He’s Faithful.

“But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.” (2 Thess. 3:3)

OK . . . I had different post almost finished before I left this afternoon for my daughter’s first bridal shower. But instead, at 12:04 a.m., I’m going to start over.

I spent a lovely evening celebrating the upcoming marriage of our youngest, and I spent it with ladies from the extended family of her soon-to-be husband. The room was full of amazing women — ones who have finished or are almost finished raising their houses full of children, ones in the midst of their childbearing years, one who has just completed her first month of married life, one who is fighting for her life against cancer, ones who are busy homeschooling, and ones who are being homeschooled.

Almost all of these ladies have been part of our lives for years. Some of them Susannah has known her entire life. Many have been her friends since childhood. They love God. They love His Word, and they hold to it when the storms come. God is their Rock.

What a rich community of believers for my daughter to serve and to learn from!

I watched my daughter — so radiant — as she opened her gifts and as she conversed with her almost-relatives. She’s grown up.

Our “baby” has grown up. She’s about to leave our household to start a new one with her husband.

I spent much of our hour-long, too-late trip home from the shower thanking God for His blessings. He is so good. He has carried this precious young lady through the perils of childhood and the challenges of her teen years. He has covered with grace the shortcomings and sins of our household. He has watered the seeds of faith, and they have matured into a deep love for Jesus and a joy that shines from her face.

He is faithful. Persevere. He will bring fruit from your labors.


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  1. Thank you for this moment of hope. We are in one of those “challenges of the teen years” and I need reminding that His grace will cover our shortcomings and sins. Even labeling the childhood years as the perilous ones rather than the teen years helped me refocus on what God HAS done and is doing today.

  2. Pam, your writing is so encouraging to me. The Lord uses you to speak to my heart almost daily. I have nine kids, my oldest is 17, and we had a very hard day yesterday. I think your post and Stacys comment above are just for me 😉 Yes, HE is faithful.
    Stacy Audirsch

  3. Beautiful. So happy for her!

  4. I needed to be reminded of this as well. Thank you.

    Our oldest just graduated homeschool, and the pressure from extended family (mostly directed at me) about her future has been really stressing me out.
    My husband is not a believer, so I feel alone much of the time.
    It is so good to be reminded that the God who has kept her (and all my children) since they were babies, will continue to keep her in His Care.

  5. Thank you for this encouragement. We homeschool, and I am going to start polished cornerstones with my 8-year old. I feel the pressure of time on me, daily as I raise 3 little girls to be women of God. As I was planning to ‘disciple’ her in being a Godly Woman, I was again convicted of my shortcomings. People may say they’re impressed because we homeschool, or that the kids are well-behaved (ha, ha) etc… But I don’t compare us to the world. I want to hear “Well done, thou good and faithful servant…” My job won’t be done until Christ says that to all of my children and maybe their children and so on… Pressure? Yes, but the good kind I think.

  6. Good to see – and hear. As my boys are not 12 and 15, we keep with the training, but realize He is and will be faithful to them. So many times during the day and weeks He shows us that He is actively involved with His plans for them. I just need to resolve turning my worries into prayers and not letting my prayers turn into worries. Rest. Breathe. Rest. Trust.