Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 30: Doing

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Our last day! God teaches us as we dig into His Word. How do we keep from forgetting what He’s taught us? How do we actively put into practice all that we’ve learned?

Here’s some ideas!

  • Share what you’ve learned with someone else. Share some new insights with a friend, tell your husband what you learned in the study, or show a friend or one of your children how to use this method of study.
  • Take the methods you’ve learned and continue to use them to study another passage. Use the outline from Day 27’s supplement to give you some ideas as you finish studying Colossians or start studying another Bible passage. Look for patterns and repeated words and mark what you believe will help you grow to better understand the passage.
  • Write goals. Be specific. What actions will you take as a result of what you have learned? In what ways will you think differently? Pick just one or two goals, so you won’t be overwhelmed. You can always come back, review the lesson, and write some new goals when you’ve reached your first ones.
  • Be accountable.Share your goals with someone else. Ask her to hold you accountable. If you’re committing to daily Bible study, email her when you’ve finished your study each day.
  • Reread the chapter at least once a week. Or download it onto your iPhone or MP3 player and listen to it each week.
  • Memorize the entire chapter. (It’s not as hard as it sounds, especially if you’ve been reading it all month. I have managed to memorize the whole chapter, and I’ll bet my brain is a lot older and more worn out than most of yours!) I used Memorize His Word to help me learn it, but there’s lots of ways to help yourself accomplish such a goal. Go back and check out Day 21’s lesson for a few ideas to help you memorize. Look online for more.
  • Read Jesus + Nothing = Everything, by Tullian Tchividjian. This book has been sitting on my shelf, waiting for me to read it, for several months. My daughter, Susannah, finally decided to read it, and we found out it’s message is based on the book of Colossians! It looks like it would make a great follow-up for our Colossians study!
  • Listen to Pastor Tchividjian’s Sermon Series on Colossians. Bethany, our other at-home daughter, just tracked this one down, and she’s says the sermons are amazing! So I’ve already downloaded those to listen to in the car. They can also be watched or listened to on your computer.
  • Ask for a wide margin Bible or Inductive Study Bible for Christmas!

Some wide margin options are:

  • The New International Study Bible is the Bible that got me excited about inductive Bible study many years ago. It is full of suggestions and charts to help the reader observe and study the text, lists of key words to look for, etc. The new version that is now available has smaller margins than my old one does, but the study helps are really good.
  • AND … Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post! To celebrate the completion of our month-long study together, we’ll be announcing Doorposts’  Busy Mamas’ Bible Study Giveaway! We’ll be giving away a package of over $100 worth of Bible study tools!

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