If I was a perfect parent…

Hi there. This is Daniel posting today while Mama goes crazy helping Susannah plan her wedding. You’ll probably hear from me more often over the next few weeks 🙂

If I was a perfect parent…tired mama

I could stay up late at night taking care of my babies and never get tired.

I would never get impatient or lose my temper.

Whenever they cried, I would instantly know what they needed.

My children could always count on me to be close by and never leave them.

I could make them well whenever they got sick.

I would always do what is best for my children – neither spoiling them, nor making their life too hard.

I would always know what they should learn next, and I’d have the perfect plan for teaching them.

Everything I did for my children would be informed by wisdom and good judgment. I would make no mistakes or poor decisions.

Of course, I am not like this.

I make mistakes. I get tired. I often don’t know what to do. I am a sinner just like my children. I will never be a perfect parent.

But God is perfect. He knows everything. He can do everything. He is a perfect parent to every one of His children. (Millions of them. All at once, too.)

God is the example we should look to. He is the perfect model for all parents. Want to be a better parent? Imitate the example of Jesus. Desire to be more like our Heavenly Father.

Boy with dadThis might sound ambitious. Be a parent like God? How can we do that?

First of all, spend time with God, praying to Him and reading His Word. God wants a deeper relationship with each of us. Growing closer to God will make you a better parent because God is (among many other things) the ultimate example of good parenting.

Secondly, ask God for strength. Trust that God’s strength can work through your weakness. When we’re drained of energy, we need to lean on the One who has unlimited power and ability. When our strength is gone, that’s when His power can really work through us.

The point is, God wants us to grow closer to Him. (I suspect that’s one of the reasons He gave us children.) If we spend time getting to know Him, and if we ask Him to work through us, His character will rub off on us. And as we become more like Him, we will do a better job of loving and raising the children He has entrusted to us.


For a deeper study of God’s all-powerfulness, see Bible study #2, “Strength with No Limits” in my book, Because You Are Strong. It’s on sale right now!

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