Fourth Place!

Fourth place winner is at the end of this collection of inspiring photos and ideas!

Here are three of eight plates with Scripture on them — displayed in a breakfast room. We happen to have a giveaway for a vegetable bowl from Scripture plates, the folks who make these plates.


Nice lighting for the photo!


Pam Barcroft describes her husband’s beautiful work like this:

“These are panels of James 1:27, that my husband made of walnut to serve as a donation for an adoption fund raiser for someone else.  Don’t you agree that he is a very talented woodworker?:)  We also recently adopted from China, two special needs older girls that are a precious addition to our family, and have been home a couple of months.  We have realized more and more the admonition of this scripture.”


The frame and the flowers tie together nicely! I recognize that calligraphy!


Nice graphics and frame!


Nice combination of distressed frame, clean, casual lettering, and colors.


Attractive graphics and colors that tie in nicely with the rustic look of the wall.


Hurray for the drama and shine of Christmas lights that make everything even better!


Beautiful design worked right into the tile floor!


This is a great verse to have in front of us all the time!


One of my favorite verses — and a good one to be able to point to when someone is tempted to say they “can’t”.


Centering the word “love” over the little shelf ties this arrangement together nicely.


Blacks, whites and grays all work together in this well-designed arrangement.


Here’s a subtly displayed verse that we should remember, and we’ll be much more likely to do so when it’s in a room we use all the time!


Fourth place goes to Nicole Burress for its beauty and simplicity. The colors in the frame, lettering, and mat all coordinate so well with the rest of the room! We don’t have to work too hard to create beauty while putting God’s Word before our eyes!

Here’s Nicole description of her entries (she entered a bunch of very nice photos!):

“About two years ago, my husband and I became insistent on literally writing God’s Word on the walls of our house!  We wanted at least one verse in every room, including the bathroom!

“We didn’t have money to do anything fancy, but we have found some amazingly inexpensive ways to do it in a classy and decorative way.  Two weeks ago, we painted this verse in our dining room with paint pens.  We used an overhead projector to shine the words up on the wall.”

Nicole wins a $90 Doorposts gift certificate and a calligraphy print from Don Jonas Calligraphy. Congratulations, Nicole!

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