“Faithful in Prayer” Box from Renew Carvings

This carved 5in x 8in Walnut box from Renew Carvings is engraved with the words “Faithful in Prayer” from Romans 12:12. Use it to keep prayer cards, memory verses, recipes, jewelry, or anything else you can think of!

Renew Carvings provides custom hand-carved home decor and furniture adorned beautifully with scripture that provides a purposeful and enduring reminder of your faith. Renew Carvings has connected trained artisans, with skills reflecting centuries of Middle Eastern tradition, with modern day applications. Renew not only provides existing carvers with a worldwide market, but enhances the building of their communities by training those who are poor and unskilled. The focus of Renew is not on creating an industry, but on building relationships with those who work in small carving centers spread out across Pakistan and India. Products are hand-carved from start to finish, not by anonymous contract laborers, but by members of the Renew family.

At least two photos entered in this year’s contest contain the workmanship of Renew Carvings. See if you can find them!

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  1. Wow beautiful!

  2. Beautiful work! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. This is a very nice prayer box!

  5. Very pretty!

  6. a Beautiful Christmas gift.

  7. Wow Beautiful is right !

  8. Really like this, the giveaways are Amazing!

  9. this is just gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful!

  11. This is absolutely beautiful! What a talent!!

  12. quality craftmanship that you pass down from generation to generation!

  13. How beautiful!

  14. So beautiful, and inspirational!

  15. beautiful!!

  16. Gorgeous.

  17. Wow! Beautifully crafted!

  18. Really BEAUTIful!!!

  19. Beautiful!

  20. Beautiful work!

  21. What a GREAT idea. My kids are always looking for special places to put their cards with verses on them 🙂

  22. What a wonderful artistic talent being used for the Lord! God bless you guys!

  23. So beautiful!


  25. This is so beautiful!

  26. Beautiful and a great place to keep prayers of the heart.

  27. Very nice!

  28. What a beautiful craft that God has blessed you with!
    This box would sit in our living room for every1 in the family to bring their petitions to the Lord & be joyful in the wait for His perfect timing.

  29. That is wonderful!

  30. So beautiful!

  31. Heirloom gift!

  32. This is beautiful!

  33. Absolutely beautiful!

  34. Beautiful!

  35. These boxes are beautiful!!

  36. Absolutely beautiful!

  37. Gorgeous! Thank-you for the contest!

  38. thats is so beautiful! what a great gift to make that!

  39. Oh my … this is simply gorgeous. I just downloaded prayer cards for my daughter today. This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for her … she would treasure it forever. She could also use it to store her prayers for family and friends. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

  40. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

  41. Very beautiful!

  42. beautiful

  43. Doors for the front entry way of my home. All to reflect the glory of God!

  44. Hmmm…. offered in the future? John 13:1 (He loved them until the end.) carved wall plague.. 🙂

  45. Stunning – prayer box – keep prayer requests and praise reports

  46. Different verses on boxes would be lovely.

  47. Jewelry boxes would be lovely….

  48. These are beautiful, not sure how to top them.

  49. Love this box.

  50. details would be great on anything! Lovely carving!

  51. Very pretty!! I would love to see what they do with photo frames..

  52. This is beautiful!

  53. an door knocker for the front door would be neat

  54. What a great reminder to have in the family room.

  55. Frazzeled Mama we do make jewelry boxes and Penni we can make any custom plaque for you! just let us know!

  56. What beautiful items!

  57. If they do something in the future, maybe a nativity set. Willow Tree has a beautiful set, and one out of wood would be just really breathtaking, I’m sure. 🙂

  58. These are beautiful!! I love the jewelry boxes!

  59. Magnificent work. Very beautiful.

  60. beautiful!

  61. You offer beautiful work. I lean towards more rustic wood art, maybe that could be something you offer in the future.

  62. love this! we’ve been looking for a pretty box to record examples of God’s faithfulness too.

  63. Picture frames with verses on them would be pretty or clocks.

  64. Hope Chests!!!

  65. More, different-sized boxes would be nice, and I love the above commenter’s suggestion of clocks. Maybe an alarm clock so the first thing I see when I wake up is God’s word.

  66. Stephanie Gudmundsson

    This is incredibly beautiful. So many ideas to use this…

  67. Wall plaques to go over doorways

  68. Felicia, We will keep it in mind. I used to make custom cedar furniture. I am trying to figure out how to mesh this with our scripture carvings in hope chests or beds.

  69. Gorgeous……I love seeing the blessing of creativity flow through a person.

  70. Kelli,
    That was one of our first products. you can see them here. https://www.renewcarvings.com/plaques.html

  71. Beautiful. A great heirloom piece!

  72. I can’t think of anything that’s not already on the site. Everything is so neat!

  73. Rachel,
    We can make hope chests and have made a few in the past. Keep checking in on our website. I might have some in a couple of months or custom order one!

  74. Emily,
    We make 3×5, 5×8, and 8×10 boxes. Only have 5×8 right now 🙁

  75. I would love to see a nativity…this box is beautiful!!

  76. I would love a bench that the family could all kneel at for family devotions/ prayer time, with a little shelf that a prayer journal could be kept.

  77. Absolutely beautiful!

  78. I would love a personalized box, with my favorite verse on it….

  79. This is beautiful. I would like carved candle sticks.

  80. Our friends over at Holy Land Designs make a great nativity. http://www.holylanddesigns.net. They are another company like ourselves with many initiatives in doing business.

  81. Very beautiful! I would love to win this box.

  82. Tara just designed 2 candle sticks today. What words would you put on them?

  83. Becki,
    Just contact us about a box for you. All our pieces are custom made with the verse you want. 678-871-9673

  84. This is just beautiful! Have you ever thought about cabinet door carvings or a wooden mantle with something carved along the edge? Or a headboard for a bed? 🙂

  85. It would be beautiful to see a portion of Proverbs 31:10-31 on a hope chest for our daughters.

  86. I think a jewelry box would be nice.

  87. maybe picture frames?

  88. End posts for staircases would be wonderful for carvings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. Hmm… maybe wall plaques, picture frames, serving trays

  90. I would like a wall hanging for by the front door so we can be reminded to not conform to the world as we leave the house.

  91. Kristina, We have made a full queen bed with 1 Corinthians 13 in the head board. It was stunning. Just posted a pic on our FB page. All our bigger items like a bed are custom made just for you to your specifications. Cabinet doors and mantles are no problem.

  92. I think these boxes are great!! God has given you an amazing talent!

  93. Picture frames and fireplace mantles would be cool. Beautiful work!

  94. Melinda
    May make one of those for my house. Idea noted!

  95. Beautiful! It would be neat to have it as a “lock” box for a young man to store his treasures in. 😉

  96. An “In Memory Of” box for a child or loved one who has gone Home. Something to give to a family in the loss of their child.

  97. I would love to see a large hot plate for the center of the dinner table — that’s something we could use every day. My other thought would be bookends.

  98. a foot locker or quilt chest

  99. I love everything they do!!! Maybe something with Jeremiah 6:16 on it?

  100. I’d love to see a menorah, a Passover Seder plate, and candlesticks with corresponding scriptures for the Biblical feasts honoring Jesus.

  101. So elegant!

  102. I can just see a cradle or child sized rocking chair with scriptures on them.

  103. Jessica Hatzopoulos

    What a beautiful keepsake

  104. I’d like to see a framed mirror. We’re looking for just the right mirror for our bedroom.

  105. head board for a bed with scripture of I know the plans I have made for you…

  106. Absolutely beautiful!!! Love this! 🙂

  107. Beautiful…love them as “treasure chests” for my littles

  108. this would be beautiful wall art too…

  109. so beautiful!!!!!

  110. This is sure to become an heirloom to be passed to future generations!

  111. wow… i’d say anything wall hanging with scripture…

  112. What a beautiful family keepsake that would be. Someone has a beautiful gift from God. Wonderful to see them use if for His glory.

  113. Beautiful box that would make a lovely keepsake for the the family.

  114. A beautiful work of art!

  115. Love all your work! Can’t think of anything else I’d want!

  116. Beautifully done.

  117. The box is gorgeous!

  118. Jewelry boxes?

  119. Photo frames would be nice

  120. Beautiful box!

  121. Beautiful work! Perhaps a clock?

  122. Gorgeous! This is beautiful! I think it would be pretty to have a verse carved on there…maybe Deuteronomy 6:5.

  123. I couldn’t see the products online to see what is currently offered, as it said the website is being updated, but I think cedar chests (especially for hope chests) would be awesome =}

  124. So detailed!