First Place Winner of the Doorposts of Your House Contest!

Check out this collection of room-appropriate verses before you learn who our first prize winner is at the end of this post!

Nice arrangement of the text, and posted in a very appropriate place. Is that an olive tree in the corner? 🙂


What a nice photo of this room with its verse!


Beautiful photo! Check out Kerry’s blog to learn how she transformed a thrift find into this lovely verse display.


Great verse to read on the way to bed at the end of a busy day!


Peaceful artwork to match a peace-pursuing verse. Annie says, “This verse is a great reminder to take the time to think about God and who He is.  It is great for us because we have five children who don’t want to be “still” very often.”

Nice colors and graphics!


More vinyl lettering put to good use. If this family has as much trouble as we do sometimes with ours, I can understand why they posted this verse over the printer!


And — at last — here’s our 1st prize winner! Annie Holt has been busy! She sent us a bunch of great entries that show Scripture all through her house, all very beautifully rendered. The “Come to Me” and “Be still” photos above are also her work. She’s done such a nice job of integrating her artwork with her lettering, and creating images that blend so nicely with each room!

Annie wins a $150 gift certificate for Doorposts and a $100 gift certificate for Vision ForumCongratulations, Annie! Thanks for inspiring us!

Vision Forum

Thank you all for joining us, and thanks to all who entered our contest! May God bring fruit from His Word!

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  1. Wow! Those are all sooo amazing! And congrats to the winner, because that is really beautiful! The picture of the purple wall with lettering is really pretty!

  2. Love the “Be Still…”!

  3. Annie’s entries are beautiful!

  4. How amazing! God is so good!!! I first need to say something to clarify our beautiful walls…
    A sweet and dear friend of mine, Faith, came to help us for a month when our 5th baby was born. That was just this past September. She is the gifted artist who painted the walls in our home. We had long desired to have scripture on our walls and that happened while my friend was here. My husband and I prayed over what verses to choose and that is all of the work he and I did! What is another blessing is that all of the paint came from our “leftover” wall paints that we had for our home. The red used in the John verse was our front door color! The Lord enabled this to be accomplished without any cost to us. It was the gift of our friend’s time, energy, and thoughtfulness. Those walls have been such a blessing to our family and others who have seen them. It is a work of the Spirit!!!
    What is too funny is that the day she left was the day this contest was announced! I was so excited to enter her work!
    So thank you, Doorposts, for holding this contest. Thank you for taking the time to post everyone’s pictures. They are all inspiring and lovely. It is such a great thing to see God’s Word displayed in so many different ways!!
    And, if my friend happens to read this, we love you and are so very thankful to have you in our lives!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!