“Faithful in Prayer” Box from Renew Carvings

This carved 5in x 8in Walnut box from Renew Carvings is engraved with the words “Faithful in Prayer” from Romans 12:12. Use it to keep prayer cards, memory verses, recipes, jewelry, or anything else you can think of!

Renew Carvings provides custom hand-carved home decor and furniture adorned beautifully with scripture that provides a purposeful and enduring reminder of your faith. Renew Carvings has connected trained artisans, with skills reflecting centuries of Middle Eastern tradition, with modern day applications. Renew not only provides existing carvers with a worldwide market, but enhances the building of their communities by training those who are poor and unskilled. The focus of Renew is not on creating an industry, but on building relationships with those who work in small carving centers spread out across Pakistan and India. Products are hand-carved from start to finish, not by anonymous contract laborers, but by members of the Renew family.

At least two photos entered in this year’s contest contain the workmanship of Renew Carvings. See if you can find them!

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