all for reminding others to keep God’s Word at the forefront of the home! How transformed the world would be if everyone accepted this challenge. Thank you for your boldness and committment to our Lord! We appreciate your continued work to strengthen families.

  184. Emailed my sister-in-law about this

  185. Wrote about this on our blog

  186. Shared this with a friend that is decorating her new house!

  187. Shared on facebook. 🙂

  188. I have posted on facebook,
    Sent an email to my homeschool group….
    posted on my web site…..
    and twittered about it.

    next i will work on getting some more word of the Lord on more of our walls.

  189. Shared on facebook.

  190. I e-mailed it to a couple friends, I shared it on Facebook, I shared it with my homeschool group, and I told a friend about it on the phone! Thanks for all you do!

  191. I was in a leadership meeting of my church’s mom’s group tonight and I was very blessed by the host woman’s home. In every room of her home, the Word of the Lord appears in a variety of ways (like even the soap dispenser in the bathroom with Psalm 27:1 and her hand towels saying “Give Thanks”) and it was such a blessing. I remembered your article and told her how much her home ministered to me and the timing was so neat based on your article I read today. I emailed her this article to share!

  192. I shared about this awesome idea with a friend in person, also within my homeschooling group and forwarded the email from Doorposts about it. I’ve been thinking I want God’s Word on the walls of my home. This is such an encouragement! Thanks

  193. By beholding we become. Writing God’s Word in our homes will help us to behold the Truth more often and certainly opens the door to minister to others. The best deco for homes. I have forwarded your email to friends and home schooling groups. Hope many will be inspired.

  194. What a HUGE blessing this will be to someone. I forwarded this email as well as shared on FB.

  195. I immediately thought of a godly friend and so forwarded the email regarding the contest to her. I will also go share on my Facebook page. I am really looking foward to seeing entries/winners; I hope to see inspiring ideas (no pun intended). Thanks!

  196. Shared on FB.

  197. I have written a post of my blog and emailed friends about the contest. Great challenge!

  198. God is so amazing! Months ago I had bought a “paint pen”, desiring to write Scripture on our daughters’ room wall. Last night, as I was in bed, I thought about that paint pen and was thinking that we should incorporate it into art for the girls’ schooling. Then, this morning, I read about your contest and this will be such a motivation and inspiration for us to get it done! Thanks!

  199. I shared the information with my homeschool group and two other friends. It was exciting to receive this blog information since my daughter and I have been talking for a couple of months about putting scripture up in our home. We currently have only one scripture up.

  200. Hello, shared this contest with my family and friends. We are so excited to be a part of the contest as we just started making vinyl scripture that sticks on a wall, but can also come off if you need it to. We only have one scripture up on a wall right now so your contest has inspired my family to make some more. It is such a sweet and blessed feeling to walk into my house after a long day and see the beautiful scripture on my wall. Makes me glad to be home!!! Thanks again for the contest!!

  201. Forwarded this message to 13 of my friends…

    “Thought some of you girls might be interested in this or know of someone else that might. Our family has used Doorposts over the years and they have wonderful bible-based parenting and character training materials. This company is owned and operated by the Forster family. Many of the products offered were developed & used by the Forster’s themselves – so they are tried & true! They also have an awesome weekly blog that is very encouraging. I have really enjoyed staying connected to this company & family’s Godly example, at home & in the marketplace.”

  202. I shared on my facebook page. What a great idea to spread God’s work around. I’ve been wanting to stencil on my son’s walls for a long time. Now, I need to find the right verse! Thank you for the reminder!

  203. We were just talking this week about putting scriptures about the house, to help our children remember key verses. Thanks for the ideas!

  204. Pinned this on to Pinterest. Believe me this will spread quickly! How awesome!

  205. Entry 1: Facebook posting

  206. Entry 2: Twitter posting

  207. Entry 3: emailed family members who need some Doorposts in their house! 🙂

  208. Shared on Facebook.

  209. Blog post…which happens to contain pics of the Scripture I have on my walls 😉


  210. Posted my blog post on my Facebook Fan page, does that count?

  211. Shared on Facebook… need to get busy doing this in our house!

  212. I love this idea, I have planned to stencil scripture for some time, you have jogged my memory!

  213. Shared on facebook and by word of mouth to other homeschool moms & others I know. I also e-mailed pics to Daniel. Would love to win any of these prizes, a great give a way, helping to get scripture in homes a mission in its own!

  214. I shared this on facebook.

  215. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer)

    Added a link on my sidebar.

  216. I shared on facebook! Love your charts 🙂 I was just thinking about painting verses on the walls, but was scared to mess up, lol. We just moved so the whole house is a blank slate! Thanks for standing firm in the faith. ~ Kim

  217. Shared on FB — way to spur one another on!

  218. I tweeted about the giveaway! @n10tionalgrace

  219. Thank you for this opportunity!

  220. I shared on Facebook. Thank you, again!

  221. I shared on Facebook!!! I hope I WIN!!! I would LOVE to have this!!!

  222. I’ve been thinking about doing going the route of stenciled verses in our daughters’ room and our foyer as I’ve seen it done in other homes and really liked it. We have a Mezuzah hanging by our front door and a Home Rules Tapestry hung on the wall. Thank you for the link to “Wise Decor”. It will help us to add more of the Word to special places in our home. I’ll be passing this info on to our MOPS group!

  223. I shared this contest with my Facebook friends.

  224. I forwarded an email about the contest to my homeschool group.

  225. Great contest idea! I’ve told several friends about it.

  226. I tweeted about this on Twitter. Thanks for giving us incentive to add more Scripture to our home with this contest.

  227. I forwarded the email to my friend. We love this idea!

  228. I shared it on my facebook page! yeah..I’m not much of a facebooker, ask my friends….it took me about 7 minutes to figure it out.

  229. I shared this link with my FISH group here on Okinawa.

  230. I sent an email with the link to my homeschool group.

  231. I called a friend to let her know! Great contest:)

  232. I love your idea of stenciling scripture throughout the house! I have scripture on 3×5 cards on my kitchen cabinets. Your encouragement gives me new ideas!! Sharing with my homeschool group!

  233. Thanks to Shirley Murray I found out about this great idea. I shared it with friends on email.

  234. Shared with family that I knew would enjoy. I love this idea and have been thinking about doing this in 2 rooms for a long time (longer then 2 years!) so this contest might be the motivation I need to get it done! Like the Wise Decor link too.

  235. Posted on facebook

  236. I have yet to do it, but a friend of mine has small 3×5 framed verses over every lightswitch, in front of every faucet and above every toilet paper dispenser. I love the idea and the framed cards were even made to look like small scrapbook cards.

  237. i’m telling my homeschool group- we are a small but mighty one! lol

  238. I have emailed this to a group of friends. Thanks for the give-away!

  239. I posted on my facebook page!

  240. I told my best friend about the contest. We are getting out our cameras!

  241. Told a friend.

  242. shared with some friends and will continue to pass on the word.

  243. Verlain Todd Regina

    I posted it in on Facebook and emailed it to almost everyone in my contacts!

  244. I told people at our church about this contest.

  245. I put a button on my blog!

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  247. I shared it on FB. Great idea.

  248. Posted this to my peeps on facebook!

  249. I emailed a friend. I have several scripture tapestries in my home

  250. I shared with 14 email friends and on my facebook!

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  252. I tweeted this @Growing Real.

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  254. Emailed my homeschool group.

  255. I shared your contest on facebook.

  256. I posted your contest on my blog!

  257. What a great idea! I posted on Facebook.

  258. I shared this with several friends and am excited and motivated to give it a try! I’ve always wanted to do it and now have the inspiration that I need! Thanks, Doorposts!

  259. I’m sharing this with several friends from church via email and in person. Love this! I paint scripture canvases and have them all over our home, and paint often for friends. Excited to enter the contest.

  260. Posted to FB

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  262. Emailed a friend.

  263. I shared with my facebook contacts! Love this and excited to enter! Thanks!

  264. I posted on my face book page!

  265. I shared it on facebook and emailed it to some friends. Great idea.

  266. I just emailed it to some friends and shared it on facebook. great idea. thanks

  267. Posted on Facebook. Emailed my entire homeschool group!! I have scripture all over my house, but it’s all on 3×5 cards. Not very pretty. Would love to get some up with actual paint!!

  268. shared on Facebook. I am a new follower and super excited about this blog and especially this giveaway!

  269. Hi,
    I have shared on Facebook.
    I have added your button with a link back here to contest on my blog side.
    I have twitted about this contest.

    Love the contest, but more than that the reason behind it. Wonderful idea!

  270. Thanks for the opportunity! I forwarded the email to three friends.

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  279. I emailed friends and family 🙂

  280. I also called friends and family and will be spreading the word at church tonight 🙂

  281. I just shared on facebook…I REALLY need the Parenting Essentials Kit from Doorposts and would LOVE to win a gift certificate to order it!

  282. I shared the news about this contest with relatives.

  283. I shared this with church friends.

  284. I told my sister about this contest.

  285. I shared this with our church youth director.

  286. I told my daughters about this contest. I am planning to incorporate some Scripture art into our homeschool schedule for next month.

  287. Posted on facebook and shared with friends! THANKS!!!

  288. I love this idea, too. We have several Scripture verses around the house. I would like to share a photo on here. How do we do that?
    Pat for the Morris family.

  289. I just emailed this to a friend who has always wanted to add verse to their walls.

  290. I have forwarded this to Friends we just visited who have painted Verse on their walls of their home. I hope they can find a way to send you a photo of their beautiful writing on “their walls”.

  291. I have used stickers from The Dollar Tree many times for our walls. They often have scripture verse and complimentary stickers that you can use on the wall. We have used single verses in some places. We have used a Bible Thought, such as “With God all things are possible”. We have used the letters sheets to create our own verses “letter by letter” placing a pencil line with a level onto the wall ( very Lightly ), and they sticking the letters in order on the line. We have also intentionally put letters on “unevenly” to give a more whimsical look.

  292. One of my favorite Scripture wall, actually a whole room, was to use a small 6″ roller of one color of paint curving the roller to create a wave of a 6″ border around the room, just 1-2 feet below the ceiling. Then when dry, take a 4″ roller on the top of the 6″ border in the center. ONLY do about 3 feet at a time. BEFORE this drys ( it is a different color paint than the base paint from the 6″ band.). take your finger and “calligraphy” your verse, fingerpainting style, right on top of the paint, not worrying about if it goes slightly above or below the 4″ border, still wet. They progress along the room with your verse, keeping moving quickly, so the paint on top is removed as you finger write your verse, revealing the color of the 6″ border. Let all this dry. You can then add small highlights or accents as desired in a third color. We have quite a lot of comments about the Finger work that is cursive writing on our walls, and have this “guest” room to bless our visitors with the Word as they stay with us.

  293. Posted a couple of posts on Facebook about this contest.

  294. I added your button to our blog, although it is not yet public/published, I am happy to add your site to our recommended blogs.

  295. I am going to email this idea of adding a blog button to 3 of my daughters who are working on their blogs, hopefully soon to be published. We enjoy representing doorposts at conventions on occassions, and are pleased to recommened these to my daughters so they can promote by blog recommendation.

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