Invest Now.

On Tuesday, we spent a little bit of time talking about “courtship”. It’s a challenging topic to talk about because of the different meanings people assign to the word. On another day we’ll discuss some of the pitfalls and common mistakes parents tend to make while overseeing a courtship. Because we’re human and sinners, we’re going to make mistakes.

For today, let’s start preparing for the courtship years.

Take the time to do something with each of your children today. Stop and really listen to them, ask them questions, sit down and play with them, go for a walk, hug them, pray with them, read with them, study the Bible with them, play some music with them. Then do something else with them tomorrow. Make the time. If you want your children to value your counsel when they reach “dating age”, ¬†you need to build your relationship with them now. Earn their trust. Make sure they know you love them. Be absolutely sure they know you love Jesus even more than you love them.

Then they will be much more likely to listen to you when they start noticing the opposite sex. They will trust you and value your input.


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