Fifth Place Winner!

Here’s another sampling of great entries into our contest. At the end you’ll find out who won 5th place!

Good ol’ blackboards leave room for lots of flexibility!


Looks like this might be the results of a wood-burner put to good use.


A great verse for our children to see each day as they hang out in the kitchen.


Clever use of letters.


Cara tells us about this entry:

“This is my refrigerator.  I write our memory verses that different
people in the family are working on, on the refrigerator along with
the spelling words.  I write these on the refridgerator with a dry
erase marker.  It took a little bit to convince my husband that it
would indeed come off but now he doesn’t mind me writing on the
appliance!  If it smears or has trouble coming off I just wipe it all
down with baking soda and water and it is as good as new.  Each week I
redo the fridge with the new verses and spelling words.  It’s easy to
memorize my verses as I wash my dishes and look at the fridge.  It’s
easy to remind the kids of theirs when it’s posted on the fridge.  No
need to buy a dry erase board.  Use your fridge for your physical and
spiritual food!”

Blackboard paint, perhaps? Great idea and attractively written.


Another nice use of a blackboard. The frame dresses it up and artwork dress it up!


Free-standing frames from IKEA with verses that can be easily changed out for new ones. Yelena describes it this way:

“I followed your contest last year and was really encouraged. I applied what I had learned and wanted to share what I have been doing in the last year. Our family rents our home so a permanent craft is not an option. What I’ve found that works great for us is using picture frames. I went to IKEA and bought the .99 picture frames. Whats great about these frames is that they are double sided and I can have another verse in the back. I print my verses on 4×6 index cards and switch them out as often as we like. Some frames gets switched out weekly as I like to print out the verse from the Sundays sermon and from any weekly bible studies. This way we can meditate on what we’re studying during the week and apply it. Other verses get switched out monthly as we go through seasons of life and need to memorize different scriptures.  When we’re ready for the next verse I print out the new one and simply file the old one with my other verse. The used ones get stored until we are ready to use them again.”
What a great idea!

Somebody went to a LOT of work!


The 5th place award goes to Amanda Washburn for her entry of this blackboard with the added pizzazz of colorful pennants that tie in with the equally colorful lettering.

Here’s what Amanda says about her winning entry:

“I love my chalkboard! I  am able to change the scripture depending on what needs or struggles we may have at the time. It hangs in our dining room, so while we eat it is a pleasant reminder of God’s Word.”

Amanda wins a $80 Doorposts gift certificate and $20 gift certificate for  Deborah & Co. (Formerly Modest Mom). Congratulations, Amanda!

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